Flash Kinder decision of the Ministry of Agriculture! Symptoms of Salmonella Infection

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Directorate General for Food and Control, following the recall of Kinder brand products in certain European countries due to the presence of salmonella bacteria, Until a second instruction in Turkey, 100% Salmonella analysis was required for the import of these products..

The following information was included in the letter sent to the 44 provincial directorates authorized to import medicinal plants:

“In notifications received from the European Union Rapid Alert Notification in Food and Feed (RASFF) and INFOSAN, our country is informed that there is an outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium in the world, the source of the outbreak is Kinder brand chocolate products, products at risk and batch numbers are recalled It is forwarded to you for official controls with the

In the article, it was stated: “In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic in our country, it was decided to carry out a 100% analysis of salmonella in the import of Kinder brand products without distinction of origin to a second instruction.”

Kinder branded products for Salmonella testing include Kinder Surprise Eggs, Kinder Mini Eggs, Kinder Schokobons, Uovo Maxi, Kinder Mix, Kinder Circus, Kinder Happy Moments, Kinder Cross Cat Mix and Mixed Patisserie PRA, etc. products are included.

What happened?

Cases found in 10 countries

The Belgian Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (FAVV) had temporarily closed the factory of the company Ferrero, which has salmonella bacteria in Kinder chocolate products, the previous week.

The Netherlands and Belgium have decided to recall all products made at the Ferrero chocolate factory in the city of Arlon.

The Belgian authorities deepened the investigation when the company Ferrero announced for the first time that salmonella bacteria had been found in a tank filter containing raw materials during routine checks on December 15.

As of April 15, there were 70 cases of salmonella in the UK, mostly children.

Forbes magazine reported on April 16 that Kinder products affect at least 150 people, mostly children, in 10 countries.

What is a salmonella outbreak?

The Salmonella epidemic is a disease caused by the bacterium that gives it its name. About 2,000 subtypes of Salmonella, a rod-shaped bacterium in the family “Enterobacteriaceae”, cause disease in humans.

Salmonella typhi (typhoid) and Salmonella paratyphi (paratyphoid) are species that only cause diseases called enteric fever (typhoid, paratyphoid) in humans and can develop into epidemics from time to time.

How do we find it?

Salmonella bacteria can be transmitted in several ways. Here are the modes of transmission of the bacterium;

– Human and animal wastes are not properly disposed of and mixed with spring waters.

– Drinking and using contaminated water (contaminated with bacteria) of unknown origin

– With foods such as meat, eggs, milk and dairy products that carry Salmonella and are not well cooked

-Due to insufficient chlorination of drinking and sanitary water

– Through raw vegetables and contaminated (dirty) fruits, spices and snacks

– Unpasteurized milk or juice with cheese

– In the event of non-compliance with hygiene rules, in particular after contact with reptiles such as snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs, birds and domestic animals such as chicks.

-After contact with sick poultry,

It can be passed from sick people to other people.

Symptoms of Salmonella Infection

According to the information provided on the website of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health, the following symptoms can be observed approximately 12 to 72 hours after the introduction of salmonella bacteria into the body:

  • Diarrhea
  • Fire
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • abdominal cramps

The illness usually lasts 4-7 days and most people recover without treatment. In some people, the disease may be severe enough to require hospitalization. The disease can be more severe in the elderly, infants, and people with weakened immune systems.

Experts recommend seeing a doctor if symptoms are severe, and anyone with symptoms should wash their hands thoroughly and avoid touching other people’s food, as salmonella is contagious.

Whose Kinder Egg?

Ferrero Turkey was established in 1999 as part of the Ferrero Group with the aim of bringing the group’s main brands, NUTELLA®, Kinder Surprise, Ferrero Rocher, to Turkish consumers. Accelerating its investments in Turkey as one of the largest buyers of Turkish hazelnuts, Ferrero opened the Manisa factory in 2013, making the factory one of the group’s largest production facilities. In 2014, he bought Oltan Gıda and created Ferrero Fındık. Thus, he played an important role in the processing of Turkish hazelnuts, making them finished and semi-finished. In the Manisa factory, important brands of the Group, in particular NUTELLA®, are produced and exported to 100 countries as well as to the domestic market. Ferrero has a total of 7 production sites in Turkey, 6 of which are hazelnut factories.

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