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Amanruya Bodrum offers a privileged world of discovery with its unique and sophisticated gastronomic, artistic and sports experiences for the new season.

Located in a quiet valley on the Bodrum peninsula, in great harmony with its hidden deep blue sea, lush thyme and pine forest. AmanruyaBodrumopened the season with new and privileged experiences. Amanruya Bodrum, the first member of Aman concept in Turkey, which carefully reveals the nature of each destination in which it is located, like a photo frame, reflects a high-level understanding of vacation. Inspired by the traditional architecture of the region, Amanruya continues to offer a unique holiday experience with its unique garden, heated swimming pools, Turkish baths and unique culinary culture in each of its 36 contemporary independent stone villas. Located on a magnificent 60-hectare site, the hotel’s 50-meter swimming pool opening onto the infinite blue of the source of nature, as well as 500 m² of rooms in total, take the comfort space to a new level. superior.

New feasts of taste, health and art in Amanruya…

Amanruya is pleased to announce the arrival of Sushi by Amanruya, a restaurant that will serve freshly prepared Japanese-inspired cuisine. Amanruya patrons will have the opportunity to sample dishes such as hot crispy tempura, temaki sushi, sashimi and a selection of caviar, and have the choice of sitting indoors at the sushi bar or dining in the open-air venue surrounded by lush greenery. . Fans of Far Eastern cuisine are already looking forward to Sushi by Amanruya, which will open at the end of May.

Under the direction of Amanruya Executive Chef Cihan Beyit, the menus are attracting attention with their rich content this season. Dishes have been moved to a different dimension and developed using local elements in terms of taste pairings, presentations and capturing food and drink trends from around the world and country. Among the flavors that will mark the world of flavors this season, bearing the signature of the Chef; “The Semsek, from the Urfa region, is served stuffed with lobster, and it surprises the palate with its black mulberry tequila burrata sauce. On the other hand, the watermelon salad with cream and turmeric creates a checkerboard appearance on the plate with its cubik presentation. Lots of thoughtful details like this make menus even more appealing.

The exclusive “Beach Club”, which will be open for dinner from mid-June, welcomes a new bar where guests can enjoy theatrical performances by talented mixologists. The Beach Club and the pier have been expanded for this summer, and the menus and presentations to be served at the beach during the day have also been renewed. In the Beach Club’s renewed signature menu; Rich alternatives will be offered to diners, from salmon gravlax to fresh mozzarella, from crispy pitas to burgers and skewers with enriched presentations.

The “Barbecue Evening”, carefully prepared by the Amanruya Chefs and attended by their enthusiasts, continues to be held once a week on Sundays.

Lunches, dinners and events in Amanruya Bodrum restaurants are also open to flavor and nature lovers, by special reservation.

For guests who wish to maintain a healthy routine throughout their stay, the resort’s yoga and pilates studio is available throughout the season to support each guest’s athletic training schedule. Anti Gravity Yoga and Reformer Pilates are also added this season, accompanied by expert trainers. Tennis, cycling and water sports await their fans as always.

Developing a unique concept with its respect for nature, Amanruya continues to offer its guests a holiday opportunity intertwined with art. Private painting lessons continue to be given with the hotel’s resident painter. Customers who prefer can take classes every day of the week and take an artistic journey.

Regional exploration unlike Amanruya…

Guests can always discover new routes and reconnect with the natural world with Amanruya’s wooden motor yacht. There are two special stops for excursions in the bay. One is Little Rabbit Island, known for its large population of little rabbits, and Red Atoll, named after the color of its distinctive rocks.

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