What happens if we eat less after we have no homeland, why eat more?

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bahceli makes assessments on the agenda during his party’s group meeting. In his speech, Bahceli blamed the opposition for criticizing the economic crisis and said, “What will happen if we eat less after we have no homeland, what’s the point of eating more?” he said. Defending that price hikes, hikes and the high cost of living are “ephemeral”, Bahçeli continued: “Pessimism is forbidden to Muslims. Those who see Turkey’s problems as a political rant are incompetent enthusiasts.

Referring to discussions on the presidential candidacy, Bahçeli said: “Our candidate is clear, when will your rotten candidate appear, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the path of crypto instructions?

When Gazi Mustafa Kemal and his friends came from Sivas to Ankara, the money in their pockets was barely enough to buy 20 eggs and 10 loaves. They had 3 outdated cars, they had no money, they had no way to win. It wasn’t in the hand, it wasn’t in the palm, but they had tremendous faith. They had an uncompromising desire for independence. They willingly risked martyrdom. What happens if we eat less when we no longer have a homeland and a nation? Why eat too much? Homeland is honour. The Turkish nation revealed all its material and spiritual existence for its homeland.

Kılıçdaroğlu’s lecture on “understanding Atatürk” was reflected in the media. It is a free attitude for the ignorant to try to describe a person whom he does not know and whom he does not know. How does the CHP today resemble Atatürk’s CHP? Atatürk is total independence, Kılıçdaroğlu and the covenant of disgrace is total dependence. Atatürk is a national struggle, Kılıçdaroğlu and the alliance of disgrace is a non-national goal. They keep saying that if we listen to the Zillet alliance, we’re bankrupt, bankrupt and wasted. They have been deprived of their spirit, their wills have been imprisoned… We constantly warn those who run to the fire as to the light, we point out the traps set by disgrace.

They take neither the nation nor the rights and interests of the state into their mouths. Not only do they serve pessimism, but they also spread evil. They cannot read the world, they cannot understand the developments of the times. They distort the facts, exploiting every problem, because they cannot see where Turkey is coming from. They can never accept noble sacrifices.


If there is an economic problem, we will do it together, with a unity of faith, and we will overcome them all. If there is a victim, when the day comes, we will certainly raise him to the social and economic level he deserves with the solidarity of the state and the nation. With patience and courage, we must know that our future will be much better with the inspiration and dignity we draw from our past. We cannot listen to contrary propaganda, we cannot wait for the bridges that close the cliffs to be demolished.


It’s not about eating less, overeating, being hungry or being full. If it’s not today, it will be tomorrow, if today is missing, it will be over tomorrow. As long as the Republic of Turkey exists with its sovereign rights. As long as the Turkish nation lives forever.

Price hikes, hikes, cost of living are all temporary. It was like that yesterday, it’s like that today and it will be like that tomorrow. It is forbidden for a Muslim to be pessimistic. Those who view Turkey’s problems as a political diatribe are simply incompetent enthusiasts. They are unfortunate people who are hostile to the bread, to the work and to the trusts of the Turkish nation. We are a nation that resisted Çanakkale by eating a bowl of compote and dry bread. Dangul dungul speaking, what is Kılıçdaroğlu and the covenant of disgrace talking about? What right does he have to make Turkey look bad?


Those who deliberately misrepresent the Khashoggi case and claim that Turkey sells justice for 3-5 cents are out of favor. Those who write and draw that Turkey will run a marathon are out of favor. Those who complain about price hikes and then increase public transport vehicles in Istanbul are out of favor. Those who call the court decisions of terrorists Demirtaş and Sorossu Kavala “questionable” are out of favor. Whether it’s this or that, or should we expose a bunny candidate and keep the real island behind, their search is a disgraceful scenario. The world masters have not yet pointed a candidate. I say to those who undermine themselves and spend time with candidate inflation, our candidate, the People’s Alliance candidate, is clear. When will your rotten candidate appear? What are you waiting for? Looking for the path to the encryption instructions? Show your candidate. Is it possible to speak of an alliance deprived of the designation of a candidate for the presidency and incapable of governing Turkey? Since the candidate for whom the Zillet alliance will be determined will be for show, what good is so much nudging and controversy when we know that the future prime minister is also waiting? Don’t be afraid, don’t fight running, don’t want to cheat, declare and let us see your candidate’s height.

Kılıçdaroğlu, who came to the door of the officials and haunted the Meat and Milk Institution, is a tyrant and a disgrace, step by step testing the patience of the Turkish Republic and preparing a planned invasion. People will break the back of disgrace at the polls. Turkey and the Turkish nation are facing one of the most critical periods in history regarding the pursuit of their national survival. This is the error of the Zillet alliance. Those who aim to bend our national values ​​to breaking point are political monsters who never tire of being with anti-Turkey circles for their own benefit. The nation on trial, the shaken state, degenerated morality, crumbling unity, stabbed homeland, decaying values, decaying fabric are the common goal of all from the CHP to the IP, of the HDP to the other marginal parties.

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