6-Set Table Roof, Roof, Mountain(……) Yor

6-Set Table Roof, Roof, Mountain(……) Yor

For months the rhetoric of 6-table down, 6-table up has been so worked up that they have occupied society with the idea that something can be done in the name of the country and the nation. empty. The end of reluctant and insincere relationships is frustration. Like a marriage made with a marriage, those who leave saying amen to the prayer that will not happen are obviously thrown to the right and to the left without seeing the end of the road. Is there ever a forced beauty? In several of my previous articles, I’ve voiced some of the famous 6s (even if you’re 16, not 6, etc.). “Your chemistry, your structure, your way of thinking, your purpose, your background prevent you from being in the same place with each other. It was obvious that you could not walk, fail and succeed without having to test your sincerity It seemed like you would be blown away like a leaf at the slightest wind Take an example for yourself.

“Your gaze is so sincere and will achieve something for months!!! With the electoral law passed by Parliament a week ago (with an article), the needle of your compass has been licked and started to show different directions.Each of the 6 political party leaders officially deceived those who supported them and who could support them, by pursuing a separate trick, a separate account, forgetting their own party founding philosophy, ignoring their past, and acting against the thought and nature of the masses they belong to Your goal is not the peace and welfare of society, but the only Even if Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, who has a goal and a phobia, leaves, you can’t land your ship until this happens no matter what.

“Those who know the science of politics know this. There are very important conditions for success in politics. First of all, it is sincerity and honesty. Just remind.Let me remind you that there is a society whose level of intelligence is higher than many political parties and many politicians.Therefore (Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN is enough to go there..) the society will not adopt such a goal, such a unity Even if the result is achieved (even if the Rabbit is worth the stone), none of you has a project, an objective, a competition, a job preparation, and you have no preparation, especially economy, short and long term Is it round? is it square? is it rectangular? names cannot be named, will not succeed in management or competition in the current world conjuncture.You cannot achieve success quo tidien only with colorful images and eye-catching positions.

I say this without malice or sincerity. When I look at these 6 sides of the table Ha Let me say that I read psychology well and know it well.In their encounters, I have always seen that only “as long as their body is there, their mind and their calculations are elsewhere”. Let me also express openly that I respect and show respect to those who disagree with me, that they are not… Secondly, can there be a 3rd Alliance? Should it be…

First: Their insincerity towards the HDP, which they refrain from showing, pronouncing and standing side by side (+HDP, even if they are 6+1 in reality) in order to achieve their dream goals, what is close to their hearts (especially the key key to success against President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN). . They officially use HDP. Hey HDP voters, wake up. I say that you have the right to live comfortably and peacefully, and that there are enough beauties in this country for you. The tricky point here is that the HDP doesn’t really know its own worth, can’t be managed well, and is always held back from its goal of being a national party. Those who caused this are doing well , I have a problem with the HDP. I want someone, but I can’t be side by side, this job wouldn’t be possible without them, one of us is already together, one continues to liquidate those who are against them (HDP), the others struggle with the syndromes of how we will overcome our difficult markets if we are with them.

Latest: Temel KARAMOLLAOĞLU’s statement, “Conditions have changed, our views have changed with the electoral law. There is no obligation to act together at all times. There can be an alliance. Even if they are entered one by one, more deputies can be revoked with this new alliance. There may be other participations.” . As we know, after the adoption of the electoral law by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, all the calculations of the components of the National Alliance were upset. No matter how badly they want to act together in the presidential election, not being able to enter Parliament – Not being elected as an MP – There is no group formation anyway – Plans to enter or not to enter from another party list began to be the first priorities of their reflections. As the other quartet began to heat up, while the CHP and IYI PARTY stood on one side of the table, the known smaller parties sought to determine positions on the other. model, the leaders of these small parties, MOLLAOĞLU, BABACAN, DAVUTOĞLU and UYSAL They began to draw political bluffs without wanting to lose. These bluffs gradually trickled down to the CHP and PARTI IYI. You know, without us, the If we weren’t side by side in the presidential election, that goal wouldn’t be achieved, with their rhetoric that they’re trying to get accepted by the big party bases. lists of major parties. You cannot show the courage to be a candidate, nor can the bases of the major parties accept them. You fell into the water without knowing how to swim and without learning, my brother. There is no need to struggle (Gulu Ğulu). There is no solution, you will drown or you will beg for a saviour.’s REFAH PARTY) umbrella.

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Gültekin UYSAL, had stipulated the clause “not to be a responsible partner during the period of 20 years of the AK party” as a condition. Although it is clear that with this article he means DEVA and FUTURE Parties (the ones I mean clearly, not the table at 6 making corrections, the groups grouped around Beştepe) a few days later, DAVUTOĞLU and BABACAN’ will meet at the (supposedly) table 6 under his own welcome. One wonders how he will explain it. The Whispered newspaper explains that DAVUTOĞLU and BABACAN will not attend this meeting, and AKŞENER and KILIÇDAROĞLU intervened to persuade him. It seems that the dough doesn’t absorb much water anymore and it has started to sour with the water it has drawn, my dear…

With the expression that one side of this article would be incomplete if I did not mention the following question at this point,,,,, First of all, whoever talked about the 3rd Alliance issue 4- 5 months when the electoral law was not in the middle, its form and who it should consist of, in its simplest form, frankly Prof. Dr.Fatih ERBAKAN, President of REFAH PARTY, who expressed it in a certain way Fatih ERBAKAN’s statement, “Each party president is and should be the natural candidate for the presidency of his own party, and that they will contest elections on behalf of the party and if they are successful If he is able to nominate a presidential candidate on behalf of its members, the fact that he is the first to announce that this candidate will be himself is a a sign of his sincerity and his love for his country.

As a result: Again, in my previous posts and articles, adding the following to my statement “Even if you’re not 6 but 16 you won’t be hot”, you won’t be able to get what you want even if you form “13 alliances, not 3 alliances”. Because there is a situation contrary to the nature of the article. Knowing that they will say that you write biased articles, I still put the 6th Table crack-cat -Mountain (li-la)yor-cak.. I tell you clearly in the last paragraph, it was cracking, cracking, crumbling and it was already a mess.

To note:

– If Fatih ERBAKAN makes the 3rd Alliance AGAIN, they will definitely catch the synergy.

— In my opinion, the HDP will not be a tool at this dishonest table (it paid off in the Istanbul elections) and if the HDP could establish a negotiating environment with the People’s Alliance (like the democratic initiative that he has done in the past) (if he gives up some stubbornness), he could succeed better and better… I read like that.

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