The chain is not broken by asking the USA | Sule Perincek

We are in Çankırı, Kurşunlu. 96th Vatan Party Production Congress.
Just a little face.
But it’s all the same problem. Same moan. Similar complaints are on the rise. Voices rise. What are we going to do? What are we going to do?
The animal breeder speaks. There is a problem in the production of fodder. Why? The young population leaves the villages to earn a living. The fields are empty. It is not planted. Why? Because input costs are high. That was it last year. 3 to 4 times more this year. As we all bought them outside, the scale ball ran away…
They count their demands. Agricultural irrigation, land consolidation, expropriation, product diversification, education, planning, prices are either too low or too high, there should be a purchase guarantee, do not depend on foreigners, engineers must be on the field, not in the office in the provincial directorates of agriculture, the slaughter of female animals should be prohibited, heifers and breeding stock should be in good condition, long-term loans extended… also cooperatives, agricultural industry investments, marketing of our products and contribution to added value…
All feasible requests.
“We weren’t planted an inch!” That’s when it won’t.
Turkey swells.


They produce honey at an altitude of 1400-1700. There are world championships.
Fishing is hard work. It takes dedication. You have to adapt your life to these conditions, away from your family for months. In the highlands, in the mountains. The day is hot, the night is cold.
Truck truck, you travel through Turkey in search of flowers.
There is no dead time in winter, there is bee feeding.
We came back to the driveway, on diesel.
How did we come here? It is said that a liter of diesel is equivalent to a kilogram of wheat. How was this tie broken?


Inputs and costs increase. The price of the product does not increase. The motivation of our farmers to produce is broken.
We come to the rank of demotion.
Because when our farmer was the master, he was counted as a hunchback.
The system has changed.
Now is the time, how to make the master again.
Vatan Party Chairman Doğu Perinçek talks about him.
We have the sun, the earth, the water.
First, we have people. Worker.
American calves entered the garden. The lordship is broken.
“We’ll call him the peasant leader,” he said. He explains his way one by one.
We have reached the decision point. It looks like he can’t go on anymore. Debt…debt…we got into debt, we went bankrupt.
There is a privilege that comes to Turkey now.
The system is now complete.


Let’s have hope.
A new system is coming.
Cheap diesel, fertilizer, fodder…
We need a government that will get the resources back to the producers.
Manufacturers must have a government.
National Manufacturers Government.
But the president of the Vatan party sets a condition:
“We’re not just going to demand it. You will go into the political arena. Your voice must be heard!
The program is already said by the manufacturers. We will follow a foreign policy that suits him.
They say you can’t control energy prices.
We verify. If we know our friend as a friend.
If we can’t fill the tractor with diesel, how are you going to sow like there’s not an inch of soil left?
Instead of going to Israel, we should go to Iran. If you are going to be on the farmer’s side if that is to be preferred.


Turkey has started to break the chains.
We have to do that exactly. Not by asking the United States.
A new civilization is being born.
This is where we will make the big decision.
Are we going to say to our producer: “We are behind you”… Are we going to support him… Or are we on the side of the banks and the profiteers of the Stock Exchange?
We are in the birthplace of those who gave the most martyrs to Çanakkale…
“The mirror bazaar of Çanakkale…mother, I go against the enemy…”
The owners of this song.
What is expected of them is time to hit the table.
Our life is hope.
Because we know that when “soil-water-seed-labor” unites, it will sprout.
It will be plentiful.


Incentives should be given to producers, not per acre of field. Don’t be wasted.
The resource that will add production to production should not be wasted in city bars or summer villas on beaches.
Bad support policy is coming out now. We opposed a lot at the time.
It was intentional.
It was to discourage the manufacturer from producing. “Don’t sit down. I’ll give you some money too.”
Why? Just to be able to oversell two kilos of wheat from American peasants…
What do you call homeland?
The man who does not touch his land does not love his land, the man who does not love it, but let’s go. Beyond Ankara.
All the power.


One of our farmers asks, “with what vote are you going to do it?”.
Perincek, Hz. Muhammad sets the example. Vote according to this time on the way from Makkah to Madinah.
“These votes have weight because they defend you. We will not do three-five calculations. We will grow,” he says.
“People can’t get together,” they say.
We will come.
Do we have a solution?
They take away the independence of those who do not produce.
Didn’t they say that’s why they don’t produce it.
“We hire you as an agent,” said one of our farmers.
We got the power of attorney.
He is one of the grandchildren of the Martyrs of Çanakkale.
Security has become even more valuable.


There is a salt cave. Cankiri rock salt. He’s very famous, you know. Source of healing. There are salt rooms. It is very important for tourism. They say there’s no way, there’s no place… We can’t even walk ourselves. It cannot be evaluated in terms of tourism.
I am a victim of every step of this country.
Abundance springs.
The Fatherland Party promised.
He will own it.
Health and tourism go hand in hand.
What wealth!


Our Liberals have a particular admiration for Sweden. Bikes… red lights… besides queuing at the market… they have a lot of merit… they are honest… A friend of ours who lives in Sweden sent the new.
Mona Sahlin is a Swedish politician who served as General Secretary of the Swedish Social Democratic Party between 1992 and 1996 and Minister of Labor and Deputy Prime Minister of the left-wing coalition government between 1994 and 1995. It has been revealed that he performed personal purchases of 53,000,424 crowns (5,000,300 euros) from the bank account of the cash drawer ministry, when he applied for the presidency of the party. He lost the presidency to Göran Persson… his reputation was a little shaken. Everything is frozen… Between 2007 and 2011, we see Sahlin as party president. He resigned from the presidency, but continued his activities. In fact, the bribery is named after the brand of chocolate, as chocolate was part of the expense. He then advertised it.
This time, in 2016, he was fined 2,300 euros for fraudulently deducting the pay of his close bodyguard. It was among allegations that Sahlin bought a cottage in the Saltsjöbaden area for 10 million crowns, using fake documents for his protection.

politician dressed as a rabbit


Swedish viewers who discovered a hip side to the famous politician on the TV show ‘Masked Singer’ last week.
It was released in Turkey as “Who are you Mask”. I have never crossed paths.
Last week in Sweden, a participant dressed as “Miss Rabbit” was eliminated.
He took off his mask… But what a democracy! Turns out that contestant who skipped hopidi hopidi wasn’t a famous 65-year-old politician…
It’s not just him. There is also a party chairman in Sweden who says: “If war breaks out, I will flee to Norway because it is a member of NATO”. Sabuni, leader of the Swedish Liberal Party, is also hot to racism. He had previously argued that cannabis should be used as a therapeutic drug.
Our friend, who has lived in Sweden for years, says, “Western politics is not made by seemingly unserious politicians, humorous country presidents or acting governors; governed by deeper structures. These people are only used as signers in their office in terms of knowledge and worldview.

Sabuni and the gay marching party leaders


We always say.
Can they have us do it for you?
They are already brought into these offices by being pushed from behind “to be used”.
They make them do things that a politician in Turkey would not do under normal circumstances. Knowing that this will make him lose votes, he enters the foreign account. He rolls up his shirt sleeves and heads for the screen.
I would say it’s not like an analogy, but they look alike…what should I do?
Occasionally, when irreparable pots break, it is pushed aside and rested. It is then put back into circulation.
The main subject of this short story is pouring honey and licking, the little dirt of the so-called Generation Z, which is so clean, that the West is dying to escape it, because of the competition. These artificial democracies.
What else is there?
A diplomat had listened to my German friend until morning, and even I was cold in the mouth.
We have it too, okay.
But we have an important difference.
We have hope.
We still have politicians to fulfill our hopes.
we exist.
We have young people.
The future belongs to us.
The rising civilization is ours.

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