Dear, “You will be asked about the rights of the orphan whose feathers are not finished”

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The provincial party organization Bolu Felicity met with members of the press at the party building and made statements. Provincial Saadet Party Chairman İsa Sayın put fruits and vegetables such as eggplant, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, pepper, potato and orange on the table and explained the situation in the country. Comparing the products of April 1, 2021 and April 1, 2022, Mr. President said: “This situation that we have arrived in is the product of bad policies that have been followed for 20 years.


On the other hand, President İsa Sayın, who also spoke about Fatih Metin, who was recently removed from his post at the Deputy Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, said: “I would like to give an example of our close entourage to the ‘people contemptible” who are fed by public resources and receive salaries from more than one institution. As you know, Mr. Fatih Metin was recently removed from his position as Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. We would like to thank him for his services, if any, as Bollus. However, we later learned that, according to reports on social media and in the press, he was also removed from his post at the High Council of Sporting Stewards, which organizes horse racing and collective betting. He received a salary of about 40,000 from the Deputy Minister and about 20,000 from the horse racing bookmaker. We don’t know if he received a salary from other places or not. Now I ask you, should Fatih Metin be a member of the AKP?”


“Because they are people of faith, he said, I warn that the three-day world is not worth the bet on horse racing. You will be asked about the rights of the orphan whose feathers are not finished. Unfortunately, it is not clear with what qualifications and qualifications any of them hold these positions. The people responsible for the turmoil our country is experiencing are not the outcasts, but the incompetent and pro-administrators we encounter every day,” he said.

Following M.’s statement, he made the following statements;

“Obviously, I wouldn’t want to be in front of you with such a press conference in this blessed month. However, the conditions in which we find ourselves as a country are not very encouraging. Unfortunately, we are facing serious food inflation, especially in vegetables and fruits. Of course, the inflation we face is not limited to food. Price increases in all areas of life have put our people, who are already going through difficult times, in an even more difficult situation. At this meeting, I would like to draw attention to the increase in vegetable prices over the past year. According to the study based on Istanbul market prices, the price increases between April 1, 2021 and April 1, 2022 are as follows:

While tomatoes cost 5 lira last year, this year 28 lira – an increase of 460%

Potatoes cost 2 lira, this year 10 lira – a 200% increase

While pepper is 10 lira, this year it is 30 lira – a 200% increase

While cucumber was at 8 lira, find it at 17 lira this year – a 113% increase

Lettuce was 4 lira this year, 20 lira – a 300% increase

Green beans cost 18 lira, 45 lira this year, an increase of 150%

10 lira when oranges are worth 5 lira – 100% increase

“As you can see, there is an average food inflation rate of 200%. Along with all this, we have become dependent on foreign countries for many foodstuffs. As Turkey, we didn’t come to these days all of a sudden. This situation in which we have arrived is the product of bad policies followed for 20 years.


“Our country has entered an environment of polarization on all sides. Apart from social polarization, we also face a polarized Turkey in terms of economic conditions. Our country is currently divided into two poles. We see two different segments of society, two different lives. -On the one hand, the “little ones” who feed on public resources and receive salaries from more than one institution… -On the other hand, at a time when the poverty line exceeds 15 thousand; There are those who try to live on around 4,000 lira, survive by eating one meal a day on a KYK scholarship of 650 lira, who have to drop out of school because they cannot pay their expenses, and those who cannot reach basic consumer goods whose prices are increasing day by day and cannot put salt on their table. – On the one hand, luxury, ostentation, ostentation and extravagance; on the other side there is misery, misery, hunger and lamentation…”


“Just yesterday, the economic destruction caused by the Erdoğan government, which turned Turkish lira into stamps by singing folk songs that promised to close the current account deficit in just 6 months, is eroding the quality of life and the joie de vivre of our people on a day-to-day basis. Although the government and its partners, who have turned Turkey into a fire by pouring gasoline on inflation, say that our country is growing, the bread that goes into the citizens’ harvest is diminishing every day.


“Dear members of the press; And if we listen to our university students, I think we will see the seriousness of the situation much more clearly. – One of our university students explained his problems with the following lines; “I reduced the diet to two meals. I go to bed at night hungry. The dormitory is at the top of the mountain, but I move on foot. I drink chlorinated tap water because I can’t buy ready-made water every day…”

“There is no such power anywhere in the world!”

“Lithuania, the closest country to Turkey, has an inflation rate of 12%; The OECD average is 7.7%. Turkey with 61% inflation; It doubled Estonia by 5 times and the OECD average by 8 times. The average inflation rate in the euro zone is 5.9%. Inflation can occur anywhere in the world; but there is no other country in the world where inflation rises so rapidly in a year, O people in power! Nowhere in the world can you struggle with facts, math, economics, even voluntarily; There is no government that drags its country into hyperinflation! Nowhere in the world is there an arrogant government that has stayed in power for 20 years, blaming its rivals for the crisis and saying “we are just getting started, we are going to solve this”!


There is a chasm between the tales and the dreams told by the power and the life they actually live! In the dream; We would be among the top 10 countries with the strongest economy. We are among the 10 countries with the highest inflation. There would be single digit unemployment and inflation figures. The three-digit inflation figures and the army of unemployed, whose number is increasing day by day… In the dream; to be at the top of the league among the best… In reality; Always being at the top of the list of negative statistics and rankings.. Inflation is at 20-year high.. Price inflation is at 20-year high.. Current account deficit is at 20-year high. External debts and interest payments are also; Thanks to you, he is at the top of 20 years.. Let this work at the top.. Come on, do not force anymore.. Because the end of this peak is a chasm and the end is a disaster! For the nation and for you…”

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