Presentation of the 3 years of President Arda

Mayor of Gaziemir Halil Arda He spoke to members of the press about the projects and work he has done over the last 3 years of his tenure. Expressing that their primary objective is to save, expropriate and expand public spaces, President Arda said that in this context, they have abolished the contracting system and purchased 19 new cleaning vehicles. Arda pointed out that the savings made so far with this application exceed 10 million lira. President Arda said, “We don’t owe the market a penny with the financial discipline and economic measures we have put in place,” President Arda said, “We must not forget that we are going through difficult times. The rise in foreign currencies has hit us and all sectors. If we factor in high inflation, we try to stretch our feet according to our duvet and invest in that process. “Our job is not easy,” he said.

Expressing that they are managing municipal properties with expired leases in order to expand public spaces, Mayor Arda said their first project they implemented in this context was Porta Gaziemir. President Arda said, “We bring our citizens together with healthy and cheap food and contribute to the employment of women in Porta Gaziemir. We will soon be commissioning the Porta 2 on the Sevgi Yolu which we have completed. We have started work on Porta 3, which we will put into practice in the Cistern region,” he said.


Together with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we will bring the 100th Anniversary Art Center to life. Stating that the art center will shape the cultural and artistic life of Izmir, Mayor Arda said, “Gaziemir is a neighborhood that grows with culture and art. Our Centenary Art Center project will also be an architectural work of art. We will implement our project in an area of ​​3,500 square meters in total in the central location of Gaziemir. A project that fascinates me. It will be a work of art that everyone will see and be fascinated as they pass by.


We are taking an important step in Gaziemir. We are implementing Gaziemir Youth Center project for our young people,” President Arda said, and said, “Gaziemir Youth Center is a complex project prepared considering all the needs of Gen Z , and President Arda said: “The youth of Gaziemir will be equipped with contemporary ideas, they will receive language training; The project of our youth center, where free and empowering young people will rise, has been completed. We are currently at the call for tenders stage. We are laying the groundwork for this place soon. “


President Arda said, “We don’t want to manage poverty, we want to eradicate poverty” and added that they support families in need with the social market they have put in place, and that families can shop regularly, free of charge, every month with the points-loaded card. President Arda added that 729 families have benefited from the Social Market, which is Gaziemir’s “welfare and solidarity center”.


Emphasizing that they stand alongside citizens at every stage of life with their social projects and health projects, Mayor Arda said that they are close to completing the Sarnıç Community Center to identify unmet societal needs arising from demographics. , economic and social and to find solutions to these social problems. President Arda said: “We will now provide services in common areas without separating women, men, people with disabilities, the elderly and children. In our center where social workers, psychologists and child development specialists will work, we will provide services to all citizens, especially women, people with disabilities and children.


Stating that they have renovated the Ataturk Cultural Center, which has hosted cultural and artistic activities in Gaziemir since 1998, Mayor Arda said, “We have completely renovated our cultural center as part of the renovation project that we have prepared for the adapt to current conditions. We will welcome artists and art lovers in a more modern and functional room in our cultural center, which we have equipped with new technological devices.
Stating that they have expropriated one of the oldest structures in the city for 2 million 800 thousand liras, Mayor Arda said that the historical building, whose restoration project has been drawn, will be used as a cultural house.


President Halil Arda, who said he has carried out important works in the fields of culture, art and sports, said: “As part of our cultural events, we welcome important artists to the stages of Gaziemir and let them meet art lovers. Thousands of our trainees participating in our culture and art courses discover their talents and spend a pleasant and quality time. Thousands of children attend the children’s theaters that we organize every Saturday. In our sports classes organized by our expert trainers, our fellow citizens lead a healthy life by playing sports. Our athletes trained in our sports courses, meanwhile, run from success to success in national and international tournaments.


Stating that they are continuing with road construction and repair works in 16 neighborhoods in order to give the neighborhood a modern look and increase the standard of living of the citizens, Mayor Halil Arda said, “As part of the works carried out by our Department of Business Sciences, the deteriorated roads are being renewed. We do asphalt patching, asphalt paving, lock laying flooring in all areas of our neighborhood where needed. It repairs deteriorated roads and paves newly opened avenues and streets in accordance with zoning plans. We will further accelerate our infrastructure work. We will respond to the demands of our citizens in this direction by continuing road renewal works at the points where it is necessary, within the framework of a certain program.


Mayor Halil Arda said they have renewed old parks in the neighborhood and added that they have brought new parks to the city. “We have also signed a special study for pets. We have opened the Dog Park, where dogs can get rid of their energies and socialize with other animals,” President Arda said, adding, “We are rapidly setting up a service that our children are insistently demanding of me. We have started the construction of the skate park in our neighborhood Atıfbey” mentioned.


Stating that they have implemented projects and services with the understanding of social municipality, Mayor Halil Arda said:
“We make the difference with their services in the field of health. We provide health services to citizens at every stage of life with home care for the sick and elderly, free transport ambulance, welcome baby, psychological support and counseling service, dietician, a physiotherapy service, a patient transport ambulance, funeral services.


Gaziemir Mayor Halil Arda answered journalists’ questions after his presentation. On the issue, Arda made a statement regarding the radioactive hoarding area defined as “Chernobyl of Izmir” in the district; “Despite everything we do, no action is taken, nothing is done on the origin of the waste. There is the council of the metropolitan municipality of Izmir, if nothing goes wrong, we want that a research commission be created on nuclear waste as members of the council,” he said.


Explaining that there is a cemetery problem in the district, Mayor Arda said, “They are opening the forest area for industry in Aliağa, but we want to use an area in Sarnıç for a cemetery, but they are not giving us not this area” “We have no other problems than that. After the renewal of Aktepe-Emrez, we no longer have any other problems,” he said.


When asked if he had been affected by the defamation lawsuit against the president and the party’s internal disciplinary proceedings, President Arda said: “It affects positively. I become more resilient. I don’t stray truths that I know. I am an open policy in Consistent with what I believe today. There may be discussions within the party.” , it’s normal. All this has been overcome, we have no problem… Neither with the district nor with the provincial administration. They go to the parquet bureau, they go to the CIMER, the one who does that is the vice-president of the AKP group… They hit the wall, they start again. You know, they claimed that they bought a pie worth 55,000 lira in one day. There is no oven in Gaziemir to bake a pastry worth 55,000 lira in one day. .. I’m used to it, I’ve been in politics for 40 years… This kind of thing in politics There will be attacks. We continue on the path we know,” he replied.


Finally, Arda gave the following answer to the question of “candidate for the second term”: Of course, I am thinking of the candidacy. We really worked so hard. It’s like our child. Why do I think, because I am a person on the street… The people of Gaziemir say this, it is their will. I can say it clearly…

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