What exactly does Soylu have to do with America?

Soylu has an attitude that ignores and disintegrates all political practices. Moreover, he does it stubbornly. He plays the bad cop. What makes him so un-American?

Like Süleyman Soylu’s once fast-paced and insistent leftist; Almost everyone wonders what exactly went on behind his call for anti-American rhetoric.

This is perhaps the first time that a Turkish interior minister has displayed such an anti-American position and attitude on such a front and so directly.

He doesn’t just guess that Soylu’s talk about the United States is not state policy; We see it with foreign policy movements coming from the highest level of the state.

The fact that Erdogan is making new friends, such as the Emir of the United Arab Emirates and the President of Israel, in fact underlines the importance attached to maintaining relations with the United States.

On the other hand, İbrahim Kalın expressed his opinion to members of the United States House of Representatives that “even though we have our differences and disagreements, we are allies”.

So what exactly does Soylu want to do, where does it want to achieve…?

What is the main objective of Soylu?

Soylu has an attitude that ignores and disintegrates all political practices. Moreover, he does it stubbornly. He plays the bad cop. Bad cop for USA Soylu.

What makes him so un-American?

Perhaps the first and foremost possibility is that Sedat Peker thinks the US is behind the damage.

It is obvious that he did not feel comfortable showing tolerance towards Peker, who was sending volleys from the United Arab Emirates.

But what will Soylu get by angering America even more?

Or does he really believe what he says?

If you were Usain Bolt, you couldn’t keep up with Soylu’s political spin.

For this reason, there is no reason to believe that Soylu, who spent many years in opposition to Erdoğan, and who evolved into a ministry alongside Erdoğan, has just discovered that the United States are really bad.

This would be the best approach to looking for the root cause of Soylu’s futile hostility to the United States within the AKP.

As the most supporter of the MHP of the AKP, Soylu is aware that his position in the middle of the two parties depends on the continuation of the coalition of the two parties.

It should be borne in mind that in the departure of Abdulhamit Gul, one of the ministers who have been sacrificed one after another recently, there was also a discussion in which Great Britain, the eternal ally of the United States, was also implicated.

The use of Mobese cameras for the pool press to exhaust İmamoğlu angered not only İmamoğlu but also the country of the Consul, the other dinner guest.

On the other hand, according to the latest news, there is a governor of Istanbul and a minister who gives orders to this illegal act.

When we put all this data together, the result is Soylu’s message: “I tell you the United States, you understand the AKP.”

Well, since there is no other red line for the AKP other than Erdoğan, is there any recourse for Soylu’s fit in the AKP for the party?

MHP employment office, such as Ministry of Interior, especially Guard, etc. When you take into account facts such as the cadres and students of the police academy shouting nationalist slogans, there is no doubt that there is a politics of balance.

If Soylu put the MHP at ease in the Ministry of the Interior, where it was already strong, it maintains its presence in the ministry despite the heavy loss of prestige.

Well, if we take into account that Soylu’s anti-American rhetoric has taken a form that includes contact in the Balıkçı case, does it have any durability?

Why does Soylu insist on staying in irrational space?

Soylu, who is included in many photo frames where even those who do not find what Sedat Peker says believable, are waiting for an explanation, in fact does not need to bother us with the USA for his dismissal.

On the other hand, Soylu’s increasingly humorous remarks do not seem to be taken seriously on the American front.

If Soylu’s incoherent remarks had been taken seriously, we would have witnessed many diplomatic notes being sent to Turkey.

The noble is offended at the mountain like a rabbit, but the mountain does not know. On the other hand, contrary to the proverb, how many rabbits are called upon to guard the greyhound, and it is not possible for this to continue.

Süleyman Soylu had printed the resignation on a Luppo, if not on a tripod.

I think the resignation, which was withdrawn at that time, was close to the classic “apologizing” form.

When this forgiveness is asked, we will hear the loudest cry of “O America”.

Even if America doesn’t care a bit…

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