Volkan Yaşar Berber – Israeli influence in the Middle East

Ottoman Empire The creation of many independent states with the disintegration of Zionism and the result of the union of the forces of imperialism.

During this time this new states also from the past same listen created by these states each other was hostile perception was created.

still in our time Turkish and Arab there is no common understanding between the States.

many cities, his modesty small little places suddenly while protecting with a ruler nationalized which is one of the most important Israel been.

Jewish and Mason Rothschild, Rockefeller, dantons, Robespierre, Lehman brothers group, Universal, Primordial, Warner Brother, Goldwyn, mayer, Colombia, Twentieth century fox, Ford, Morgan, Warburg, Oppenheimer etc families and businesses come together Mr. Torahof “nations you will flyThey act in accordance with the directive.

Error Israel’sBOP” to opposing ideologies Mason The politicians, they were actually able to support and defend each other.

Even today, in the political and political arena United Nations Constitution, World State, European Union, Declaration of Human Rights, Common Market Initiatives This is proof that efforts are being made to develop and develop this awareness at all times.

Through the history of the world religious They have always been excluded due to their extreme social discrimination, especially with their literals.

Judaism, Zionism, antisemitism, of their land holiness etc their beliefs became stereotyped and they constantly humiliated those who were not theirs.

Israel, From the beginning 1948 With the announcement of its creation in securitization Politics He realized the defense mechanism against the foreign states that surround him.

Prior to clean their safety in order to provide global in the economy with the will to be the strongest, by highlighting their great projects in the political and political fields”all or nothingThey dare to continue to the end.

Israelfirst UNITED STATES and BritainWith the support of , through pressure to strengthen cooperation with the countries of the region secret sanctions They succeeded by applying them over the long term.

Relating to the pain they have experienced throughout history becoming precarious, what is experienced in our time, recycling, revenge because they act on their feelings jewish community for antisemitism and genocide, negative national self-image bECOMES.

These newly created states in the last century,pilot state model” small but democratic Israel Since it started to be created by taking an example, it can be divided into short, medium and long periods and can be changed at any time, can be deleted from the map at any time, and can be deleted at any time. centripetal administration can be taken under imitation small states they created.

Greater Middle East Project As we just mentioned under (BOP) short, medium and long in the term these states, Israel Under the direction ofGreat State of Israeljust to establish project been.

If you remember 2016 December per month Iranian religious leader Khamenei,Israel cannot see 25 years ahead.” specifying Netanyahu, Kazakhstan in response to his visitDon’t threaten Israel, we are tigers, not rabbits. If you threaten us, you put yourself in danger” he said.

However, “Kazakhstan is the first Muslim state to embrace Israel.He also said.

World, Jews Ensure the security, Jewish In addition to providing all kinds of material and moral support for the protection of identity, education and training in the best way, the ideal is “The school headed by a Masonic director is also a Masonic institution. The community to which a Masonic leader and guide belongs is also a Freemason. Therefore, even if our numbers do not increase, the realization of our principles by anyone is Masonic success.“Philosophy is a general point of view.

You should know that 1935 during this year Contribution to National Education specially brought from foreign countries for the purpose of Your 56 teachers everything Jewish and Mason were chosen from the community.

Israel, Center Eastof only with the Arabs putting into practice many projects in order to avoid being commemorated, while being moderate and modest in the foreground, non-threatening Muslim It also shaped the creation of states.

Barry Buzan and old lessof “Regions and powers: the structure of international security“in his job”Israel is recognized as a regional power.

self-imposed regional security complex Israel and its supporters, always putting pressure on the states around them, securitization Politics arguing that it is not temporary in geography permanence tried to prove it.

The story repeats itselfthe term ” jewish community It’s a very painful term for us to aim for our goals without making the same mistakes.every way is rightThey owe it to themselves.

The world, the peoples, Freemasonry, the hands that run the cards are now made by whom and what happened is part of it. coincidence although we live global virus, deep mind so not natural that it is made in laboratories with the efforts of people, even more Embarrassed laboratories Although it is known to the public that it has been kept at full throttle for years without any unintended legitimate justification, nothing can be done about it.

jewish and masons global bigotry, regionalism, racism etc They took advantage of opportunism by taking advantage of differences and pitting societies and states against each other and giving them a cut.

invisibly, in particular by taking charge of their administration politics, politics, health, cultural, military etc they have made it their art to professionally direct the control mechanism of each of them.

Middle East and MediterraneanWhat happened in Turkey today is the result of what has accumulated over the years.


Volkan Yaşar Berber, dikGAZETE.com


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