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There is a serious tendency among the American foreign policy elite to see China and Russia as “twin threats”. In this context “Liberal Internationalists” with “Neocons”The falcon’s points of view coincide in a line. Sections known as “real politicians” or “realists” in foreign policy are quite far from these views. The liberal internationalists and the neocons literally declared war on the “realists”. One of the first to be targeted is the political scientist who criticized NATO’s eastward expansion years ago. teacher. John Mearsheimer arrived.

On the other hand, strict Trumpist Republicans distance themselves from “Neocons” and “Russia”, especially when it comes to “Russia”.centrist-republicans »they separate it. A similar separation “Democratic Party”Of course, this also happens between the dominant center wing and its more left wing. There is no serious contradiction between the centrist wings of the “Democratic Party” and the “Republican Party” regarding the anti-Russian and Chinese opposition. Distinguish yourself from Trumpists, centrist Republicans and “neoconservatives” “National Conservatives” On the other hand, he opposes the new US cold war with China and Russia. According to this segment, “Russia” is a regional problem for the Europeans to solve, while China does not pose a direct threat to the United States.

The hawks, who see China and Russia as the two main solvents of the world order, argue that the United States should fight both powers simultaneously. Accordingly, Washington and its allies should develop a simultaneous defense strategy that can both deter and, if necessary, defeat Russia and China. “American military-industrial complexThe Falcons, linked to “, have made a concerted effort to shape the Biden administration’s national defense strategy.

“Foreign Police” in February Matthew Kroenig An article published by the hawks very clearly reflected the hawks’ point of view. Kroenig in 2020 Oxford University posted by “The Great Power Return Contest: Autocracy vs. Ancient World Democracy in the United States and China” He is also known for his book currently titled Atlantic Council Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security Kroenig, who served as deputy director, argued in his “Foreign Policy” magazine article that Washington must be ready for war with China and Russia at the same time. Kroenig carried this judgment to the title of his article. Arguing that it would be a mistake for the United States to choose between Europe and the Indo-Pacific, Kroenig proposed a simultaneous defense strategy that Washington and its allies could deter and, if necessary, defeat, Russia and the United States. China at the same time.

According to Kroenig, the United States and its Western allies are able to balance military might in their favor against Russia and China, as they hold about 60% of global GDP. Arguing that military spending should catch up to former Cold War-era rates, Kroenig even said the United States could rely more on nuclear weapons to balance local advantages of its rivals. Arguing that New Cold War counterforces are far more dangerous than previous ones, Kroenig advised the United States to take advantage of the old Cold War playbook. Author’s submission to US Congress, delayed by Biden administration National Defense Strategy Document 2022′The effort to influence him has not gone unnoticed.

2022-National Defense Strategy »PentagonPresented to the US Congress on March 28. In the two-page memo describing the strategy document, China is described as America’s most important strategic rival, while Russia is “a serious threat” is defined as.

an influential figure among Japan’s foreign policy elite. Kuni Miyake March 31″Japan timeIn his article published in the newspaper, “he criticized both US President Joe Biden’s speech in Poland and the US National Defense Strategy (2022). Miyake pointed out that Biden’s Polish speech could reflect the true intention of the United States to confront Russia and China simultaneously.

One of the ancient philosophers who played an important role in China’s political and social system. of Confucius “He who chases two rabbits at the same time will catch none” He has a word. The world order is falling apart, where it will go is uncertain. Who is the rabbit, who is the dog, of course, this can change depending on the situation.

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