Price hikes, hikes, cost of living are temporary.

MHP President Devlet Bahçeli speaks during his party’s group meeting.

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When we examine the painful course of global and regional developments, we will better understand how important it is to have a strong state and a deep-rooted national tradition that is distinguished by its historical and cultural background. The grave chaos caused by the societies that lost their state of the distant past, and the state that could not establish its inner peace and balance, and thus, was deprived of its future, led to major crises around the world. In the ordinary course of life and politics, problems will never be absent. True ingenuity is not indulging in problems that crop up from time to time, but in exercising dexterity of will to solve them. The crux of the problem is to be part of the solution.

While we don’t expect those who would rather destroy than build, and those who line up to criticize to take the oil off the fly, we don’t expect them to understand this thought, but we have the right to advise them to meditate on it at least. In a statement in 1937, Aziz Atatürk said, “On the day I landed in Samsun in May 1919, I had no financial strength. There was only a lofty and spiritual force that arose from the nobility of the great Turkish nation and filled my consciousness. That’s why I started working trusting this Turkish nation. He explained in detail how Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha fought against disasters and poverty. The money in their pockets was barely enough to buy 20 eggs, 1 ounce of cheese and 10 loaves. The money they took was also a loan. There were 3 crummy cars they were driving in. They had no money, no food, no hands, no hands, but they had tremendous faith, they had an uncompromising desire for independence. They had an unshakeable position, risking martyrdom rather than being prisoners. Turkey was crowned by such a struggle.

What will happen if we eat less, after we have no homeland and nation, what’s the point of eating more. Homeland is honour. The price and economic value of honor will never be. Remember the Tekalifi Milliye orders issued before the Sakarya war. Some of them gave a pair of socks, others a bag of bulgur, others a mount they owned, to their army with peace of mind. The Turkish nation had put all its material and spiritual existence for its homeland. It is an admirable fact that whatever was taken from the nation was returned to its rightful owners after the establishment of the Republic.

He targeted Kılıçdaroğlu and the Nation Alliance

It was reflected in the media that Kılıçdaroğlu gave a lecture on “Understanding Atatürk” at the CHP party school in recent days. What did he understand, what was he talking about? Trying to explain something, a person, that he does not know and does not know, is an attitude specific to the ignorant. Also, what part of today’s CHP is similar to Atatürk’s CHP? Atatürk is full independence, Kılıçdaroğlu and Zillet Alliance are full dependency. Atatürk is in the national struggle. Kılıçdaroğlu and Zillet Alliance is a non-national goal.

If he listens to the Zillet Alliance, they keep saying we’re bankrupt, over, bankrupt, wasted and wasted. They have robbed the mind of meticulous experience. Their wills are imprisoned behind steep cliffs, and they are unable to belong to the nation both in consciousness and in emotion. We report the traps set by the ringer.

There is no difference between them. They take neither the nation nor the rights and interests of the state into their mouths. It is as if they had just come out of a tree hollow. Not only do they serve pessimism, but they also spread evil. They can’t read the world and arrogantly twist the facts because they don’t realize where Turkey is.

“Price hikes, hikes, cost of living are temporary”

Price hikes, hikes, cost of living are temporary. It was like that yesterday and it’s like that today. Tomorrow will be the same. It is forbidden for a Muslim to be pessimistic. Those who see Turkey’s problems as a political diatribe, and those who think they will gain power that way, are simply incompetent. They are unscrupulous people who have contributed bread, virtue, energy and work to the Turkish nation. We are a nation that resisted Çanakkale by eating a bowl of compote and dry bread. What is the Kılıçdaroğlu and Zillet Alliance about? What right does he have to make Turkey look bad? If they dream of conquest in defeat, he is destined to see that these dreams will end in nightmares.

Call for applications to the National Alliance

Those who deliberately misrepresent the Khashoggi case, and those who claim that Turkey sells justice for pennies, belong to Zillette. Those who wrote and drew that Turkey will participate in a marathon are Zillette. Those who complain about price hikes and then come back and increase transport in Istanbul by 40% are out of favor. Those who call the court decisions of terrorists Demirtaş and Soroscu Kavala “shady” are out of favor. It is a disgraceful scenario to incite debates over the identity of the presidential candidate, be it this or that, or to expose a bunny candidate and retain the real candidate. Their agencies have not yet authorized them, and their global goals have not nominated a candidate. I say to those who undermine themselves and spend time with candidate inflation, the People’s Alliance candidate is clear. When will your rotten candidate appear? What are you waiting for? Is it possible to speak of the will of an alliance incapable of determining a presidential candidate to govern Turkey and of carrying it into the future? Since the appointment that will be determined by the Zillet Alliance will be for show, what good is so much footwork when you know that the future Prime Minister is waiting all ready? Announce your candidate and let’s see your size.

He called Kılıçdaroğlu “nonsense” and a “shame”

Finally, Kılıçdaroğlu, who haunted the Meat and Dairy Institution, is nonsense and disgrace, step by step testing the patience of the Republic of Turkey and repeating a planned invasion. Turkey will not be humiliated, the nation will break the back of humiliation at the polls, the insurance is the People’s Alliance. The difficult days we are going through will soon be over.

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