Yıldız Tilbe testified, reacted to celebrities

Singer Yıldız Tilbe has filed a criminal complaint against people, including famous names, for making threats and insults about her after she posted on social media about stray dogs.

Tilbe issued a statement to members of the press: “Why should I be insulted so much, is it because I stand up for people? Is it because I say children, the elderly and dogs should not be torn?” Otherwise, every living thing has the right to life, but no creature that harms human beings has the right to life.

Yıldız Tilbe’s social media account is on Twitter, Stray dogs should be rounded up in animal shelters and cared for by sane and animal-loving leaders. He shared that the groups of attacking dogs should feed poisonous meat to the people in the area where they are, so that they all die, what is it to crush people.


Yıldız Tilbe came to the courthouse to file a criminal complaint against people, including famous names, who sent insulting and threatening messages against her on social media.

Yıldız Tilbe, who visited the Istanbul Courthouse in Çağlayan, and her lawyer Handan Bakbak gave a statement to reporters.

Tilbe, “I think human life is also important, God created man first and created everything for man. When I see the torn children, about 300, we have no face, we have no eyes, no arms, no legs. I was so impressed that I made a few sentences about aggressive dogs. Since he is a Muslim, people are dying and animals are dying, I said: “you are dying”. This word has been overtaken by me. Then he should be asleep, but children should be able to walk the streets more comfortably, the elderly should go to the mosque in the morning, the villagers would be torn to pieces on the way to their fields. Let the children play in the parks, let the elderly travel comfortably. If other dogs are also rehabilitated, if not, there are dogs walking blind; the former minister, the one who brings the newspaper. Let him be trained, let him be useful to people. We all agree on this, but shredder dogs should be put down because they are savages. That’s why I think children and people come first in life. mentioned.


Tilbe, I ate a lot of insults, I ate curses that I never heard in my life. Neither my mother, nor my body, nor my personality, nor my art, they left nothing. That’s why it was so strong for me. Actually, I was going to skip this event, but why should I be so insulted that I’m defending people? Is it because I say that children, the elderly and dogs should not be torn? Otherwise, every living thing has the right to life, but no living thing that harms people has the right to life. He becomes a scorpion, a centipede, a snake, a bear descending from the mountain, and a pig. Either way, the priority should be people. I think human life is sacred. Animals should also be merciful, shame on them too. Why should they tear people apart, why should they be killed, Let them be educated, domesticated, cared for. I think so. I had no other intention. I never deserved it. They call me the “killer”. I cried a lot, I cried for days, and finally I decided to claim my rights legally because these people try to question me as much as possible because I said that the wild animals must be eliminated. Those who do that are also lawyers, it’s a shame. It could also tear your child, the dog, our aunt, our mother, our parent apart. It shouldn’t have been like this. We, as sensible people living in this country, need to join hands and find a solution to this,” he said.

Tilbe’s lawyer, Handan Bakbak, said the protection of children is always a priority and said that the starting point of Yıldız Tilbe’s reaction was children, but the topic was diverted. Bakbak also said that Yıldız Tilbe had four cats in her house and said that she was subjected to social lynching.


He went to the Istanbul courthouse and gave a statement as part of the investigation regarding the charge of “incitement to commit a crime” against Yıldız Tilbe.

Tilbe, who gave a statement as part of the case she complains about, then left the courthouse with her lawyer.

In response to questions from members of the press, Tilbe’s lawyer, Handan Bakbak, said: “We made statements. We reinforced our complaints. We had a file on many people regarding famous names, we gave our statements to reinforce it. Look, there are children who have had 80 stitches even today. This incident is still going on. Mrs. Yıldız does “I don’t want to talk anymore. Let the law speak, let justice speak.” He said, “Let justice speak” mentioned.

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