Bahçeli’s “presidential candidate” appeal to the opposition: Explain and see your size

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bahçeli made important statements regarding the agenda during his party’s group meeting. Reacting to the continued uncertainty over the National Alliance’s presidential candidate, Devlet Bahçeli said stoking debate over the identity of the candidate is a shameful scenario. Stating that it is out of the question for an opposition that cannot announce its presidential candidate to govern the country, Bahçeli said, “Do not be afraid, do not run away, do not fight illegally, declare your candidate and let’s see your size. Recalling that there is a difficult process ahead of the Turkish nation and the Alliance of Nations, the MHP leader said, “No outcome other than the victory of the People’s Alliance in 2023 can quench our thirst.”

Stating that the developments in Pakistan are regrettable, Devlet Bahçeli said they want the Russian-Ukrainian war to end as soon as possible. Defending that the gun barons are against peace, Bahçeli said: “Even if a second country other than Turkey that serves a permanent solution is sought, it will not be found.”

The titles of Bahçeli’s statements are as follows:

“The crux of the matter is to be part of the solution. Those lining up to be criticized for extracting oil from the fly should be part of the solution, not the problem.

We will better see the importance of having a strong state and a nation that stands out for its historical and cultural past. The grave confusion caused by societies that have lost their state and states that have been unable to maintain their internal peace has caused major crises around the world.

During the War of Independence, they held an unshakeable position, willingly risking martyrdom rather than being taken prisoner. The Republic of Turkey was crowned by such a struggle. Homeland is honour. What happens if we eat less after we have no homeland, why eat more?


Kılıçdaroğlu recently lectured at the CHP party school. What did he understand? Trying to describe someone he doesn’t know or doesn’t know is an attitude of ignorant people. Also, what part of today’s CHP is similar to Atatürk’s CHP? Atatürk is full independence, Kılıçdaroğlu and Zillet Alliance are full dependency. Atatürk is a national struggle, Kılıçdaroğlu and Zillet Alliance is a non-national struggle. Atatürk is the founder of Turkey, the Alliance of Kılıçdaroğlu and Zillet is an obstacle to Turkey.

The Zillet alliance is prejudice, political residue, frozen enthusiasm, hardened conscience, political misery.

Those who complain about price hikes and then increase their public transport vehicles by 40% in Istanbul are out of favor. Those who say that the court decisions of terrorists Demirtaş and Sorosçu Kavala are questionable are out of favor.


It’s a shameful scenario that they seek to stir up debates about who the presidential candidate is, whether it’s this or that, or whether we should reveal a bunny candidate and keep the main candidate behind.

I say to those who undermine themselves and spend time with candidate inflation, our candidate is clear. So when will your rotten candidate show up? Come on, show your candidate.


Is it possible to speak of an alliance incapable and deprived of nominating a presidential candidate, of governing and directing Turkey? Since the candidate of the Zillet alliance will be for show, why so much controversy when the future Prime Minister is also waiting? Don’t be afraid, don’t run away, don’t fight illegally, don’t put flour on the rope, declare your candidate and let us see your height.


We sadly witness the shame of democracy in Pakistan. Besides its global dominance, Turkey’s growing influence over the world increases its responsibility.


Turkey is going through one of the most critical periods in its history. Here is Zillet’s error. Those who aim to bring our national unity to breaking point are freaks who do not hesitate to get involved in anti-Turkey circles for their own benefit. A difficult period is coming for the Turkish nation, the MHP and the People’s Alliance.

No result other than victory for the People’s Alliance in 2023 will quench our thirst. Those who know us know, those who know us know. We neither seek nor wish for ourselves, but when our nation is in question, our ideals know no bounds. As long as our eyes are fixed on infinity, we cannot fall into the chasms before us. We are aware that those who are exhausted will question this goal. If the messages of Ötüken 13 centuries ago could make us exist in the struggle of nations, why can’t what we say today carry us for another 13 centuries?


We want the war between Russia and Ukraine to end. The struggle for world domination continues at the cost of the lives of the oppressed. The gun barons are against the silencing of guns. Even if a second country other than Turkey that serves a permanent solution is sought, it will not be found.

F16 messages from the United States are intended as a disguise. No country that wants the bloody struggle between Russia and Ukraine to continue can be considered well-meaning.

It is remarkable that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom visited Ukraine and exerted psychological pressure. The United Kingdom and the United States are capable of preventing a ceasefire. Biden’s efforts to deepen the crisis will not be seen as moral.”

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