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It is the owner’s responsibility to provide for a cat’s nutritional needs, which may change over time. Cats are part of the group of obligate carnivores, which means that their diet should generally include protein. Cats cannot produce certain amino acids and vitamins, such as taurine, arginine, vitamin A, vitamin D3 and other B vitamins, and therefore must be included in their diet.

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How much kibble should you give a cat?

If you’re not sure how much dry food to give your cat, you can check the packaging of the brand you purchased or consult your veterinarian for instructions. To give you a general idea, you should consider factors such as your cat’s weight and age. Most adult cats (one year and older) can be given a quarter cup of dry food twice a day. However, older cats or cats with special needs may need to be fed more frequently. This will be a situation you should check with your veterinarian.

It is recommended to give your cat a combination of dry food mixed with mostly wet food. This is because dry foods are higher in carbohydrates and cats generally don’t need carbohydrates in their diet. In this case, you can look at the recommended feed amount and half of them on each feed.

What should the best dry cat food contain?

When choosing a premium dry food, it’s important to choose a food that contains the necessary nutrients to meet your cat’s needs. As mentioned above, taurine is an essential amino acid that you should always look for in a dry food as it aids in digestion, muscle function, and immunity. Other components should be too, such as protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Fiber helps with digestive function and weight management, while high-quality protein (turkey, fish, chicken, etc.) keeps your cat energized and full. Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to healthy coat and skin.

Is dry cat food expired?

Like any other pet food, dry cat food is perishable. Always check the expiration date to make sure the formula hasn’t expired. To best preserve your dry foods, store them in their original packaging; These bags are designed to help keep food fresh for as long as possible.

Be sure to seal the bag tightly after use to prevent air exposure. Exposure to air can spoil food. Store your food in a cool, dry place, not in the sun, as this can increase the temperature and humidity in the bag.

How to choose the best cat food?

Match your cat’s life stage to the dry food you choose to give her. As kittens grow and develop, specialized nutritional needs arise. So it makes sense to feed them accordingly. During her active adult years, feed her a well-balanced diet that will provide plenty of nutrients and energy to keep your cat healthy and happy.


Some cat breeds place more importance on the taste of their food. It can sometimes be difficult to find a dry cat food that your cat will eat and enjoy, especially if you substitute wet cat food. Although low-grade foods are good for digestion, they are not always palatable to some cats. You may need to experiment with different protein sources and ingredients to find dry cat food that your cat will eat.

essential nutrients

Your cat needs certain nutrients to thrive, including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. For example, taurine is an essential amino acid that your cat needs to get through the diet. You need to find dry cat food that meets the minimum daily requirement for essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

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