Bravo Yıldız!.. Bravo Mevlüt!.. First ‘People’, first ‘Child’ because…

There’s something about Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which brings almost every newspaper of all kinds together for the first time, all making the same headlines for the first time!. The Russian bombardments of civilian settlements and the children who died in these bombardments.
Not only our newspapers, all the Western media that I could reach also condemn the death of children during the war. Western leaders, including those most neutral in the war, “child deaths”They strongly condemn those who caused it.
Children are everything to us. They are the future of humanity. One of the world leaders who understood this. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.. On the day of the opening of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the road to the Republic, and thereby to democracy, began. to children dedicated and to this national holiday “Child feast” mentioned..
Today dogs roam the streets of this country, or supposedly owned and leashed “dead dogs” they cause mental trauma and depression that will mark children for life, hurt them, put them in comas and kill them.
6 years in Erzurum Rukiye’good dogs crushed and eaten..

Sevens officially.. Imagine this scene.. There is no click in our media..
While escaping from the attacking herd of dogs in Antalya, he got stuck under the truck. Mahra was seriously injured. First, a leg was amputated. Then he died.
Events overlap, social media 21. Century Ku Klux Klan While no one could speak for fear of trolls united to lynch, an artist, a civil community leader He threw himself into the responsibility of being.
Star Tilbe..
Said the star.
“Dogs eat people, Turkey Republic, Ataturk, Ottoman, in the lands delivered to us by the martyrs, eat their children. their mothers and elders eat, the dogs eat!” .
.And the Ku Klux Klans of the 21st century are acting now past. They crushed Yildiz.
Of course, there are also other celebrity civic leaders. Wanting to take their share of this turmoil, they followed today’s Ku Klux Klanists. “to like” Take it.. Batasica For “like” they forgot their humanity.
Two of my best friends, (lies in the light) Tevfik’niece and Falcon’daughter of Nevsin Mengu also Star’waves her..
“Keywords lined up side by side.”
You have it.. “Ataturk, Republic of Turkey, Martyrs..”
Shahan Gokbakar the comedian named himself did his part.

“There are a few additional keywords, forgot them. It might be more striking if it added up.lyre.”
White people lynching black people in America Those who curse are said to be those Nevşins, the Şahan.
Human rights defenders are supposed to be. But in our country, our children, our future children are brutally crushed and killed, and they don’t care when we swallow them.
What kind of hypocrisy is that, how shameful is that?
I’ve been waiting for days… This time I grit my teeth and wait, “There will be those who speak out against this shame. is it?. Is it necessarily me, every time” I said and waited for him.
Yesterday dear Mevlout my brother entered the corner of the title ..
Nevşin and Şahan accused Yıldız of trying to rally supporters using “keywords”. “lid” it happened, with a slang expression. You know, one hand makes a fist and the other palm is on top of that fist. “Shaakkk” you hit it. This is the name of the sign, “Covering…”
Mevlout “Never seen a cover like this” He captioned his post.
This time they made the cover of Nevşin and Şahan, who cursed Ku Klux Klanists social media.
Who has?
Derya Pınar, Mahra’s mother, whose leg was amputated and then died in Antalya. And here it is. “LID” Words..
“I type keywords. MY CHILD STRAINS DOGS THE FACE IS UNDER THE TRUCK, His leg was broken and HE LOST HIS LIFE! Come on keep laughing.”

Allah has protected (which of us in this country is not entrusted to Allah) and nothing physical has happened to the children? Well, what about the spiritual? Will the scars of those moments of horror leave their souls healthy for life? How many families do you think have filed for compensation? We would have heard!

..And Mevlüt says after giving all this information of which I have not seen much trace in other newspapers and corners..
“I’m the blanket of years, a blanket like this I have not seen ! Of course, this cover will bring Mahra back. won’t.”
I have a question to add to Mevlüt..
this question my dear Lifetime GedikI ask..
What makes man human, attracts him, determines him element is the order of its priorities.
God forbid, your daughter, yourself at your daughter, Rukiye or Mahra If so, which side would be your priority?
“My girl” Would you say, “Hashiko” does he?.
..And now look at the photos on our page.. I won’t put much on my page for these photos to be published in a big way..
A pit bull owner walks his dog on a leash (!) with the kids playing on the neighborhood basketball court. “The time of the donkeys donkey” He decided to prank and dove into the playground with his dog.
The children were horrified by the dog who tried to attack, forcing his terrible teeth. “So-and-so brother, please don’t bring it” they shouted, supposedly to the neighborhood brother. Doesn’t the dog start running towards the children, salivating with its wild teeth?
Some climbed in the basket, others on the fence.. If they fell on their heads and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while climbing in horror and panic.. If their arms and legs were broken..
Without any of them, I don’t know, my brother, he caught his dog. If he did, what will be the traces of the trauma in the children’s brains?
Is there a guarantee that they will live sanity for the rest of their lives?
Talk to a child psychiatrist.


In no civilized country in the world will you see herds of stray dogs roaming the streets.
In all civilized countries of the world, wild and deadly dogs like pit bulls are not allowed to roam the streets, in public, even if they are on a leash.
We are free. because to social networks Only animal in our laws written according to They have rights…
People are forced to live with stray dogs and deadly pit bulls, at the cost of their death, the death of their children.
Dear Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag,

Please, but please, send some experts to the United States, England, Switzerland, Italy, France (These countries I’ve been to their house several times and they are off leash on their streets I did not see a single dog. Especially Pitbull on a leash send to countries such as Let them examine it, let them come and report to you.
Considering them, Turkeyonly animals do not, people and kids also in terms of “civilized country” Can you guarantee that a law that will raise the level of
This question is not something to leave to the municipalities whose job it is to vote and therefore to social networks.
Mr. Bozdag, before other Rukiyes, other Mahras are torn apart and fed to dogs!.
Please hold on!

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