Messages from Taner Ulutaş to the owner

Messages to owner

Mr Fouat Oktay, When you saw that the masters of the “kerosene stone” policy in front of the palace did not listen to your advice and directives, you said to come to Ankara. Be careful not to break it by pulling the ears. There is a shortage of drugs. Mr. Oktay didn’t embrace the stray cat’s freedom philosophy, and when we were kicked in the liver, our lungs went pale saying “it doesn’t matter” to whatever the cats were drooling and staring at the snot liver in front of the glass. We bang on the windows looking at the liver, say meow and watch the cats doing somersaults. However, even the bank credit card locks after the 3rd attempt, but the cats do not lock. Looking at them, our hearts hurt not only because of our hands, but also because of our hearts.


Mr. Faiz Sucuoglu We thought you different as we wouldn’t connect even though it was free wifi. Turns out we thought you were different because we looked at you differently. We realized we were wrong when we finally saw that you were a grumpy expert. Suleiman’s childhood friend, when he saw Grand Vizier Pargalı standing out, had his head shaved. When you first saw Ünal Üstel and then Sunat Atun, you tried to file the tips of your pencils. But carelessly, the end of the grater bled while filing the finger. Ayşaba said that just like the girl who made a handsome young man her lover thought she was the queen’s wife and fell sick in the guts, Her Majesty thought he had gone to the United States as president, and because of the same illness, everyone was wiped down and brushed with a lime brush.


Mr Sunat Atun, After saying that I will explain the people who took the camel with the bird to the TRNC Bol Kepçe restaurant, I think you scared the mules from the cups. The mules that entered the glass factory turned into a war zone. Even when the Prime Ministry’s “solinas” exploded following this clash, the waters came to flow through the corridors and threaten the Ministry of Finance. Since you were held responsible for the explosion at Solina, the State Grand Vizier said, “I fired you.” However, the Grand Vizier must have forgotten that he had the “Sultan” on him, as his sword could not even cut the onion skin. Ayşaba used to try it at a place to test if the cuckoo bird could pass through the gurgling of the bone she was going to swallow. If he were to go through the Bone Clap, he would swallow it. Then he said that even if you gargle, it will be futile. I didn’t understand what he meant. If you understand, let me know.


Mr. Tufan Erhurman, You said that the government that came to solve the crisis has itself become a crisis. Angara, Angara, they are waiting for you, accompanied by every joyous song of gara, protocol under the arm, the faces of those who took to the streets were sold for some reason. The protocols signed to date have already gone off the rails, and 50% have not materialized. 50% of the achievement was made for defense expenditure. After the signed protocols, the money will flow like the water of the Kızılırmak river, but when I passed the drop and nothing else, the economy went up, contrary to the saying that it will go down. When my grandfather got angry with my grandmother, he used to grab the cat by both paws, cut it in the middle like a cart and throw it against the wall. Of course, back then, there were no phones to throw against the wall. Now there is the telephone. But even better, there are chests to throw at your head, not against the wall.


Mr. Hassan Taçoy, You said that the situation is very serious and the TRNC ship has settled on the coral reefs and the social insurance section of the ship has started to take on water. You pointed out that passengers in this section could drown, like in the Titanic, because life jackets are not enough. You said that the alarm bells started ringing due to the drop in the number of workers from 130,000 to 55,000. Mr. Taçoy, the soup makers, while mixing the soup, create a small whirlpool and start immediately to mix in the opposite direction. And since they are having fun, it is said that nothing bad will happen to them. Blind to their deaths. Pouring the soup over us, they made us the sauce for the soup. As locals we started to wave over the coral reefs when the captain was cut out for the transatlantic as he steered the fishing boats well.


Mr. Turgay Hilmi, In the geography we call TRNC, you try to do more than your best in the name of culture and art. Despite those who ignore it, you are making great efforts for your country, both in Germany and on international platforms, with the idea that “God knows” if the fish do not know. After being lost in our childhood will be remembered that we are a generation that was beaten by our elders when found again you still rebelled against those who tried to slander and put androsh on the wheel instead of encouragement. And saying that’s enough, you said you’re in “Sell everything, run away and come back to this country” mode. I think Tatar, who was examining the Taurus painting and the life of flowers and insects at that time, asked, “What happened?” Of course, instead of destroying social networks, it would be better if we said, which is Turkish treatment, go wash your hands and face.


Mr. Sevket Derindag, When the teacher asked you “where is your homework”, you did not listen to those who searched for your promotion’s epaulets in the drawers like miracle epaulets, like the students who searched for a miracle by rummaging in their bags, knowing that the homework was not there. You are very successful, you did not stumble over those who said congratulations and did not give what you deserve. You haven’t punched them in the face that some people are 70% up in the air like a bag of chips. After the Traffic Manager retires, your success is finally crowned, and it is remembered that your epaulette is in the drawer even though it has not yet been placed on your shoulder. Mr. Derindag, you can tell a person’s mannerisms from the way he laughs and his spirit level from what he laughs at. Until today, you have proven that your discipline and intelligence are still at the highest level in this difficult task. let’s say good luck


Mr. Kubilay OzkiracThe saying that the thief destroys the owner seems to have come true. After the social security department, the labor department and the provident fund department of Güzelyurt did not pay the electricity bill paid by the poor, 2 employees of the electricity department took out 6 insurance electricians to cut off their electricity due to unpaid electricity bills, it was described as theft. By Allah, we are in secret death mode. Dear Kubilay, being Turkish means making the bride cry while the henna is applied, and performing it 5 minutes later. If they say there is a manufacturing error for some of our warrant officers, we get them back, people will line up to Karpaz to do seven somersaults and return them. I swear to some, fight in parliament. Scream, call, do everything, but don’t fart with your mouth instead of showing such movements, brother. I would say it smells a lot worse.


Mr. Sifa ColakogluI watch your speeches in parliament from time to time. Is it a cohabitation? I don’t know if you’re a prisoner of habit. Not all of your conversations leave the walls of Famagusta. If memory serves me correctly, you are the deputies of the entire TRNC. I assume you haven’t taken off the Governor of Famagusta’s shirt yet. I would like you to remember that you are an MP from the TRNC. Mr. Çolakoğlu, three things that make ugly beautiful, Canon, Nikon, Avon. Apart from Famagusta, the three things that make the MP’s words beautiful are Karpasia, Lefkosia, Kayrinya.


Mr. Tacan ReynarAs a country, we are at the limit of our nervous system, in the swamp created by those who think they govern us, with the burst piles, and you, in the fight against a mosquito, are under the effects of a jet catastrophic shift. By Allah, as our victims on the Ankara road buy tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, relying on their full wallets, regardless of their weight and price, we are happy with the feeling that if the coins in the wallet are sufficient, they got it for free. That’s how they made us mentally ill. We have come to a situation where if I break a glass, I will be “clumsy”, if my mother breaks it, “evil eye”, if my father breaks it, “what are we doing here? For this reason, continue with the Mosquito Salvation Pile.


Mr. Ahmet TokatliogluWhile you were a member of the People’s Party Vocational School and former chairman of Girne District, you took over the flag of Gülşah Sanver Manavoğlu and became the new general secretary of the party. Good luck. You undertook an important task on the opposition front, as the roads of Angara were trodden, protocol guidelines flew through the air and the cabinet prepared for revisions for the second times in 49 days. While security is in place on the western front. Big hardships await you, especially the opposition HP party, to the point where it is said that the Eastern Front is falling. Mr. Tokatlıoğlu, life is a breath, as much as you can take. Political life is a cage, as long as you can stay in it. Life is a whim, as far as you can dive. Life is all women can kill men, men read what politicians know, and the opposition can slap the offending government.

To joke

Wrong email address

A man checks in at the hotel he has reached.

When he enters his room, he sees a computer on the table and decides to send an e-mail to his wife.

But he unintentionally sends the message he wrote to the wrong address.

Meanwhile, in another location, the woman has just returned home from her husband’s funeral.

and sees the email on his computer, when he reads the email which he thinks is from his friends, he collapses where he is.

Her mother, who enters the room, sees her daughter lying on the ground and the message on the screen.

– “A: To my dear wife

Subject: Just arrived.

Date: April 14, 2021

I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear from me.

There is a computer here and we can send e-mails to our relatives.

I just got here and signed up. Everything is prepared with the thought that you will come here tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to meet you.

I hope you have a good trip like me.

PS: It’s very hot here.”


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