Last minute Police “sensitive noses” are the police’s greatest helpers.

Istanbul Police Department’s trained dogs work with police in many areas, from community events to drug searches, from finding missing persons to detecting explosives.

The Istanbul Police Department, which serves with its various units and thousands of employees, is not the only factor that benefits from his talents, but the police.

Thanks to their sensitive senses and their harmony with people, dogs that show their superior abilities by being part of the police team act as companions to the police.

The dogs, which were taken to the Directorate General of Security as puppies and started to be bred after passing numerous screenings, are assigned based on their breeds and abilities after basic training.

Dog trainers are sent to the units where they will work after the special training they receive in Ankara.

In this context, “identified” dogs working as “permanent staff” in the Bayrampaşa Riot Squad Branch, Narcotics Crime Control Branch, Bomb Disposal and Investigations Directorate and the Public Security Branch Office work with their responsible coaches regardless of working hours.

Anadolu Agency teams watched the training, habitats and exercises of these particular dogs, which live in the 4-point police in Istanbul.

It does the work of 1000 cops in just 1 minute.

The head of the dog trainer told the AA reporter the story of the narcotic dogs, who found the drug that the poison dealers hide every day with a new method, as if they put it with their sensitive noses in very little time.

Stating that they operate under the Narcotics Crime Control Directorate at Istanbul Airport Center, the head trainer said he has been working as a dog trainer for about 21 years.

Explaining that the dogs, which were tested as puppies and then went through a 14-week training process, started working in the company of the police, the head trainer noted that the routine exercises and the dog training they should do daily then during the course continue.

Explaining that the dogs, who were left in the training area after health checks and morning grooming, rested after discharging their energies, the head trainer continued:

“The goal is to have no problems when we go to the operation. We hide our routine items in our vehicles and our rooms and we train with the dog. The dogs help us in many ways. They are our best friend. They are like a member of the family now. I have 2 children, I can say this is my third child. What if we didn’t have dogs? The dog does the job in a minute than 500 or 1000 police can do.Our dog instinctively reacts to substances that are hidden, concealed, concealed, invisible to the human eye, and sometimes cannot be dismantled with human ability.Maybe we will find it, but after 3 5 days of research, but our dog will do it in 1 minute.

Describing a memory he experienced, the head trainer says they seized pounds of drugs from the stone blocks to which the dog reacted with his sensitive nose.

The head trainer then demonstrated the work of the dogs in practice. The dog, who was asked to find the drugs hidden in two containers, one in the shape of an abandoned building and the other in the shape of a room with many cupboards, reacted in little time with his trainer.

They protect both citizens and police with their sensitive noses.

Another unit where dogs work is the Bomb Disposal and Investigation Branch. The AA team watched as the dog found the explosive material placed on the rear tire of a vehicle in Yıldız Park, after a short search, and sat down and waved at his trainer. The dog was rewarded with a toy at the end of the search.

At state elders meetings, rallies, sport The tails and movements of the dogs, who check in the hallways and participate in notification calls, change when they smell, and they react passively by sitting.

Bomb search dogs, who bond with their trainer and work as a police colleague, help to prevent incidents during previous searches. These dogs, who take on an important task for the safety of people’s lives, perform the dangerous task in harmony with their trainer.

Stalking dogs and corpses

The dogs of the Istanbul Public Security Bureau’s affiliated dog training center of the Missing Persons Bureau play an active role in body searches as well as in the search for missing persons.

The dog can work for hours without taking a break and does not forget the smell he smells.

The dog, which has been sensitized to the smell of human corpses during the training phase, only runs after the smell of corpses when taken into the field, even animal corpses cannot distract its attention .

The trainers, who showed the AA team a short script of their routine field work to find a missing person, first asked the dog to sniff the surgical mask, which was hidden in a remote location. The dog found the mask in no time and won the food prize.

In another scenario, a cloth used for training, smelling like digested corpses, was buried in the ground. Released from a different place in the open area, the dog began to dig the ground where the frozen handkerchief could not be smelled by humans. The successful cadaver dog was rewarded with a toy ball.

Soner Varlı, a police officer from the unit, explained his job answering questions from the AA team with his dog Tina, whom he has cared for for 4.5 years.

Stating that they attend to the basic needs, care and physical examination of their dogs every morning, Varlı noted that if they don’t face any problem, they have daily routine training.

The smell of each person is different, the smell of all corpses is the same.

Varlı said that there are 13 tracker dogs and 5 cadaver dogs in Turkey in the police department, “When we start training tracker dogs, we condition the dog to food instead of getting a reward if he finds the smell we want. In the case of cadaver dogs, we condition the ball against the ball. There are glands impregnated with cadaver smell, in training. “We use them. Dogs can also smell dead bodies under the ground. They can smell odors that we can’t.” he said.

Stating that they went to work with dead dogs during floods in Düzce, Sinop, Kastamonu and Rize, Varlı said, “We are participating in search efforts in flooded and disaster areas. They can call us for backup if there’s a murder or a missing person. “If it’s not too cold or too hot, our dogs can work for a few hours and continue after resting. Usually Belgian, German and Dutch Sheepdogs are used.” used expressions.

Varlı explained that cadaver dogs were usually called in murder cases, when the body was hidden or not found, and continued as follows:

“We are carrying out a wide-ranging search in the detected area. And they call our tracking dogs in places such as forests where there are no cameras, where there are insufficient teams to shed light on the problems related to the elderly. , the sick, children, mentally ill people with disabilities and criminals on the run. We make it smell. Our dog follows the scent trail he leaves as he walks, this helps us reach the person. The scent imprint of each person is different.The dog can distinguish it from the object it smells.Following the trail, it certainly can’t go to someone else’s scent.All corpses have the same smell,so we try to smell a different object.” When we release the dog into the field, it finds the corpse. It only reacts to the human corpse.”

Dogs used at social events are trained under different scenarios

Dogs in charge of Bayrampaşa Riot Police Department Dog Training Center are also used when responding to social events.

According to the scenario created for the AA team, the dog incapacitated the suspect in a vehicle. The behavior of the dog provoked during the attack carried out after the order of its trainer drew attention.

Dogs are trained in obedience and scenarios that may be encountered at social events, and given exercises such as hostage rescue.

According to the plan, while the dogs that will go to Taksim and Sultanahmet are determined, no one else is interested in which dog a person is training. The dog simply listens to his trainer and acts on his instructions.

At the centre, dogs that have reached a certain age and cannot continue working are cared for until their death.

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