The doctor of the little boy attacked by dogs in Bursa has spoken

Fatma Elikesik, mother of Ö.EK, who was attacked by 8 dogs in Gündoğdu district of central Osmangazi district in Bursa, said that her child, who was hospitalized in Bursa city hospital , was in good condition.

Stating that her child was attacked by 8 stray dogs on his way to school in the morning, Elikesik said:

“He was seriously injured, especially in his legs. Animals attacked his legs, arms and everywhere else, and my child fought until the end. Then a citizen saved him, thanks to his rescue. The first intervention took place in the state of Çekirge. “The operation lasted about 2 hours. The bite marks on the legs and other places were repaired, thankfully. There was no damage to the arteries, veins and nerves, but there was muscle loss in the legs. Our plastic surgeon Fatma Bilge also repaired them.

Highlighting that her child has sutures under and on the skin and that she is currently being monitored for an infection, Elilikesik said:

“My child is 10 years old and cannot go to school in this neighborhood without an adult, children cannot go from one street to another. It is a security breach. My child or the Someone else’s child should be able to get out of their house and go to a neighbor friend’s house and go to school. What has been done for those stray dogs? I want to know. Chief says that he has done the necessary steps with the municipality. The municipality says that he has done the necessary things, thanks to our mayor Mustafa Dündar, who visited us. They said that they would follow up the problem, but I I will follow him because it hurts me. The fact that my child is not dead does not relieve him. On this subject, I want those responsible for everything that needs to be done, such as the collection of stray dogs, to be identified and paid.”

Saying there is action to be taken regarding stray dogs, Elikesik used the following statements:

“At the same time, I want our children and individuals to be able to come out onto the streets safely in neighborhoods like this. Even I am scared when I pass. Why can’t I or my child go to school alone. I call on the authorities to ensure that this does not happen again, and that all children can reach their destination safely. Mustafa Dündar I think he will keep his promise, and I I will follow him. How much it hurts if you break a fingernail. My child has more than 30 bite marks on his body and they are very deep wounds. I hope these injuries will not prevent him from walking and that we will get through this process very easily.Hospital He has already helped us a lot in every way.”

“There were more than 30 teeth and bites”

The child’s doctor, plastic surgeon Fatma Bilge Köse, said the child was brought to them on Friday.

Köse explained that they were contacted urgently on Friday and continued as follows:

“He had a lot of open wounds, we counted more than 30 teeth and bite marks. First he was psychologically traumatized. His wounds were cleaned and the necessary medication was administered here. Then we intervened in the operating room. Fortunately, the fractures did not coincide with the vital structures, but there are serious fractures.”He had muscle injuries, in particular to the right leg. He is in good shape now, his psychological trauma is intense, he needs a long time to pass.”

Pointing out that the operation took about 2 hours, Köse said:

“It took us about 2 hours to stitch up all his wounds, we cleaned them and closed them completely, but of course there were very deep and large cuts on his body, his arms and his legs. There were marks intense bites on both arms, both legs, scalp and abdomen. We closed them all, the wounds on his leg. In fact, it closed very tense. He will take a long time to heal, we will diaper, we follow him. Antibiotic treatment will continue. There may be loss of sensation in some areas, especially in the left leg, in the foot area. There may be loss of sensation in some areas of the foot area. There is still a lot of edema in the injured parts, so there is a loss of feeling at the moment. , but physical therapy is also needed for his permanency. For example, he was limping and was not not stable at the moment because he has a lot p injuries. But because he is a child, we cannot distinguish between pain and muscle injury.


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