Proposal to make sterilization of stray dogs a government policy

Biting incidents, which sometimes occur in different cities of Turkey and sometimes claim the lives of people, always put the problem of stray dogs back on the agenda. This problem awaits a solution in Istanbul, the city with the largest population of stray dogs.

Experts agree that sterilization is the only method to solve this problem, and they argue that municipalities have a great responsibility in this process.

Birgül Rona, chairman of the Animal Welfare Association of Turkey, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that there is an increase in the number of stray dogs and an increase in cases of dogs attacking people.

Explaining that the Animal Welfare Law was enacted in 2004, this law gave duties and responsibilities to municipalities and related institutions, and that municipalities should sterilize the animals they collect based on this law, Rona said: “They have been negligent in this area. sterilization.” mentioned.

Referring to the reasons for this negligence, Rona said: “Nualisation of a dog is not an easy operation, it requires experience. Municipalities do not have enough staff. Some municipalities have complained of financial difficulties. unvaccinated, uncastrated. Unneutered dogs can also exhibit aggressive behavior,” he said.

“Without sterilization, this problem will not be solved”

Pointing out that when a female dog gives birth to puppies twice a year, she can give birth to 6-12 puppies, and female puppies begin to pupate after 7-8 months, so there is an explosion of stray dogs,” Rona continued:

“These animals don’t get enough. Stray dogs are a bit wild because they have no contact with humans. They become more aggressive. Because they are hungry, they follow people for food. If a person with a bag walks in front of him, if there is meat or chicken in the bag, he smells it and chases it away. When animal lovers go to feed these dogs, they have bags in their hands. are you going to do about it? You have to be very calm. When a dog feels behind him, he shouldn’t run, he shouldn’t show his fear, he should make eye contact.

Rona, who also warned children not to approach dogs with puppies, said mother dogs can be dangerous in such situations and the child cannot act calmly.

Stating that municipalities took the easy way out and left stray dogs in the forest area after complaints were received, Rona said, “Dogs need to be in an urban environment where they can find food. Sterilization must be done. The only solution is intensive. and serious sterilization.” mentioned.

Birgül Rona said that the senior staff of the World Association for the Protection of Animals in England came to Turkey in 1998, traveled throughout Anatolia and explained the importance of sterilization to municipal veterinarians, “Then they said, ‘Your stray animal problem is a state policy. Until it’s taken seriously, your problem will never end.’Without neutering, this problem will not be solved. It must be government policy. We’re going to deal with this for years unless this happens.” used the expressions.

“If there is a danger of biting, the hand should not be extended or run away”

Dog trainer Murat Güngör said it is not known what type of psychology the creature is in on the street, so when they come across a stray dog, they tell people to control themselves.

Güngör said that every living thing has a different character and they have a different psychology, and in areas with a large number of people, stray dogs are generally cowardly, while animals in less populated areas are a bit more spacious and social, and the rate of barking at people is low.

Stating that people in Turkey have come to know cats and dogs over the past 5 years, Güngör said, “We are the children of a nation that threw rocks at cats before that. We have the potential to say that we grow with technology and animals. -love, and gradually put them on the agenda.” mentioned.

Emphasizing that people should remain calm when encountering a stray dog ​​on the street, and if there is a risk of biting, they should not reach out or run away, Güngör said:

“Because if he runs away, the prey instinct kicks in and the dog chases him. We must not show that we are afraid. But we must not use anything to attack him clearly, hard and with the body language. People don’t “They don’t need to take it. Because there is a creature that knows how to fight in the street. She’ll get even angrier when she sees you make a move on that stick.”

“There is a section that adopts a dog and leaves it on the street with 70%”

Güngör said that 10 years ago the number of stray dogs was very low and these dogs were seen either in front of butchers or in areas where they could eat, and continued as follows:

“The reason for their increase is the uncontrolled adoption of dogs by people. Owning cats and dogs is something that requires responsibility. There is a group of people who own dogs and leave them on the streets with 70% of dogs. Dogs that become females because they inevitably get off the streets breed every 6 months. Therefore, they are unsupervised. The number of dogs is increasing. In order to solve this problem, everyone cannot own a dog. This must be prevented. There are also huge rents. It is very simple to solve this problem, in fact, it is very simple to close the places that sell dogs, to give this business to official institutions. It has been said that those with a license can sell dogs, but on the Internet “Some of them buy female dogs for extra work and earn money with their puppies to breed. Many people buy female dogs for investment and then throw them on the street. In fact, this is the beginning of the problem. Otherwise, there is no possibility of an increase in the number of dogs on the street. Inevitably, the market will also increase, there are those who sell 10 thousand liras and those who sell 20 thousand dollars…”

“We have been having bite problems for 4-5 years”

Expressing that the stray dog ​​on the street struggles to find rain, snow, food and water throughout the day, Güngör also says that he approaches 100 of the 100 people he meeting with fear, “90 of them throwing stones, 5 of them spitting, 5 of them trying to hunt. 100 people every day. If he was hunting, he wouldn’t wag his tail when he saw the 101st nobody… Don’t do this so that the industry doesn’t develop in a ridiculous way, they are all one soul after all.” mentioned.

Expressing that people who want to own a dog should have time and those who live at home with their dog should be supervised, Güngör went on to say:

“There are those who are separated from their dog for 15 hours. You have to take his dog and give him a cat. The important thing is to think about the psychology of the dog. is only 2% of the time that dedicates their time to the dog. 98% of them don’t have the time, 2-3 month old dog. and they say: ‘I don’t want my dog ​​to poop in the morning in the evening.’ “For 4-5 years we have been dealing with dog asociality, biting and a lot of psychological issues because of that, because people don’t unconsciously socialize their dogs. Our people make dogs in such a way that we deal with a lot of problems because they make them that way.”

Güngör, who argues that it’s not very fair to adopt from the streets and doesn’t recommend adopting a street dog to people who have families, said: “These dogs are absolutely right for the safety of a factory. But it’s not good for a family with children to adopt. mentioned.

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