The problem of asylum seekers urgently needs a scalpel!

Our Syrian refugee and migrant problem, which is a headache in Turkey today, is rapidly progressing to the point where it will not only be a headache if steps to resolve it permanently are not taken as soon as possible.

Official data indicates that the number of Syrians registered in Turkey is 3.6 million. It is reported that the total number of asylum seekers, including those who are not registered, has reached 10 million.

The news that a few meters of walls have been built on our borders is picked up in the newspapers page by page. But these walls, I fear, seem to have only enriched the entrepreneurs who built them. Because the number of Syrians and Afghans in our country is increasing.

Our biggest problem as asylum seekers is that those who sit in the authorities and hold all the power that will make the decisions to solve this problem do not see it as a problem.

Because it is not possible to come across Syrian or Afghan refugees in the Beştepe garden. But in most cities of Turkey, especially in Istanbul, our environment is almost surrounded by it.

The government does not even tolerate opposition statements that they will send the Syrians. Some members of the AKP party and Mr. President Erdogan, who reacted to these remarks, even declared: “We will not send the Syrians”.

So what will happen? Should we support them because the majority of Turkish citizens want the government, even if they don’t want Syrians in their country?

The government does not care in the least what citizens think of Syrian refugees. If they had cared, they couldn’t have shouted so openly that they wouldn’t have sent the Syrians.

This week, after images of a Syrian man who runs a shop in the Bağcılar district of Istanbul, putting his chair in the middle of the road and insulting passersby, were released on social media, it was announced that this Syrian would be detained and deported. However, I do not find these eviction reports convincing at all. I seriously doubt that there are false statements made in an attempt to take the public’s breath away and shatter the perception that Syrians are tolerated.

The government is focused on managing perception rather than solving the problem. After all, there are soon elections…

A digital board with the names of people queuing at Istanbul Başakşehir District Population Directorate was circulating on social media yesterday.

On the table of nine lines, we see that 7 lines are made up of foreign names. In front of these names is the mention “TC identity card”. In front of one of them is the inscription “new birth”.

Although the government claims that Syrian refugees are not granted citizenship, these scenes at the registry offices show that Syrian refugees are quickly turning into Turkish refugees.

Although I am in favor of the complete expulsion of Syrian refugees from our country, I note that it will not be possible to forcibly return them to their country, as expressed by some politicians.

In this context Independent Party of Turkey General President Hussein Basin the program in which he participated this week on Zanka TV, offered a very realistic solution to Syrian refugees.

Expressing that they will definitely solve the problem of Syrian refugees, Baş said that as soon as an appropriate environment is established in Syria, the refugees will definitely be sent to their country, and those who do not want to go to their country, however, will be kept in the refugee camps that will be established until they decide to go to their country.

This solution of Mr. Hüseyin Baş is very important in terms of being both realistic and applicable.

What should have been done from the start was to keep the Syrian refugees in the camps. Unfortunately, the government, with its “ensar-muhacir” literature, saw the refugees as a ballot deposit and deliberately practiced a very dangerous process in Turkey.

Turkey must solve this refugee problem as soon as possible with realistic formulas, as suggested by Mr Hüseyin Baş.

Hopefully, in the elections to be held in 2023, a government and a president who will solve this problem at the root will come to power, and this problem that the AK party governments have been bothering us for 11 years will be solved for the benefit of the nation.

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