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In fact, the bonus…

A person who entered the basketball court with a pit bull in his hand while the children were playing Ümraniye, tried to play a prank and gave the children playing there moments of fear, horror and panic. My purpose in writing this event yesterday, on social networks self-styled animal rights activist, It was originally created in America to lynch black people. Ku Klux Klan like our native “Linchers”of, “Oh street of your wild dogs and pit bulls our torn children” As a civil society leader, I also criticized them for lynching those who have to take care of these children because they are famous and famous.
I recounted the Pitbull incident with chilling images from the evening paper.
In the evening, I received the statement from the governor of Ümraniye district.
It was exactly like that…
“Due to the release of the dog breed ‘Pitbull’ published in print and visual media on April 17, 2022, following review of images showing fear and panic from nearby children;
It was determined that the incident was committed in March 2021 in Yamanevler Park in our neighborhood of İnkılap, by a suspect named (Ş.C.).
In the suspect’s statement, it was stated that the dog did not belong to him and that he later died.
Regarding the matter, the prosecution filed a lawsuit against the suspect for the crime of “unsafely released animals”, and it was also decided to impose a fine of TL 14,982 in accordance with article 28/k of 5199 Animal Protection Law.”
That’s all.. That’s really all..
A man who broke his collar and attacked children. the deathass pitbull dog “armed” Think of the prosecutor who refuses to accept it. In this country, neither comments nor simple things are considered “weapons”. “Human rights” Since there is not a single element related to “Animal protection Straight”We have a Penal Code which welcomes or constrains asylum seekers.
In this law, there is not a single clause for stray dogs killing Rukens, Mahras and pit bulls attacking children.
But those who took care of the children Star Tibe’There’s a ton of stuff to keep in court. He pursues for Tilbe, who comes before him. Playing a prank on the pit bull that made children climb poles and walls in the playground, Ş.C. There is not a single person who has taken legal action against them. Including the parents of these children, they did not file a lawsuit for material and moral damages for the mental traumas that can be left to their children. There are hundreds of law firms. and thousands of lawyers in Istanbul. Someone went out and didn’t find the families of these kids and didn’t get a power of attorney.
But for those who have pursued Tilbe, almost the entire bar is available to them.
For example, if this event happened in America, there would not even be a need to go to court, Ş.C. He should take care of every attorney who knocks on his door with a power of attorney in hand, and not pay attorney fees. If he can’t, he’ll go to jail because…
We… We have no law…
But not only Ku Klux Klans on social networks!. “To the man, especially also have “human” childrenThere is also..
Our new Minister of Justice, to whom I wrote yesterday regarding stray strays and deadly pit bulls and dogs owned by similar owners, that a law, like all civilized states in the world, should be enacted from urgently. Bekir Bozdag and I wanted the Governor of Ümraniye District, who almost glossed over the incident, to read the responses given by people.. Which are actually my response as well..

If they ain’t ashamed, the soda cap is fine they will cut it. The murder of this man should go to jail for attempt but our prosecutors left the civil case He doesn’t even open an investigation.
Oh man the life of children in danger, on the other hand not punished only animal rights penalty is given. Very well by children at the pitbullringing kill penalty for attempt or?..
It shouldn’t be that easy. Then let a pit bull, which is his opponent, take it, let him swing it at his opponent. Let Pitbull tear the man apart and kill him, 14,000 lira fine. It’s possible?
our countrytee While these laws It’s possible.
A 25% discount is applied when you pay the penalty of 15,000 TL in advance. It would be 11,200 TL Because he said “my dog ​​is dead”, he will sell the dog for 10,000 lira and pay the fine. This way he will never be hurt. So what he does will be a profit.
This pitbull is forbidden despite the ingenuity shame on the assholes. brother if you If you are not a man That pit bull you drove You can’t be a man. A personof even harm likely to see if you do something shame on you for you. Pitbull walking report the person should have duties and responsibilities. Let’s inform the dog You understand. The penalty of 14,982 TL is also psychology even less to these corrupt people.
He lies because the dog is dead. He does not pay the fine. He spends the sentence given to probation. He then continues to walk the dog, smiling.
Unfortunately, with these laws, it so far with the justice system.
The lie that the dog is dead. And you’re going to inflict double punishment for lying and misleading the court.
Penalty for misrepresentation must. Otherwise it’s the same it continues like this.
There is also an attempt to injure and/or kill… Consciousness and unconsciousness should also be included… Not only a fine, but also a prison sentence…
He kept the dog or sold it. Where is his death? he’s lying in my opinion.
Pitbull should be considered a weapon and a murder should be continued. already he will not pay the fine.
Even if the dog is dead… 14 thousand liras it’s a punishment… do it in Europe, How do they make their mother cry? Ours there is no mint in punishment. Him-her-it pay early and at a discount, it happens ends.
If he broke a kid, yeah Prosecutor?. What would happen then or if it was your child
Cookie for rich criminals money. What if he couldn’t catch up at the last moment? What if the dog attacks? believe, this dog won’t let go until he dies who bit him. where there are pit bulls everything must be destroyed.
He did not own the dog. After Then the dog died.

He died for not giving to the dog he said. The government is so powerless. should not be. The dog must be confiscated.
To the owner of every dog ​​without a muzzle should be fined.
Where is the dog’s body? Did he die right after the incident?
15,000 pounds less. If you ask why less god forbid this dog boy if he had bitten a lifelong scar on his face would wear. If he broke one of his organs as a lifelong disability would live. It’s not 15 thousand for him, it’s 50 thousand fines. And you will have to clean up the mess from the kennels for a month. Then it will be complete.
you said 50 thousand Oh! limb loss invaluable. The obstacle is priceless. than 50 thousand are you talking about?
Jail time is a must for these goods..
Such incidents are threatened with a gun. should be considered in the context of If that dog really ran over the boy What would that be? punisher I wonder if the judge has a child What punishment would he inflict?
Of course, the prefect also believed in it!


Do you really believe Mr. District Governor?.



If something costs 1000 TL and it is 750 TL on sale and you decide to buy it, you will have spent 750 TL, not 250 TL.



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