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This week there’s some good news about the cats in our area where those who see the hurtful news and say, “I’ve stopped talking to people” or those who move that fast.


According to the study by experts from Kyoto University, cats knew the names of their owners and other pets in the house. The study looked at 48 cats living with at least two household pets in Japan.

Anyone who lives with cats knows this. According to popular belief, cats are not friendly, they are even asocial creatures. But the result of this research proves that cats are not so indifferent to other creatures around them. Of course, if you had the chance to say that to a cat, he would never admit it, other than that.

During the research, they asked each cat to listen to their owners’ voices, showed pictures of other cats, and their responses were measured. Our kissing experts say that cats know the names of other animals living in the house, but the names of their owners. “most likely” they know.



War While images wreak havoc on us, some apps miss the borders. As you know, Ukrainians rightly need to go to places where they feel safe to save their lives. Being one of those steps, the United States presents some people with a significant dilemma at the border. The reason for this is as follows: the country’s federal health rules restrict the entry of pets into the country for countries with high rabies rates, such as Ukraine. This rule means that many refugees say goodbye to their pets, which are part of their family.

Let's meet first

Tearful scenes unfold: Some Ukrainians trying to enter the United States from Mexico are forced to say goodbye to their animals at the border. “My dog ​​is never without my cat” those who say, instead of leaving part of their family, plan to return en masse to Europe.

We expect this from science: to provide us with a world where non-human beings are not the first to be abandoned in times of need.



children He loves dogs, that’s for sure. Seen from the world of children, dogs are fluffy, cute and interesting. And from the adult world, this definition is quite appropriate. Dogs are also known as children’s best friends, so people may have high expectations of dogs. However, there is no rule that all dogs will get along well with children.

Let's meet first

For children to get along well with dogs, experts recommend: Always check: When you meet a new dog, your eyes should always be on the child and the dog, and the interaction between them should always be supervised.

Teach the child how to behave: They need to know that they are not furry toys. You should teach them that pulling at their ears and feathers, running and hitting them are behaviors that should not be done. They should know that they should approach dogs with kindness and politeness.


Ask permission: Always ask permission from the owner before approaching a dog you see on the street. The dog in front of you may have a traumatic past, may not be good with strangers. If a child makes a move on a dog he sees on the street unsure of such situations, he may develop a fear of dogs if he is hurt by the dog.

Ask the child to help: If you have a dog at home, involve the child in the dog’s daily chores. You can start with simple tasks like changing the water twice a day, preparing the dog’s food.


Our reader İlayda Batumi, his cat CottonHe shared ‘s photo, conveying his thoughts: “I am Pamuk, in the words of my mother, Mrs. Pamuk. I’ll be 18 on April 23, so I’m coming of age. I would like to take this opportunity to express my endless thanks to my Creator, my veterinarian and the Batumi family who never separated me from their children. I am grateful to them. It’s just a curiosity, ‘Do I have Turkey’s record for living long?’ I say…” CottonLet’s pay tribute to 18 years is a long time for cats and 88 years in a human lifespan. CottonUnfortunately, Turkey does not hold the record. But I hope he lives long enough to break the record. CottonWhile I wish you long life, I am waiting for a photo of your cat and your dog.


Let's meet first

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