Işıl Özgentürk: A panorama of Istanbul: Bread, olives and Coca-Cola

There is endless subway construction right next to my house. We are now friends with the employees. They invite me to the table which they set up as they pass at noon. My friends, who worked hard underground for eight hours, set the same table every day, a big white loaf, a handful of olives and Coca-Cola. I know very well that the workers most of whom are subcontractors are not getting minimum wage at the end of the month, what if they do, will they set up tables without milk of bird, fortunately there is Coca-Cola. (Not like an advertisement; Coca-Cola is made from the coca plant, it’s a plant that gives strength and grows high. I heard it in Bolivia, where I once went. The Vatican banned the cultivation and use of coca in those Spanish-occupied lands. In addition to that, the Vatican itself started the coca trade.) That’s how Coca-Cola is, it can keep people cool for a while. And heavy subway workers consume the most: Bread, olives and Coca-Cola.

No one smiles in the neighborhood cafe either, and smokers run after whom the tobacconist has given a lira discount on rolled cigarettes; Those who have dogs and cats complain about luxury dog ​​and cat foods and ever-increasing veterinary costs. All the cats here were obese at some point. Food coming in, food going out fed, it suddenly stopped, and the cats got very angry getting used to the food mixed with the chicken. A cat lover who brings his cat on his lap and s sits in a cafe because the three-day serum treatment is over, will almost cry because he has to come up with 4,000 lira all of a sudden.

And of course the neighborhood regular, the handsome beggar. naziEven though he is traveling with two children, he cannot recover the old money. Those who once bought Nazli food for their children now change their ways when they see it.

Recently, I wanted it, in the past the ashura was distributed in the apartment, especially in certain months. All of a sudden this distribution of ashura ended and I wanted ashura. I went to the bakery and thought of an estimated price and bought a portion of ashura, what is it, I was really surprised when I looked at the receipt, 45 lire. I said I can’t buy it right away and left the pastry shop, but I’m impressed, a bowl of ashura costs 45 lira, my friend. I went to the cafe with this surprise, “A bowl of ashura is worth 45 liras” I said and everyone looked at me weird and said “like this now” mentioned.

But there is one thing that surprised me, while I was surprised at 45 lira, there were ten ashura buyers in front of me. It’s a retirement neighborhood, I started to think about what was going on and then I saw that there was an extreme class difference in the pensions. As a deputy for four years, in fact, most of them lie on their side or like to be deputies in various monetary areas, they receive a pension of 25,000 lira. A retired SSK miner, who has spent his life working to death 400 meters underground, receives a maximum pension of 4,500 liras, but a teacher receives 14,000 pensions; Both are forced labor. Well, how much do the cops earn, I looked into it, 7,000 lira. The same goes for guards and imams. There is a great injustice here. Like everywhere. When I saw this injustice, I understood how much the nation was trying to become a public servant.

When I leave the café and go down a bit, I arrive at the glorious Rue Bagdat. The food and coffee places are packed. In cafes here, tea costs 15 lira, the smallest coffee costs 15 lira. My friends, there is a queue for someone to stay and be seated. A friend of mine says “Isil, go a little past the E-5. You are officially time traveling.” Mine is stubborn too. Let’s see what time travel looks like this time, I go over the E-5 and start checking the markets. Wow, a whole new sales strategy has been developed. In fact, they put rotten fruits and vegetables in a heap in the middle of the bags, and in addition, they put “Ripe fruits and vegetables!” they sewed the inscription. By Allah, those who cannot keep up with the dispersal time of the markets shop there.

We travel in time, World Art Day is celebrated on the terrace of Bahçeşehir University which embraces the Bosphorus. Honorary prizes are awarded in cooperation with the Istanbul Art and Culture Association and Artshop Publishing. No artistic discipline has been ignored. If opera singers, poets, painters, creators of digital art get together briefly and get on a plane and the plane crashes, the field of Turkish art would be pretty much an orphan. I am among the winners, the dean of Turkish painting, who again received an award. Yahsi Baraz’I ask: “What about image sales?” “A strange situation has occurred.“said,”The population of the country is 85 million, of which 8 million have crazy money. Unfortunately, they photograph ten or fifteen artists like water. Because the money they give for paint is money for cookies, and young people can’t even find money for paint.

Why am I saying all this now? Anemia and iron deficiency have been detected in 85% of children aged 6 to 11 in our country, and developmental disorders have taken their toll. In other words, eating only pastries without meat, fish or vegetables affects the new generations the most. Neither computer experts nor engineers, doctors, businessmen and athletes will emerge from a generation without brain development and with a weak body. Mothers in our country are now feeding their children pastry pies as an additive to pastry without cheese or spinach. And handle all our business in the neighborhood Omar The master asks:What are we going to do?

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