Why do dogs bark and howl during the call to prayer, is there a religious side, what does science say?

Why do dogs bark and howl during the call to prayer, is there a religious side, what does science say? Why do all dogs start howling at the sound of the azan? SHis prayers are questions to be answered by all who witnessed this event. Dogs’ reactions to prayer, especially in the morning, sometimes frighten and sometimes excite those who watch them. Especially when dogs start howling like wolves, it brings a sense of fear in people. For the howl of wolves is, as everyone will admit, terrifying and frightening. That is why many citizens want to know the answers to these questions in order to relax a bit. Why do dogs bark and howl during the call to prayer, is there a religious side, what does science say? Why do all dogs start howling at the sound of the azan?

We have compiled for you the views that have been advanced so far, both scientifically and religiously. Request Why do dogs howl when reciting the azan? Some answers to the question:


a – Sensitivity in the sense organs

First, let’s look at this question from a scientific point of view. There are studies and studies conducted by scientists on this subject. The conclusions drawn from the research and investigations carried out so far are howling dogsThere can only ever be one reason. There can be many reasons. The most notable of these is the discomfort caused by the extreme sensitivity of dogs’ sensory organs. In other words, dogs’ sense of smell, sight, and hearing are so much more than normal creatures. It is stated that dogs, which are said to have high hearing sensitivity, also hear sounds that humans cannot hear. For this reason, it is generally said that people hear the disturbing sounds behind the sounds they hear, and therefore they feel great discomfort.

Dogs are becoming the number one friend of the inhabitants of villages, mountains and plateaus. For centuries people have used dogs to protect themselves from wild animals such as wolves, jackals and foxes.

b – Conditionality

According to another scientific view, dogs give this reaction by acting on conditioning theory. In this conditioning, which is a continuation of the canine lineage, it is claimed that all dogs who hear distant sounds howl without really knowing why they are reacting. That too Pavlov’s dogs is posted. As we know, Pavlov used to ring the bell before giving meat to his dogs. Even though the bell was ringing, he refused to give meat. However, the dog was still salivating like he was going to eat meat.

Why do dogs howl when reciting the azan?
Dogs, like all other living beings, can act with conditioning. Conditioning is actually valid even for smart people. For this reason, the fact that dogs have a slightly more developed sense of conditioning does not put them in a bad situation.


Another view which can be the answer to the questions why do dogs start to howl or why do they bark while the call to prayer is being recited is one of the common views among people. According to this view, when dogs hear an unfamiliar sound, they begin to respond by acting with a protective instinct. This response usually takes the form of screaming. In this way, dogs warn their other friends, namely people, about this dangerous situation and ensure that they are careful. But of course, this has no scientific side.


It cannot be said that there is a direct reference in the religion of Islam concerning the howling of dogs during the call to prayer. Regarding this issue, the Prophet of Islam Hz. Muhammad has Hadith-i Sharifs not about dogs, but about the reactions of roosters and donkeys. Although some Islamic scholars have classified dog howling in this category, on this basis it is not a generally accepted view.

According to the religion of Islam, it is said in the hadith that the demons escape while the adhan is recited. (Bukhari, Adhan 4; Muslim, Salat 19; Nasai, Adhan 30)

Likewise, roosters crow when they see angels. (Bukhari, Bedulhalk, 15) Animals can see what we cannot see.

Based on these two hadiths, Islamic scholars make the following comments: The howling of a dog during the recitation of the adhan is a good sign; He may have seen demons fleeing.


There are different opinions on how dogs howl. According to these non-scientific or non-religious opinions, there can be various reasons why dogs howl. Some of them are:

1- It’s normal for your dog to howl in response to loud noises such as sirens and horns, but constant howling can cause anxiety. Dogs that constantly howl may be suffering from separation anxiety or illness.

Separation anxiety is a common behavior in dogs. If your neighbors complain about your dog’s constant howling when you’re not home, your dog may be trying to get your attention or call you home. It’s also possible that your dog will howl in distress when the owner isn’t home.

3- You should consult a veterinarian if your dog howls for no apparent reason when you are with you. It can be a sign of a disease and it is worth consulting a specialist. Your veterinarian is also a good source of information on animal behavior, and you can seek advice on dog training to reduce unwanted howling.


The dog is one of the first animal species domesticated by man and began to live with him. Dogs are the most loyal animals and the most useful companions if humans are well behaved and well behaved. However, dogs can sometimes cause great damage to society, depending on the upbringing of their owners. It can harm others.

Why do dogs howl when reciting the azan?
Throughout thousands of years of human history, the dog has always been an animal that lives with humans. In some civilizations, dogs were considered sacred beings. Some even made calendars named after dogs.

Dogs were considered sacred animals in ancient Egypt. They used to make special cemeteries for dogs. The cemeteries where the dogs were found were also considered among the holy sites.

The dog was one of the animals considered sacred among the pagan Turks. One of the years of the Turkish Twelve Animal Calendar is the Year of the Dog.


In the religion of Islam, the dog is an animal that must be fed when needed, as in any other matter. In fact, Islamic scholars agree that it is obligatory to feed a dog if it is used for hunting, guarding and protecting the home.

Why do dogs howl when reciting the azan?
In Islam, anything unnecessary is actually not permitted. For this reason, the canine question is also considered above all in terms of needs. A dog to keep at home must necessarily be of some use. Otherwise, the dog does not need to be fed. On the other hand, the religion of Islam also approaches the dog in terms of cleanliness.

On the other hand, a dog is considered a dirty animal in terms of cleanliness because it eats the meat of dead or unclean animals. In the religion of Islam, which is known to be very sensitive to cleanliness, necessary conditions have been laid down for the feeding of dogs. This involves feeding dogs outside homes, keeping them away from places where people eat and sleep.

Hadith-i SharifsAdditionally, it is pointed out that the sensitivity of the religion of Islam about cleanliness is emphasized by stating that angels do not enter houses where the dog enters. As it has been scientifically proven, it is known that dogs, especially dogs that eat scavengers, can carry viruses and transmit viruses to humans. In fact, it has been revealed that the Corona virus, which appeared in China and swept the world, was transmitted from wild animals to humans. Animals fed in the wild are known to be at risk of carrying all kinds of diseases.


Theologian Nihat HatipoğluIn response to a question from a citizen, he explained his opinion on this issue as follows:

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