Angry Parents in Ohio: Unicorns GAYYYYYYYYY

Angry American parents are reaching new depths of stupidity in their fight to cleanse schools and libraries of anything that might be LGBTQ propaganda, and now that seems to include children’s books that encourage self-acceptance without anything say directly on the ghey. Case in point: Children’s book author and illustrator Jason Tharp said last week that he was denied permission to read his book by a school principal in Delaware, Ohio. It’s good to be a unicorn at a school event scheduled for last Thursday.

The book has been the subject of complaints from local families who believe it to be gay propaganda, although the picture book for early primary school children, which may be tainted with a message of acceptance and support, does not mention sexuality or relationships. for diversity. Coming from a city that’s openly confused about its own identity and trying to be Delaware and Ohio at the same time is pretty rich.

Tharp said that not only was he expelled from the school business, but he also received an email telling him he couldn’t read any other books he had written, as well as a message about self-acceptance. It’s good to smell good This is a skunk that prefers strangely beautiful flowers to the usual unpleasant smells like Limburg cheese and canned farts. But… it defies societal norms!

This guy from Tharp is like some kind of crazy handyman radical! Mr. Tharp himself is from central Ohio, but he should know very well that this is America, where we color the lines and get along with everyone.

At least until someone tries to make sure we don’t spread a deadly virus, but that’s another matter.

The Buckeye Valley School Board held an emergency meeting on Friday, and nearly all of the speakers are genuinely supportive of Tharp and the Unicorn book. Kay Brazelton, who works at one of the district’s elementary schools, said she and her colleagues were ordered to remove photos of children linked to the book.

“I was just confused and people were pulling things out and they said we have to take it all out with unicorns and rainbows,” Brazelton said. Mentioned.

Temporary Inspector Jeremy Froehlich, who doesn’t seem very cheerful to us. nothing – He told WBNS-TV that a parent raised concerns about the book and that the parent “just wanted to make sure we checked the book and they thought our staff did and no, Froelich did not explain why the complaint just resulted in Tharp children reading their book or pictures of children like Fahrenheit 451 being told not to read. He also didn’t say how to revise the book or when it would be safe for Tharp to read his mess to innocent children. nothing.

Tharp added that he was still attending the school event and did not mention any of the books, disappointing that the children missed his usual presentation which had previously been uncontroversial. Probably because the parents had never noticed the openly gay unicorn on the cover before.

TV station WSYX said it took some advice from people who believed in it. Unicorn promoted homosexuality because it had rainbow letters on the cover and the unicorns were gay. After all, before Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers, there were no gays in America, it’s a well-known fact.

The story follows Cornelius J. Sparklesteed, a unicorn milliner who hides his horn under various hats he makes because all the horses in his town have strange prejudices against unicorns. Cornelius has many friends and fascinates everyone with his dance moves at the annual town festival, then takes off his hat and reveals that he is actually a unicorn. After a moment of confusion, everyone cheers, realizing that if someone as wonderful as Cornelius is a unicorn, he’s clearly misunderstood and starts wearing fake unicorn horns for fun.

Here’s a great video from the Benicia, CA public library as I read the book with children’s librarian “Caroline,” courtesy of Macmillan Publishers:


Oh my god, if that’s not a very underhanded story trying to expose kids as gay, then what could be?

Also, so damn it happened an exit tale, because the story also functions as a parable

  • Someone who reveals to their Baptist parents that they are dating a Jewish person
  • A music fan who tells all his metal friends he loves free jazz
  • A My Little Pony fan who boldly admits he could be wrong thinks Applejack is the ultimate pony.
  • Everyone grateful anything I don’t know if others will accept

In fact, about the only thing that exists could not It would be a conservative who would boldly reveal his politics to his liberal friends, because everyone knows that the left will respond not with love and tolerance but by shutting down the cultivation of such a person. Or brutally murdering Rachel Maddow and eating her corpse live on MSNBC while smiling appreciatively from her fateful throne.

Or maybe it’s a more general message about self-acceptance, as Tharp explained to WBNS:

“I think a book can save people because it saved me when I was a kid,” Tharp said. “I got lost in books and they taught me that there’s nothing wrong with being creative and thinking differently, and that was my mission in this book, to write something that only children do.” different from me and that’s good because we can learn from each other. And the best way to do that is with a unicorn, because kids love unicorns.

The TV channel points out that Tharp is a heterosexual man who is believed to be married to a heterosexual woman, as if in defense of his dangerous propagation of the idea that differences are good.

“I am not here to entertain adults who want to reflect their own themes in a children’s book, to write books that inspire children to dream big, to embrace themselves, to understand the importance of self-love and … Really learn to manage your emotions because it’s a confusing world we live in and it’s easy to be human.” When an adult struggles, that’s what therapy is for, not books of my children, and I hope even my children’s books will inspire some adults, but it’s up to the child to figure it out for themselves, it’s just a tool, it’s just a tool. It is.” . “

We feel compelled to point out how radical and un-American this is. Messages of cooperation and kindness teach children to be weak. The real path to success is to defeat your enemies and opponents by any means available, because if you don’t, they will crush you. America approx. to winNot much, boy in pajamas drinking Soy Unicorn Rainbow “I accept myself”. After all, the American scientist scoffed at the concept of diversity as much as Tucker Carlson, because everyone knows that cultural harmony comes from similarities, not differences.

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We call on good, godly parents in Ohio, Delaware, Brigadoon, or wherever they are, to keep an eye out for this divisive pro-unicorn propaganda. Makes good horses, proud and hardworking to have a culture and a nation. Tharp’s book is clearly pushing for the Great Hoofed Replacement, where wimpy gay unicorns will run over the horses that built America and make the nation ripe for the picking.

Oh but who is behind all this?

Of course, Princess Celestia. He’s been planning this for years.

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