It takes good people to collect good memories – Gölcük Gündem

Wherever I see an old person, I pull over, I button my face, I greet these beautiful people who have aged with the years, and if they have a problem, I would like to listen to them without leaving them for a minute to share their troubles or their happiness. You can learn something from them wherever they are in the place.

Some are very serious, some are joking, some are tough, some are on the contrary with smiling faces, but the ones I like the most are our tough-tempered elders. They give such a tough image on the outside, but when they talk a little and get into trouble, it will be very easy to understand how sweet, compassionate and conscientious they are. How happy they are when they tell you something. If you are a good listener, you can understand a thousand meanings in even one sentence.

Some sailors tell stories, some are a farmer who spent years on the land, a farmer, a former footballer, a trader, different stories have accumulated in different professions. What is strange is that people who hard-working cannot sit idle. He doesn’t just say something with advice, but he can always convey it in his actions.

In the past, the electrician uncle is now the gardener of his detached house with a garden, he is the best tea tree in his home because his eyes are no longer as good as before, his hands are shaking, he no longer knows how to make tea. electricity works, but oh, if you drink it or taste it, the tea is very well steeped, I swear, rabbit blood and the colorful flowers she grows in her garden, white daisies, purple hyacinths , purple roses..

They also have the desire to live, which no young person has, as they like to pass on their knowledge, but we are so attentive that now wherever we see an old uncle or aunt, we run away from the other side. we do that; We don’t think they’ll ever be young, and we might not think we’ll grow old and be driven to loneliness like them some day, but if we just talk, they can give good advice, because experience always goes through zero. Well, how close do we get to them, how well do we know them, have you ever wondered where we are in their inner world?

I will never forget that when I was a child, as I passed by the house of a close acquaintance on my way to school, I learned about a very important phenomenon in life when I went to school at the age when I was just beginning to feel like an individual and at the age of learning something new.

There was grandfather Kazım, he used to sit on the balcony every morning while I was going to school, and I could feel that he looked at me with a bit harsh temper when I passed, like the evening, when I was walking out of school on the same road to go home, grandfather Kazim would sit in the bear’s place and look around, and I would pass by without saying hello. One morning when I was going back to school, this time Grandfather Kazım stopped me. I would be lying if I said that I did not tremble a little, and looked at myself with a hard temper;

__Why are you passing by without saying hello to me? Do you know me ?,

__I know, of course, but I’m a little shy, sorry.

__If you don’t say hello when you come back, we’ll settle your accounts with you.

In fact, it was a simple but very meaningful dialogue. Because I learned how to greet from Kazım Dede and his shy and timid nature had a great effect on me. Now we have gone beyond good morning every morning and good evening every evening. I learned the reason why I didn’t see him walking home from school one day.

It turns out Grandpa Kazim got sick and paralyzed one day on his way home from school, and fell on the floor at that time, and I was there at that time when I heard that he was disabled. May he rest in peace now…

I was once a journeyman in the army, I was given custody of a soldier who was having an operation, and while the soldier was in the operating room, I saw an old husband and his wife loudly arguing in the lobby in the middle of the night, praying that her surgery would go well. When I turned my head, my old aunt said, “Look, my son, you see, he doesn’t like your grumpy grandpa.” When I was told, I went to them It is obvious that I am a military man Of course, where are you from, my son, our conversation began.

The discussion or something was over and all was forgotten. Turns out they were bored and they started talking when they found someone to talk to. While I listened, they talked, we laughed, we had fun, we even took selfies. When I spoke to them I never thought we would have so many conversations, it was so nice to have conversations with them that we couldn’t have with my own peers. Wherever an elderly person calls out to me, it is my duty to respond in the best way with my blood, my soul and my excitement, because without them we would not exist.

I think every white in their hair has meaning in its time, struggling with dark troubles, these whites have emerged and their smooth white faces crinkle as they begin to take on the burdens of life, and each of these lines contains a story. Remember, we won’t always be young, you won’t always be beautiful, don’t grow old with people who hurt you in the three-day world, we’ll all grow old someday, and then maybe we won’t. can’t see, maybe our eyes won’t see, and the person we grow old with should have eyes if you don’t have eyes, and hands if you don’t have a hand. As a famous thinker said, “the young live on their hopes, the old on their memories”.


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