In Belgium, the rabbit of ‘Mask Kimsin Sen’ turned out to be the socialist leader

WALL Conner Rousseau, the leader of the Socialist Party in the coalition, left his mark on the Belgian version of the game show “Mask Kimsin Sen”, which had to be canceled after allegedly doing “paganist and satanist propaganda” in Turkey . During the second season finale which aired on Friday night, it was revealed that the bunny costume contestant, who has been wondering about it for weeks, is the 29-year-old Socialist leader.

According to the BBC’s Turkish correspondent in The Hague, Yusuf Özkan, some critics blamed Rousseau for participating in such an event in the political environment that intensified due to the war in Ukraine, and those who said that “he had won the sympathy of the electorate with such a bold move”.


“I’m a young man, and there’s more to life than politics,” Rousseau said.

The winner of the competition, published in Belgium as “Masked Singer”, was 20-year-old singer Camille Dhont, who entered a cat costume. But the biggest surprise came when the bunny, who had been in the final for seven weeks, took off his mask. Conner Rousseau, the leader of the government’s partner Socialist Party, stepped out of the bunny suit. For weeks, different predictions had been made for the contestant in the bunny costume. However, no one thought it could be the leader of a political party.

The first question asked by the Belgian media was how Rousseau found the time to prepare to compete despite such a busy schedule. The SP frontman said he makes time to compete in the summer of 2021 and on Sundays when the schedule is quiet, and takes singing lessons until midnight on Friday nights. The Belgian frontman, who said he loved the challenge and got to experience first-hand what it was like to be an entertainer on this stage, said his anonymity encouraged him.


“I’m a young man and it’s not just politics in life,” said the 29-year-old politician, calculating the political repercussions of taking part in the contest. According to Rousseau, the contest also contributed to his political work. Rousseau thinks he managed to control his breathing thanks to the advice he received from the coach of the competition, which will be useful to him in the political debates.

In Belgium, some politicians have appeared on television shows from time to time, but due to the current political environment, one wonders if Conner Rousseau is right to do so. The young leader has been criticized for “taking less serious than high politics”. About Rousseau, who participated in the coalition negotiations with a backpack, jeans and a shirt, the media said: “With the energy crisis in Belgium and the war taking place next to Europe, a party leader have time to waste on such nonsense?” he asks.


However, the fact that the show was filmed this summer is considered a “mitigating reason” for Rousseau. Television critic Ivan De Vadder said that Rousseau, during filming, “of course could not have foreseen that a war would break out months later”. “But this is perhaps the worst moment. The politicians do what they want of course, but for the moment we expect them above all to help us deal with the consequences of the Ukrainian crisis”, believes the Belgian journalist. According to De Vadder, Rousseau had a large share in this success of the socialists, who followed a different attitude from the other centrist parties; therefore, his participation in the Masked Singer competition is well suited to the current political strategy.

According to the media, Rousseau took a big risk by participating in the Masked Singer competition, but the result nevertheless turned out to be in his favor. Some commentators point out that the contest final was watched by more than 1.5 million viewers, and they believe that this, in turn, allowed Socialist Party leader Rousseau to reach a wider audience and generate sympathy of the electorate. It is said that many people have sympathy for Rousseau, especially because of his successful performance “in a rabbit suit” for weeks, and this will give the young politician an advantage. (Turkish BBC)

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