US and UK sabotage ceasefire


MHP President Devlet Bahçeli spoke at the meeting of his party’s parliamentary group. In his speech, Bahçeli said that CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu had lectured on understanding Atatürk at the CHP party school in recent days: “I wonder what he understood, from what was he talking about? Trying to explain something, a person, that he does not know and does not know, is an attitude specific to the ignorant. Also, what part of today’s CHP is similar to Atatürk’s CHP? Atatürk is total independence, Kılıçdaroğlu and the covenant of disgrace is total dependence. If we listen to the Zillet alliance, they constantly say we’re bankrupt, finished, bankrupt, wasted and wasted. If there is an economic problem, we will join hands, join forces, join in faith, we will overcome them all. If it’s not today, it will be tomorrow, if today is missing, it will be over tomorrow. As long as the Republic of Turkey exists with its sovereign rights. As long as the Turkish nation lives forever. Rising prices, hikes, high cost of living, all of this is temporary. Those who see Turkey’s problems as a political diatribe, think they will gain power that way, are simply ambitious and incompetent people. used the sentences. Bahçeli then gave the following messages in his speech:


“Those who write and draw that Turkey can go to a moratorium are out of favor. Those who complain about price hikes and then come back and increase their public transport vehicles in Istanbul by 40% are out of favor. Those who say that the court decisions of terrorists Demirtaş and Sorosçu Kavala are questionable are out of favor. It’s a shameful scenario to incite debates about who the presidential candidate is, whether it’s this or that, or whether we should expose a bunny candidate and keep the main candidate behind. Their agencies have not yet authorized them. His world masters have not yet pointed a candidate. Our candidate, the People’s Alliance candidate, is clear, but when will your rotten candidate appear? What are you waiting for? Are you looking for the path of the cryptographic instructions? »


“We are closely following hot developments in Ukraine and with well-equipped intellectual content. We sadly witness the shame of democracy, outside indoctrination and pressure in Pakistan. We sincerely wish and hope that the war between Russia and Ukraine, which has entered its 58th day, will find an atmosphere of solution as soon as possible. The barons of war are against the silence of arms. The US Secretary of State constantly provokes and encourages the bloody struggle, claiming that Ukraine will win the war. The NATO Secretary General says the war could go on for months or even years. Turkey’s involvement in the mediation with an active and multidimensional foreign policy is particularly worrisome for the United States and countries aligned with it. The positive, but general and imprecise statements of the United States on the F-16 fighter jets are significant in terms of timing and are intended to deceive.


“No country that wants the bloody struggle between Russia and Ukraine to continue and aims to entrench its instability can be considered well-intentioned. The fact that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom visited Ukraine at such a moment and exerted psychological pressure on Zelensky attracted great attention. The main agenda and mandatory goal is to achieve a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine. However, the United States and the United Kingdom are in the mood and spirit to use all means to sabotage their hopes for a ceasefire.In a statement on April 7, 2022, the Russian Foreign Minister said that the new draft text that Ukraine submitted to him on April 6 is quite different from the text negotiated in Istanbul.In our opinion, the epidemics that turned the opportunity into a trophy and intervened are working hard to raise the negotiations and the topics discussed Biden, who has dif difficulties in managing its own states and does not at all support global peace and stability, will not be considered a fair, moral and legal approach to making an extraordinary effort to deepen the crisis.


“The current situation of Pakistan, which is developing a warm dialogue with Turkey, supporting Azerbaijan in Karabakh and approaching sanctions decisions against Russia coldly and with a distance, is also regrettable. The removal of Prime Minister Imran Khan with false tactics, a forced repetition of a vote of confidence and undemocratic means is a dangerous blow to the stability of the region, as well as this country. The example of Pakistan has once again revealed how the presidential system of government, manifested by the will of our beloved nation, is a historic decision and achievement. With this new system of government, political crises were averted before they broke out, and the enthusiasm of those who wished to cast a shadow over the will of the nation was left in advance in their harvests. Our wish is that Pakistan achieves political and social stability as soon as possible.

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