He spends what he earns from Japan for his dear friends

KARACASU, AYDIN ​​(UAV) – IntellectualBülent Akın Dönertaş, a 58-year-old retired English teacher living in Karacasu district in Turkey, teaches online at a Japan-based language school and spends what he earns to take care of his dear friends .

Dönertaş, who opened the Karacasu shelter for use on his own initiative, brings sick and injured stray dogs here, nursing and caring for them. Going on rounds for his dear friends every day in the wee hours of the morning, Dönertaş prepares the surplus bread he collects by visiting the bakeries for the dear friends he takes care of, combining them with the leftover meals that he takes care of. he buys at a high school cafeteria. While the exemplary behavior of the retired teacher is appreciated by those who see him, Dönertaş appeals to animal lovers and authorities, expecting support for the care and sterilization of stray dogs.

Dönertaş, who has been working for his dear friends for about a year and is almost a volunteer carer for dogs in the district, said that he came to see the dogs in need of care even for a day without being idle, and said: ” If I don’t come here even one day, these dogs are going to die. They’re dogs that need care and are sick.

Stating that he couldn’t come to see the dogs because of the corona virus he had 6 months ago, he was having a hard time because of it, Dönertaş found the solution to keep a carer. Dönertaş said he was looking for a caretaker who would take care of the dogs for 2 hours a day by paying his salary; “I am the only person and I have been running myself for 11 months. Every day I get up in the morning and try to get bread from the bakers. After I find and bring the bread, I start cutting the bread I mix them with meal scraps When that’s not enough I supplement with dry food They can give bags I prepare the food with them First you give a dog his food and change its water. Then you clean up the mess and throw it away. If there are dogs that are sick, you give them injections, you give them medicine. It takes me about 1.5 hours. It’s aged 11 months. and I got sick the other day and a servant of God didn’t come. I tried to get back here in my condition. I couldn’t take a step. I gave up. food to my dogs then i took a taxi and went to the hospital i dont have a day off these dogs are available if i give them but not if i do not do it. “If I don’t come here, these animals will die,” he said.

Dönertaş recalled that he was invited to Karacasu refuge; “I have no authority here. I’m a guest here, but someone has to do this job. I’m only doing this job out of conscience. We have a dog at the moment. He’s sick. I gave him some medication in the morning and afternoon. Now I have boiled some broth, but I will force it through his mouth with a syringe, otherwise this animal dies,” he said.

“I operated on 17 dogs”

Stating that he is a retired English teacher from Karacasu High School, Dönertaş said, “But I teach online at a school abroad. My school is in Japan. So this is the only place where I can afford my dogs. Otherwise I can’t afford with my regular pension. They were dogs that lived on the streets and they were hungry. Some of them were hungry.” Skeleton. “It was the females that produced 8 puppies. I fed them. Then we performed infertility surgeries at a private clinic,” he said.

Adding that he is suffering from the increase in rumors that the shelter he uses on his own initiative has been opened, Dönertaş added, “After my efforts here, the rumor has spread that ‘the shelter has been opened. “. Everyone started leaving their dogs here. I’m not a rich person, I meet my own ways. A shelter is rich. Even a millionaire can destroy a person’s power. Because if dogs continue to arrive, you cannot lift a place or lift food for them if they are not neutered. That’s why I set myself a criterion. With my own means, I prioritized animals with disabilities and females who need surgery. At the same time, I have operated on 17 dogs on my own. I also meet their meals on my own. A high school that gives lunch here now sends me their meals, but I pay for surgeries and treatments myself and infertility. I still have the veterinary clinic. ar. I don’t get much help, I don’t get it, I don’t ask for it. I don’t explain the situation too much because I’m offended. I don’t know anything about this place. The sign at the entrance indicates Governorate and Municipality. Apparently yes. This place was built as a gathering place. The collection point has a location similar to a place where sick animals are collected and treated collectively. This is how it should be. As someone in this trade, my personal opinion is that it is absolutely pointless to build large shelters. Because if you open shelters instead of sterilizing them, you will only make the situation worse. In other words, after a while, half of Karacasu turns into a refuge. The goal is to sterilize them,” he said.

Dönertaş said the excess of dogs in Karacasu is the inability to control the population; “One of the main reasons for the excess of dogs in Karacasu is the inability to control the population. Let me speak for Karacasu. I counted 167 dogs. Most of them were castrated. If we eat less than one meal a day, that’s 7,000 bites a day This feeds 167 dogs more than enough and I claim it If all the trash in Karacasu came to me in a real way I would feed all the dogs of Aydın,” he said. – AYDIN

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