Characteristics of the Maltese Terrier Dog Breed

Slender body, short limbs, silky and dazzling white fur!

The fur is a long coat that runs straight from the tip of the nose to the ground, extending from the drooping ears to the tip of the tail, and has rich ornamental hair that runs down the tail. He has black-rimmed eyes and a moderately sturdy body. Putting a ribbon or other adornment on the head is a favorite form of embellishment.

maltese terrierare famous for being small dogs that are long to the ground and covered in silky fur, but their compact bodies, gentle facial expressions and agile demeanor are also characteristic of Maltese dogs. He also walks gracefully with light steps, full of vitality.

Character of the Maltese terrier

The Maltese is an intelligent dog breed that is easy to train. He is also calm, gentle; he is also an actor. He is very affectionate and very obedient to his owner. However, for the bond to be established in a coherent way, discipline is ideal.

Although he has a cheerful personality, he also has a nervous side. It’s called the Maltese terrier and you can see the strength of a terrier.

gets along well with children; however, being intelligent and skittish, they tend to bite even when they know they are loved.

maltese terrier dog breeds is classy and smart; He doesn’t have that constant, loud barking aspect of small dogs. He will show deep affection for his owner and be the best partner for those who live alone. Also, despite his short stature, he is not shy, has a spunky personality, and has the guts to take on opponents older than him.

The cute Maltese dog has long been touted as a “cuddly dog” to humans, but he also has a wild side and loves to run and actively play.

Unlike his elegant appearance, which is covered in long pure white hair, he has a brave temperament and can even stand up to larger dogs. Some dogs that are unfamiliar with strangers have a habit of barking.

Maltese terrier color

The peculiarity of the Maltese is the absence of lower hairs, and the silk fur is very beautiful. Its color is pure white. It is available in a light lemon version.

Maltese Terrier Care

  • Daily combing and brushing is very important for long haired Maltese dogs.
  • Try cleaning around your mouth after every meal.
  • Also, keep the hip area clean.
  • As for washing, once a week is ideal.
  • During the moulting period, use a special comb to scrape the hairs and, in some cases, cut the long hairs into short pieces.
  • It is a breed that lives a long time depending on its breeding environment because it is relatively strong.
  • Be careful not to overprotect Maltese dogs because they are spoiled.
  • A small amount of exercise is fine, but take an occasional walk for a change of mood.
  • The inside of the ears is easy to get dirty, so clean them regularly.
  • There is very little shedding, but daily brushing and monthly trimming is necessary to keep delicate white hair clean.
  • Wipe with a damp cotton ball every morning to prevent the tears from becoming infected.
  • Maltese dogs are indoor dogs, so keeping them outside is not recommended.
  • He likes to exercise but doesn’t need a lot of exercise. A short walk, running around the room, playing games will be enough.

Health Precautions for the Maltese Terrier

maltese terrieris a type of dog that likes to walk and play in the park. There is no shortage of indoor exercises that use enough room to move around, but it would be ideal if possible to combine outdoor exercise with about 20 minutes of free play each day to relieve the dog’s stress and to relax. bask in the sun.

Space and fresh water should be available at all times, twice in the morning and in the evening. It is best to focus on dry, nutritionally balanced food for small dogs. Also, take care of your health; Be aware of diarrhea and obesity. Know that you may be genetically predisposed to eye disease. Diseases to watch out for

  • skin diseases
  • Dislocation of the patella
  • Eyelid entropy
  • hypoglycemia
  • double eyelashes


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