President Seçer: “We are open to all kinds of criticism, we have no answers to give”

The 2nd Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council Membership Meeting in April 2022 was held under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer. During the meeting, a total of 16 points were discussed, of which 14 were referred to the committees and 2 to the administration. President Seçer underlined that they were open to all kinds of criticism regarding the discussions concerning the report of the audit commission, “We don’t have an answer to give. The shop is closed for lies, lies and liars” mentioned. Stating that citizens are satisfied with the services of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Seçer said, “We do not manage the municipality according to our heads, we govern by laws. We are extremely comfortable, our conscience is also clear” he said.

Who made me change this decision by saying “no need”?”

A member of the Assembly of the People’s Alliance said that the discussions on the report of the Audit Commission coincided with the hour of breaking the fast and affirmed that President Seçer had not interrupted the session of the assembly during the hour of breaking the fast. President Seçer invites the member of the Assembly to be honest; “At Monday’s meeting, the meeting time was extended. It’s iftar time. Here I decided to take a break. Who made me change this decision by saying “no need”?” He asked. MHP Group spokesman Mahmut Tat also said that food and water arrived at the time of iftar, but the Assemblyman, who made the claim, was not not even in the room at that time.

“The shop is closed for lies, lies and teasing”

President Seçer pointed out that some members of the Assembly who assessed the report of the Audit Commission acted with political motives, “We welcome any criticism. We have no answer to give. The shop is closed for lies, lies and mockery. We cannot open this place for you to do these things, it is closed” he said.

“We have reduced direct purchases made in the previous period to 1 in 4”

Responding to an Assembly member’s assertion that direct procurement has increased, Speaker Seçer said: “When we arrived, there were Assembly members, and there was also an Assembly member who was just talking loudly. We have reduced the direct purchases made at this time not by half, but to 1 in 4. Nothing will come out of them. Our municipality is there, the courts are there, the Court of Auditors is there, the inspectors are there. Everything is clear there. You already send it when you want, you can send it. You can scrutinize it” makes statements.

“3.5 million dollars does not make noise for the purchase of a helicopter, today it makes noise”

President Seçer, who made a statement on the criticisms made by members of parliament, noted that the necessary answers were given in the committee and that there was nothing that deserved an answer. President Seçer said:

“Certainly nothing significant. If there is an element of crime, file a criminal complaint. Also, whatever topic you wanted information on, our authorized friend came to talk to you and answered your questions. But Mr. Topkara had a very interesting question, Mr. Topkara, who did not oppose the helicopter for 3.5 million dollars, was a member of the assembly last season, he comes to me and says “What is this routine expense of doing nothing? He’s not even listening to what I’m talking about here. Why did we decide to sell it? At least we’re trying to rent it. Routine costs are very high. We can’t afford it. He doesn’t listen to them and doesn’t do his duty in the past mandate; He doesn’t make any noise about the municipality’s indebtedness. He signs under the borrowing power of 350 million liras 3.5 million dollars do not make noise for the purchase of a helicopter, today the voice of God is very strong. If you had dreamed big while serving Mersin, you wouldn’t have wasted the money. If you had spent $3.5 million, it would have benefited the whole society.

When you prevent corruption and waste, the money that comes in is more than enough for every municipality. »

Recalling that they borrowed 164 million lira in their first year in power and could not borrow anything more than that, President Seçer said: “Mr. Tat said; “You don’t keep your promises”. By Allah, we are much, much more advanced than our words. We do what we say and also fix the problems we encounter along the way. At that time, Mr. Topkara and Mr. Yerlikaya were members of the Assembly, we took over a debt of 400 million dollars. I announced our debt the other day. If there is a wrong number in my explanation, allow me to open the microphone and say “you are saying the wrong thing, you are misleading the public”. We took over 2 billion 247 million debts with the monetary value of 2019, today this debt ratio is 1 billion 580 million lira. The dollar rate is there; multiply, divide. This is how we run the community. This is how we serve Mersin. We found the source of the money before the election. We said it; “If we prevent corruption and waste in the municipalities, there is a lot of money”. Did I say? Now I repeat the same thing. “When you prevent corruption and waste, the money received is more than enough for any municipality.” Anyone who knows the municipality knows what I mean. he said.

“We think about how to spend every penny wisely”

Speech by a deputy ‘a political gesture’ President Seçer assessed it as follows:

“Let’s really press ‘president’. Let’s piss off the president. So let’s get into a feud.’ Did Urban Planning, Chamber of Commerce, ESOB, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality work on the land there and awarded it to me in 2019 or TOKİ? Let’s do some research. “Sir, we promised but we didn’t. Ya, we join our day and night to serve. It’s like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. We wonder how we can spend every precious penny rationally. not, so give us that right.”

We do not manage the municipality according to our heads, we govern by laws »

Speaker Seçer responded to an Assembly member’s criticism that the parking lot was not completed on time, “Why didn’t you finish the airport in time?” This morning I had to go to Tarse urgently, I passed the highway. I looked at the dirt side of the highway. OSB connection route; You haven’t been able to build a road for 3 years. To the 4th Ring Road that we built. You are a great government, do it. What happened to Akbelen Multi-Storey Junction for 6-7 years? If you do politics, I will too. Yahu, you haven’t built a multi-story intersection in 7 years, you haven’t built the connecting road to the freeway. Thank God the citizens are happy with us. Also satisfied with our services. Hopefully our services will continue to increase. You can achieve nothing with slander or slander, honorable members of the Assembly. In case of doubt, presumption or proof concerning our municipality, independent courts are there. Anyone can file a complaint. We don’t run the Municipality according to our own minds, according to the rules we have made, we run it by laws. We are extremely comfortable with what we have done and our conscience is clear. used the sentences.

“We know that a license was granted without project approval”

The issue of fire precautions for 20-30 storey buildings in Mersin has also been put on the parliament’s agenda. A member of the Assembly pointed out that contractors should take precautions against fire during the construction of high-rise buildings. The president selects “The project approval we want and expect from the district municipalities here. We know that the license was granted without project approval. Does anyone oppose it?” He asked. Adding that there are vehicles with ladders that can reach floors of 54 meters and 45 meters high under the Metropolitan Fire Department, Seçer said, “We have also included 1 vehicle with 90 meters, 1 vehicle with 70 meters and 2 vehicles with 55 meter ladders in our program. We will buy them too. But the real problem here is that the buildings have their own fire suppression system without the need for outside intervention. This naturally happens in construction. In all cases, contractors must provide this equipment. So the important thing here is the approval of the project” makes statements.

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