April 4 Stray Animal Day: What is the situation of stray animals in Turkey and why are we talking about it?

Today, April 4, is Stray Animal Day. On this day, announced in 2010 on the initiative of the Dutch stray animal foundations, attention is drawn to the problems that stray animals have been experiencing for 12 years.

Dutch associations estimate that there are 600 million stray animals in the world.

Estimates of the number of stray animals in Turkey are around 10 million.

Adana Chamber of Veterinarians Chairman Nihat Köse mentioned 8 million in his estimate for 2019, and AKP Group Vice Chairman Özlem Zengin said in his speech on February 3, 2021: “If sterilization is not done, dogs are expected to reach 60 million. in 10 years.”

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