Airline ticket opportunities to Bodrum and places to visit

Bodrum, known as the pearl of the Aegean Sea; It is one of the essential routes for travelers who want to enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun. Promising travelers an unforgettable vacation with its historical texture, entertaining nightlife and delicious cuisine, the city is among the frequent destinations for local and foreign tourists. How about a vacation getaway to Bodrum, which has a different beauty in every season of the year? Flight ticket Bodrum Get ready to enjoy nature and the sea with opportunities! Travelers who will travel from Istanbul to Bodrum Flight ticket Istanbul Bodrum You can take advantage of the economy flight by taking advantage of the special offers. So how do you get to Bodrum? How much are plane tickets to Bodrum? What are the must-see places in Bodrum? What are the most popular flavors in Bodrum? Here are the questions and answers of travelers who will visit Bodrum…

How to get to Bodrum?

Travelers who will travel to Bodrum with Pegasus; They can reach Milas-Bodrum airport with direct flights from Adana, Ankara and Istanbul. On the other hand, connecting flights can be reached in Bodrum via 1 route from Adana, 4 routes from Ankara and 96 routes from Istanbul. The distance from Milas-Bodrum Airport to the city center is 35 kilometers. Travelers wishing to reach the city center may prefer buses and taxis.
HAVAŞ buses located at the exit of the domestic terminals serve the airport, Güvercinlik, Torba Yolu and Bodrum bus station. Bus departure times are determined by flight times at the airport. Buses provide transportation to Bodrum Bus Station in approximately 35-40 minutes, depending on the traffic situation. Travelers who wish to reach the coastline can reach the beach in 3 to 5 minutes by car from this point. Those who wish to reach the city center more quickly from the airport may prefer taxis which wait outside the terminal and provide a 24/7 service. Those who want a faster and more comfortable trip may prefer Pegasus car rental service. You can find current airfare prices to Bodrum on the Pegasus website.

Places to visit in Bodrum
Travelers who want to see Bodrum up close have plenty to do here, depending on the season. Travelers with a passion for water sports can indulge in surfing or sailing activities or simply soak up the sun in the bays. Those planning a cultural and artistic trip can visit the museums of Bodrum or experience the delicious flavors of Bodrum. Here are the places travelers to Bodrum must see…

– Ancient Theater of Bodrum: Bodrum, which is among the cities that shine a light on history, offers ideal excursion routes for history buffs. Bodrum Ancient Theater is one such travel route. The Ancient Theater of Bodrum, which is one of the oldest theaters in Anatolia, is worth a visit as it has all the characteristics of theaters from before the Roman imperial era.

– Boat tour: One of the activities that will fascinate lovers of the sea is undoubtedly the boat trips. Travelers who want to swim in different bays and sunbathe on different beaches should definitely join boat tours. Daily blue cruise ships in the center of Bodrum; Aquarium Bay, Sedir Island, Poyraz Bay, Karaada, Meteor and Rabbit Cape offer travelers the advantage of swimming. Those aiming for an unforgettable summer vacation should definitely add to their list to join Bodrum boat tours.

– Ancient town of Pedesa and road to Leleg: One of the favorite spots for nature and history lovers, Leleg Road is one of Bodrum’s must-see routes. Leleg Road, which is open for nature tourism, offers travelers the opportunity to take nature walks accompanied by unique landscapes. The ruins of the ancient city of Pedesa also manage to attract the attention of history buffs.

– Bodrum Naval Museum: The Bodrum Maritime Museum is undoubtedly one of the places that travelers interested in the sea will love. Many documents and objects from the past to the present are exhibited at the Bodrum Naval Museum. In addition, it is possible to examine the results of numerous researches on fishing, sponge diving and boating in this museum. At certain times, maritime-themed events are also organized in the museum.

What are the popular tastes of Bodrum?
It is possible to experience local flavors in the artisan restaurants of Bodrum, famous for its herbs. Çökertme Kebab and Şevketi Bostan are among the must-try flavors of Bodrum. Travelers who plan to visit Bodrum during the winter season come across many tangerine and lemon trees in the city. In this process, you absolutely must taste the tangerine flavors that take their place in the menus of many places. Tangerine cheesecake, tangerine soda and tangerine delight are the main ones.

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