Name of expert announced! Here’s what to do about the terror of stray dogs

Every day a new one is added to the painful events experienced because of stray dogs. Finally, Ömer Efe K. (10 years old) died in Bursa. Proposals for solutions against the danger of stray dogs, which number 15 million in the entire dormitory, were discussed. Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Law Department of Civil Law Lecturer Prof. Dr. Murat Aydoğdu and research assistant Ömer Oğuzhan Meral also conducted an in-depth study to solve the problem.

Aydoğdu briefed Akşam on their work and said that stray animals become aggressive when their access to food is limited. “The aggressiveness of street dogs caused by their hunger can often harm the physical integrity of people.” mentioned.

Stating that the number of stray dogs needs to be brought under control, Aydoğdu listed his suggested solutions as follows:

“The first and most important step to control the number of stray dogs is castration. Adoption of animals should only be done from shelters. Private institutions and organizations should be provided to establish animal shelters .crowded in terms of human population are declared as dog-free areas for both people and people.It will provide a safe and peaceful environment for dogs.Sleep is a way to control the population of stray dogs, but it should be considered a last resort.700,000 of the 3.3 million dogs taken to shelters in the United States each year are sleepy.

Those who want to possess should first educate themselves

Noting that the latest regulation adopted by Parliament was positive, Prof. Dr. Murat Aydogdu said:

“From now on, the animals in our care will be digitally identified. The former owner of the animal, who was taken on a whim and thrown on the street, will be contacted and administrative measures will be taken.However, free trainings can be provided by the ministry to sensitize animal owners.11,000 TL fine for the adoption and trade of prohibited breeds.This is not a deterrent.The centers of municipal animal care does not meet the needs.

Released after 17 days

teacher. Aydoğdu, in his report on controlling the number of stray dogs, explained the current method in points:

– Stray dogs are picked up by municipal teams.

– Animals taken to temporary care homes are cared for if necessary.

– Dogs kept at the shelter for 10 days are castrated.

– An announcement is made for the adoption of the protected dog.

– Unclaimed animals are released after 7 days.

– Dogs that have no chance of recovery and threaten human health are put to sleep.

According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dogs most often attack children between the ages of 0 and 4 years old. Dogs bite children’s heads and necks the most. According to the same data, 6.7 out of 10 people die from infection from dog bites.

The world finds a solution with strict sanctions

Stray dogs are also a big problem in Europe and the United States, which has been talked about for a long time. While 700,000 stray animals are put to sleep each year in the United States, heavy fines are imposed on those who abandon their animals in Germany.

3.3 million dogs are collected each year

According to the American law on the protection of animals, an institution must take care of the stray dogs that it collects for at least 5 days. The dog is kept at the shelter until its owner picks it up or is adopted by someone else. The institution also has the right to sell these dogs. About 700,000 of the 3.3 million dogs taken to shelters in America each year are sleeping.

Sick and injured animals are asleep

According to the current laws in Canada, dog owners must introduce their animals into the system, neuter them, keep them under control, constantly train them, care for them and communicate with their dog. In the event that the canine population increases and the refuges are insufficient, it is possible to put them to sleep. However, if the stray dog ​​is sick or injured, he is put to sleep immediately. The account of the attacking dog is requested from its owner.

The lost wanderer is seized

According to environmental protection law in the UK, dogs must have tattooed identification and microchips. A stray dog ​​on the street is confiscated. If the dog has an owner, he cannot get it back without paying the costs. The animal, which does not become the owner for 7 days, can be given to someone else or put to sleep in the most painless way.

In every city in Germany, organizations called “tierheim” collect and care for stray dogs. Animals are put to sleep only to get rid of very strong pain. The heavy fines imposed on those who leave their animals on the street have a deterrent effect.

Shelter is mandatory for each municipality.

In Slovenia, every municipality must set up shelters for stray animals. The same condition applies to any colony with more than 800 registered animals. It is forbidden to leave pets. There are restrictions on the breeding, supply and sale of pets.

Rabies kills 55,000 people a year.

Worldwide, an average of 55,000 people die each year from rabies. 20,000 of the deaths occur in India.

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