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I wrote you to my heart, whose work is it? Who is the author of the book I Wrote You to My Heart? What is the subject and main idea of ​​I Wrote You to My Heart? What is the book I wrote to you in my heart about? I wrote you in my heart Do you have a PDF download link? Elizabeth Hoyt, author of I wrote you in my heart Here is the summary, lyrics, comments and review of the book I wrote you in my heart…


book label

Writer: Elizabeth Hoyt

Translator: Seden Gurel

Original name: seduce a beast

Editor: Publications Pegasus

ISBN: 9786055289690

Number of pages: 328

I wrote you on my heart What does it mean? Topic, main idea, summary

A wounded heart

The reclusive Sir Alistair Munroe has never left his castle since returning from the American colonies with wounds to soul and body. But when a mysterious beauty appears on her doorstep, her passions that she’s hidden and repressed for years begin to reawaken.

To beauty with a mysterious past

The beautiful and notorious Helen Fitzwilliam’s escape from her past mistakes takes her from high society to work as a maid in a dilapidated Scottish castle. Still, Helen is determined to start a new life and not let dust and a wild man scare her.

Can he trust her to control his most secret desires?

Behind Helen’s beauty, Alistair discovers a courageous and emotional woman. A woman who doesn’t fear her misadventures or her scars… But as Alistair begins to believe in true love, Helen’s mysterious past threatens to tear them apart. Now the “wild man” and the “beautiful woman” must fight for something they never thought they could find: a lifetime of happiness.

“A historical romance with perfect detail!”

-Chicago Grandstand-

“I never wanted this to end!”

-Julia Quinn-

(From promotional newsletter)

I wrote you in my heart Quotes – Lyrics

  • “The past cannot be changed. I know that,” he said. “We accept the past and yet we look to the future with hope.”
  • “I may be many things, but I’m not stupid, Miss Halifax.”
  • But when you put the kids and the traitor on a separate scale, of course the kids won. How could they not? They represented life, the traitor death.
  • “Although sometimes it is covered with clouds, remember, the blue sky is always there.”
  • “Although sometimes it is covered with clouds, remember, the blue sky is always there.”
  • “The past cannot be changed. I know that,” he said. “We accept the past and yet we look to the future with hope.”
  • “At least I chose the teapot.” Stear whispered.
  • “The past cannot be changed. I know that,” he said. “We accept the past and yet we look to the future with hope.”
  • “The past cannot be changed. I know that,” he said. “We accept the past and yet we look to the future with hope.”

I wrote you in my heart – Personal comments

I think I need to stop reading historical fiction urgently because it’s not going away. It seems that all plots are the same. Seeing it’s listed in the beautiful and ugly genre on Goodreads I started to think maybe I’d like it, but I found it very average, in fact it hardly exceeds any historical average except Outlander from my point of view. In this book, Helen is a woman with two children and comes as a housekeeper to a mansion in Scotland with the help of a friend to escape her old life. He begins to live under the same roof as Alistair, a man with a hurt and angry past, and their relationship develops over time. I think the love between them grew a little too fast, but I think that was normal for a 300-pound book. I actually have nothing to say about the events until Helen’s true identity is revealed at the end as it was pretty ordinary. When the truth came out, I don’t think what Alistair said about Helen was inedible, and his insults and Helen falling at his feet and forgiving both drove me incredibly away from it. ‘story. Maybe if it hadn’t been for this situation at the end I would have given an 8 or something, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. (WizardStrudel)

A book that breaks all stereotypes. It happens in every book, a very, very handsome man and an innocent or innocent woman. (In terms of sexuality) Here everything is the opposite. The man turns into a wounded man, feared by all, after being captured and tortured. I think it was an exaggeration that everyone screamed and was surprised when they saw the man. What, is anyone who experiences something like this considered a bogeyman? The woman is also a two-year-old child, who fell in love years ago and agreed to be a duke’s mistress. Life intersects and they both manage to be happy. There were so many fun aspects that the book was finished in a day. Good reading:) (Giant Hayriye)

A wounded man and an embittered woman. Helen is a woman with two children, she takes refuge in Sir Alistair’s castle to escape her past, and Sir leads a sour life as a hermit, although she doesn’t like strangers in her castle at first, but over time, she begins to become attached to Hélène and her children. The author’s pen is original and of high quality, I’m sure history lovers will like it, I liked it very much (Betul)

I wrote you in my heart Do you have a PDF download link?

Elizabeth Hoyt – One of the most popular internet searches for the book I Wrote You to My Heart is the I Wrote You to My Heart PDF link. Most paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, illegally downloading and using these PDF files is both illegal and immoral. If the PDF is sold on the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Elizabeth Hoyt?

Elizabeth was born in New Orleans but grew up in the town of St Paul, Minnesota. The place he was lucky enough to visit as a child: St Andrews, Scotland Germany; France; and Belgium. He spent a year in Oxford, England, and with a summer exchange Kawasaki went to Japan as a student.

He has novels written under the name Julia Harper.

Books by Elizabeth Hoyt – Works

  • Lover of the ugly
  • I gave you my heart
  • A love story
  • I wrote you in my heart
  • Tell me your love
  • wild lover
  • sinner lover
  • ice princess
  • bad desires
  • Insatiable pleasures
  • hidden desire
  • revenge mask
  • The shadow of the heart
  • Duke of Darkness
  • mysterious lover
  • lover on the run
  • Dear thief
  • When you find your soul mate
  • Duke of Sin
  • The sweetest of villains
  • Duke of pleasure
  • Duke of Desire

Elizabeth Hoyt Quotes – Lyrics

  • Ah, what a beautiful thing that feeling of victory was. (hidden desire)
  • “Anyway. What I mean is that this engagement will lead me to marriage with confidence. Otherwise, my reputation will be worse than a rotten egg.” “Certainly, my lord.” Jasper frowned and looked at the ceiling. “Pynch, you shouldn’t agree with me when I compare myself to a rotten egg.” “Yes my Lord.” “Thank you.” “It’s nothing, my lord.” (Tell me your love)
  • “I think it takes more than a title and money to be happy.”(wild lover)
  • “I was only nineteen, which I think is quite a dangerous age. You’re old enough to know a bit of everything, but not smart enough to realize there’s so much that we don’t know yet.” (I gave you my heart)
  • “The soul that is in us is much more important than the shell that surrounds us…” (Lover of the ugly)
  • …most people are afraid of their mortality – the fate that will take them away from this world… (The shadow of the heart)
  • You could kill the rats, sure, but only if you act fast enough. Some children even fried them on the fire and ate them. But no matter how hungry Harry was, and there had been days when his stomach was racked with need, he would never have thought to put that meat in his mouth. There was an evil in rats that would surely enter your stomach and infect your soul if you ate them. And no matter how many mice were killed, there would always be more to come. (I gave you my heart)
  • “Although sometimes it is covered with clouds, remember, the blue sky is always there.” (I wrote you in my heart)
  • I’m doing this for you, my soul. Just for you (Tell me your love)
  • “You may be my undoing one day, ma’am.” “Me?” said Messalina, lifting her muscles. “Huh” “There’s something about you that pulls me in, makes me lose my mind, my head and my control. You’re like an exotic poison in my blood; you keep me alive when I should have kill… ” (When you find your soul mate)
  • “You don’t know anything about pets?” “No. Well, we had a cat when I was little, but she never came when I called her, and she used to scratch everyone when she was unhappy. She was usually unhappy, unfortunately. ” “What was the name?” “Cat.” (Tell me your love)
  • “There was so much more to that voice than charm. There was life in that sound. (wild lover)
  • … I think a person can find happiness or unhappiness, whether they are hungry or full. (bad desires)
  • “What is this thing you call love? Silence came closer to him. “Something you’ll never have. Something you don’t even know how to feel. I pity you, Mickey O’Connor, because even though I lost my true love, I had it for a while .You’ll never taste love.” (hidden desire)
  • “I’ve never had such feelings for a woman before. I don’t think I ever will again. Don’t you understand? It’s a once in a lifetime thing. If you let it slip through your fingers, we’re both lost forever.Insatiable pleasures)
  • Artemis took a step back. Then one more step. Penelope, Wakefield and Scarborough. They were the actors of this theater. He was just the cleaner sweeping the stage. (Duke of Darkness)
  • “I believe that I can truly love someone, even if it’s not just real love. I think…yes, I think anyone can fall in love, love with true, deep love, and he there’s someone out there to make that love deep.Insatiable pleasures)
  • “The past cannot be changed. I know that,” he said. “We accept the past and yet we look to the future with hope.” (I wrote you in my heart)
  • Life is rarely fair anyway… (I gave you my heart)
  • Nice wasn’t the right word actually. Naughty, cunning, seductive… (lover on the run)

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