The seasonal hair problem of our dogs and cats, with whom we share the same environment, will be relieved by shaving as the weather warms up. Our dear friends, whom we feed at home or in the garden of our house, moult in spring and autumn. Since the increase in air temperatures in the spring protects the winter feathers of our dear friends from the cold, in the spring, with the increase in temperature, the feathers are felt from time to time and enter a deep depression. Our dear friends are relaxed shaving without being bothered by the rising temperatures. In the fall, they are cold because the summer feathers they wear keep them cool. When they are shaved, their winter feathers grow back and they are protected from the cold. Summer feathers keep their friends cool, winter feathers keep their friends warm.

We especially shave the long hairs of our dear friends. Short hair often does not need to be shaved. Because they don’t have long hair, they aren’t affected by heat or cold.

When we decide to shave for your dear friends, it is very important that you do so under the supervision of a veterinary colleague. Shaving should be done without anesthesia if possible. Our dear friend sometimes does not allow shaving. Then my doctor colleague takes our best friend for a pre-shave anesthetic. My co-worker follows our dear friends until the shaving is done and our best friend comes out of anesthesia. I wish you and our dear friends healthy and happy days together.

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When should dogs be shaved? ; Puppy hair, it extends over fairly long periods. Just like humans and babies, they are born with short, thin hair. The baby hair of puppies is very fine, and the growth period of fine hair spans a very long period. However, this may not be true for all dogs. Structure of dog hair It’s different for every race. Especially in such cases, shaving can take place depending on your dog’s hair structure. Puppy shaving time generally depends on coat structure. If your friend has long curly hair, it is also very suitable for pigtails. It is necessary to carry out the necessary shaving procedures, especially to avoid such situations. Although there is no absolute limit puppy hair In general, it can be shaved after 5 months of age.

In particular, certain seasonal transitions are when dogs change coats. Dogs usually change coats in the spring and fall and prepare their coat for the following months. As the winter months are cold and stormy, they usually shed their long, fine hairs and pluck the denser, thicker hairs instead. By their nature, they try to protect themselves from outside influences by following this cycle. Each of our friends living in this cycle can also protect themselves from the coming weather conditions. Especially during the summer months, the hot weather is very distressing for dogs. None of our canine friends feel comfortable during these months.

During the summer months, the natural methods are protected from the hot weather, but the new feathers come with the moult. Particularly summer months for puppies month of full moult. They adapt to climatic conditions by shedding finer and sparse hairs in hot weather. Everyone makes different interpretations for puppy shaving time. In general, it will be more accurate to have your friend shave by looking at the weather conditions. If caring for their fast-growing hair is very difficult, you can have your pup’s hair shaved as soon as possible.

How to take care of puppy hair?

Hair care for puppies First, you will need to perform routine maintenance. Dogs generally moult each spring. Smile during the process, your newly adopted friend is living with you. crawling puppy you have to do the operations. Combing is one of the most important cares for any dog. Your friend, who was not yet used to these processes during childhood, will not let things like combs and brushes touch his body in the future. Therefore, first of all, there is a need to streamline scanning processes. Washing is one of the things puppies need the most. puppies they can often soil their clothes or they can easily introduce bacteria such as parasites into their body, especially in such cases you need to bathe your puppy. You can complete these processes by making you love water and paying attention to the tricks of the washing process. Puppy hair care for;

puppy hair They are very thin and their skin is just as sensitive. For puppies, it usually starts with combing their fur.

Puppy hair If it grew quickly and started to mix, it will be good to have shaving procedures for healthier environments.

If routine care is done after shaving, washing and hair care will be completely over.

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