Ozan Gündoğdu wrote: Food lobby and dog tasters

A well-functioning social life creates opinion leaders in itself, and perspective is captured through those opinion leaders. This is pretty much how the process of understanding and solving the problems of such a society goes. This is what happened during the pandemic. We listened to public health experts. Because it was not about social sciences but above all about natural sciences. What about social issues?

Crises invoke fascism when social issues remain unresolved

One such problem is that of stray dogs. I don’t say stray animals because the problem is mainly dealt with from the security framework. Cats are therefore no problem. A safety officer in industry, a reader, “Every day when I go to work in the morning, I take a stick in one hand and a stone in the other, I’m fed up” said. another reader “I drop my child on the school bus because I’m afraid of stray dogs” said. So of course there is a problem.

So what are we going to do? What if a program that offers a solution isn’t an alternative to a society that hasn’t had the opportunity to be sensitive to animals and nature, and struggles to understand what she reads and hear what she listens to? Whatever happens today… Many social media accounts claim that stray dogs should be rounded up and put down. In fact, these people sometimes see their duty and go out on the streets with poisonous food and try to poison the dogs. How can we think that a solution will be found for these vulnerable people, who have not been trained in systems thinking, who have crises with security concerns, who are confined to cities and whose relationship with the public service is n is not a citizen but a customer? certainly “either me or the dogs” will be trapped in its duality and “death to dogs” He will say. The way to produce humane solutions without destroying dogs is to research the topic and evaluate the data.

Readers who have read the article so far!

This article is actually written for you. Don’t be quick to believe people on social media who talk about the dog problem one way or another and suggest putting them down as a solution, or sending them to shelters, which is what it means to be a dog camp. the death. If you’ve read this far, you’re already people who have no trouble understanding what you’ve read, who have the intelligence to shatter your biases, and the ability to steer clear of misinformation. So you are not a potential target audience for fascism. The purpose of this article is to avoid possible confusion. You can find scientific solutions to the problem by doing a short search. However, I will put some links at the bottom of the article for those who are fond. Those who wish can examine it.

There are human solutions, as well as proven scientific solutions.

A longer review is in order, but I’ll summarize. It is calculated that if a female dog gives birth to five puppies every six months and her puppies continue in the same way, approximately 5,000 dogs will be produced within five years.

For this reason, it is reported that it is very important to vaccinate more than 70% of female dogs. Therefore, even if you put the dogs down today, if you don’t set up your sterilization system, the problem will come back to you. As a scientifically proven method that will work even in countries where the number of stray dogs is high and the situation seems hopeless, “Collect, heal, vaccinate, drop off where you pick it up” Four steps are recommended. Meanwhile, irresponsible families who bring a dog home and throw it away after 1-2 months are stopped by the punishment mechanism. As such, a strong registration system must be established.

The solution is simple, if you prevent reproduction, if you punish the dog that is taken to the street, the population of these animals on the street will end in no time. In short, I mean 2-3 years. Because if there is no carer, the average lifespan of dogs on the street unfortunately cannot exceed 4-5 years. In other words, if you wait 2-3 years after the sterilization process, the population is already decreasing. However “What are we going to do in these 2-3 years” For those who say that if the problem has turned into an acute crisis, shelters are the way to go. But of course we also have a shelter problem… Dogs that are picked up from the streets and go to municipal shelters are kept together for the first 3-4 days and then sent to their cells. Small and medium of these dogs are destroyed by large dogs in the first 3-4 days before they can see their cells. Dogs left in cells often remain in those cells for months. In the morning, an attendant washes the cell with pressurized water. There are dogs stuck to the concrete in the freezing cold of Ankara. The refuge is there… If your conscience cannot take this image, it is necessary to listen to the request for reform of the refuges. Those who say my conscience is hard can visit the municipal shelters between 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. on weekdays. If the conscience of those who have a heart to travel once, can go there regularly. Meanwhile Among the 1390 municipalities in Turkey, the number of municipalities with shelters is 237! There are not even shelters in a thousand municipalities.

If you don’t care about your grandchildren’s legacy, killing is the way to go.

Of course, collecting and killing strays is also an option. It must be said that leaving shelters in this state is also death. We tried a solution such as slaughter or collection and deportation from the city in 1910 to Istanbul. We collected 80,000 dogs from the city and sent them to Haysızada. The cries of hungry dogs eating each other have been heard for days on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Fishermen have yelled at Istanbul residents over the situation of dogs trying to swim to their boats while escaping the island. Istanbul residents believed that the cause of the 1912 earthquake was the “sow of dogs”. If you want to leave a story like “Dog massacre in the unfortunate” to your grandchildren, here it is…

Because there is another possibility. A system of livable shelters, without a cellular system, where animal lovers can travel with peace of mind, where the staff is made up of animal lovers, and where one feels at ease is also not a dream. This work can be done with extremely low budgets. As long as you want.

The scientific solution is therefore clear, first “collect, cure, vaccinate, leave where you bought it”, so that the population is under control and reduced, then establish habitable nursing homes, not allow them to live in danger on the streets. If we are a very sensitive society, it is normal that they live on the streets, but toxic foods are everywhere. On the other hand, I think we have to protect the animals we live with from ourselves.

Is it the food lobby operative or the dogtapar who wrote this article?

As Hilal Kaplan, who wrote this article, said in her April 18 article, she is not a Muslim. “dog catcher” or, in the words of one of our readers, ” interesting “ or “dog lover” it might be. Especially if it’s a journalist, it could be an agent funded by the food lobby. I guess I can’t eliminate those possibilities if I catch a bird with my mouth. Isn’t that the secret of groundless accusations? The accused cannot defend himself. So we are the reception agents, itperest and mama lobby!

But we can observe that a game is being played. The animal-loving minority is generally not from conservative groups. These are people who have enough income to find the ability to be sentient. The ruling press skillfully targets the poor and destitute away from Erdoğan. He passes it on as if the government wants to fix the problem and some animal lovers are stopping him. Animal lovers are portrayed as if they are the cause of the problem. We are manipulated by the ruling press and soon seem forced to make a choice. Headlines for “dog terror” are made, portraying dogs as knowing terrorists. A sneaky game is underway. But the choice is ours… What if the massacre we tried to commit was told from generation to generation and we were the grandparents with whom our grandchildren would curse us. Either we will choose the humane, scientific and less expensive solution to the problem of stray dogs. Both solve the “problem” of stray dogs. Which is wise to choose?

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