How long do cats live? How old is the oldest cat in the world?

The history of the cat goes back 9500 years. Cute and loyal, cats are considered sacred in Egypt. He is a cat named Creme Puff who lives to be 38 years old. Nutritional conditions, cleanliness, health issues, care, and living environment determine the lifespan of cats. According to the results obtained as a result of research, the average lifespan of cats varies between 12 and 18 years.

There was not much information about the history of cats, but as a result of archaeological excavations in 2004, information about the history of cats was found. A 9,500-year-old cat cemetery has been discovered in Cyprus. The cat buried next to a human is very important from an archaeological point of view. The cat, which is thought to have been domesticated 400 years ago before this excavation, proved important not only for corn but also for other crops. It is thought to be a domestic cat with its funerary form. The mouse problem is one of the reasons cats are found in Egyptian lands. Over time, the problem was resolved and a strong bond was formed between cat and humans. Cats that started to be domesticated became so prominent among humans that people started to adore cats. The Egyptians entered into a deep law about the death of their cats. The cats were mummified after death and kept in sacred catacombs.

In the Middle Ages, the situation was reversed. Cats are considered cursed. It began to spread among people that he had poison in his teeth and was dangerous. During this period, the cats were bullied and tortured. The plague epidemic that occurred was the turning point for cats. The cats that killed the plague-spreading mice became heroes. There are big differences between the ancestors of most animals. They are undergoing great changes. It’s the opposite for cats. The cats have undergone little change, with slight differences between their current form and their ancestors. The word “cat” has passed from Arabic to Turkish.

How many years do cats live? What is the lifespan of the cat? Questions like these are frequently asked. The lifespan of cats varies depending on their diet, environment, care, and breed characteristics. A precise deadline cannot be given. Considering the differences between street cats and house cats, we can’t tell for a while.

Given the average durations, 12-18 years does not change. Considering the above-mentioned reasons, changes are observed during this period. Since cats of the same breed that we are generalizing have different living conditions, the lifespans will be different.

How long do cats live?  How old is the oldest cat in the world?

Cats, like humans, have certain diseases. Therefore, a veterinarian should be consulted regularly for health issues. Daily care should not be neglected, regular hair cleaning should be done. Cat food should be chosen carefully and given in appropriate amounts.

How long do cats live?  How old is the oldest cat in the world?

– Cats and dogs can live together

A cat’s brain is larger than a dog’s.

– They have a good short-term memory.

They are very similar to humans in terms of disease.

The spots on them are inherited from their ancestors.

They don’t like sweets and can’t eat them.

– Stop giving milk. Because they are allergic to lactose.

-The tallest cat in the world is 1.23 meters tall.

How long do cats live?  How old is the oldest cat in the world?

The adult cat has 30 teeth.

-There is a cat statue in Kadıköy.

In ancient Egypt, the cat was considered sacred.

-Cats can’t go very far, they go as far as they can turn.

They see better in the dark than humans.

They deserve the term -9 live. They do not fall from a height of 230 meters and die.

– In Egypt, the cat was called “mau”.

– Cats recognize human voices.

-According to what is known, the cat that can give birth to 19 kittens in one birth has been registered.

-Cats sweat from their paws.

How long do cats live?  How old is the oldest cat in the world?

The cat named Rubble, living in England, is 32 years old today and bears the title of the oldest cat in the world. When compared to human age, the male cat, which corresponds to 137 years old, has no no health problems. In the category determined on the basis of veterinary records, the Maine Coon cat takes first place. Celebrating his birthday with a party in 2018, the cat received a free exam. Heritage, 50, said Rubble was his best friend. He said he only had a blood pressure problem and had no other health problems.

The oldest living cat in the world, Creme Puff, who lives in the US state of Texas, was born on August 3, 1967 and died on August 6, 2005.

How long do cats live?  How old is the oldest cat in the world?

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