“Barons of the war against the silence of the guns”

Devlet Bahceli, President of the MHP, In his speech at his party’s group meeting, he recalled that CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu gave a lecture on “understanding Atatürk” at the CHP party school.

“I wonder what he understood, what was he talking about? Asked by Bahceli, he said trying to explain something or someone he doesn’t know is “an attitude of ignorant people”.

Bahceli said: “Besides, what is today’s CHP similar to Atatürk’s CHP? Atatürk is total independence, Kılıçdaroğlu’s alliance and lowering is total dependence. Atatürk is the national struggle, the Kılıçdaroğlu and the alliance of disgrace is a non-national goal. Atatürk “Atatürk is a convinced Turkish nationalist. Kılıçdaroğlu and the covenant of disgrace are cosmopolitan, globalist, rootless, identityless, heartless and incapable.” made his assessment.

The Bahçeli State said that injustices will one day be compensated by the intervention of social conscience and said: “If there is an economic problem, we will join hands, we will join forces, we will join in the faith, we will overcome them all. If there are victims, they will reach the social and economic levels they deserve with the solidarity of the state and the nation when the time comes. We will certainly eliminate it. mentioned.

“We are a nation that resisted Çanakkale by eating dry bread”

“It’s not about eating less, we ate a lot, we were hungry and we were full.” Bahçeli, who used the expression: “If there is no today, there will be tomorrow, if today is incomplete, tomorrow will be completed. As long as the Republic of Turkey exists with its sovereign rights. As long as the Turkish nation lives forever. “…Rise in prices, rises, cost of living, everything comes and goes. It was like that yesterday, it’s like that today. “The result will be the same tomorrow. It is forbidden for a Muslim to be pessimistic.” he said.

Stating that those who see Turkey’s difficulties as a political diatribe, those who think they will gain power this way, are simply “ambitious and incompetent people”, Bahçeli said:

“They are unscrupulous people who are hostile to the bread, virtue, energy, labor and trusts of the Turkish nation. We are a nation that resisted Çanakkale by eating a bowl of compote and bread sec. What is Kılıçdaroğlu and the alliance of disgrace talking about By what right do they make Turkey evil? If they dream of conquest in defeat, it is also destined for them to see that their dreams will end in nightmares. We do not We will not breach our fortress. We will not let those who try to bring down our castle. The People’s Alliance is a shining beacon for our beloved nation, which seeks the sorrow of defeat and disappointment. Unmasking all the lies, unmasking all their games It is the force of virtue and renunciation that sees to destroy it, Turkey is our private garden, the Turkish nation is our pride.

The alliance of disgrace, which is a shameful opposition, is a prejudice, a political residue, a frozen enthusiasm, a hardened conscience, a policy fallen into misery. This is what this alliance front does: multiply and fuel conflicts, transform them into hostilities. It’s all about interpretation, producing and disseminating thousands of distorted and erroneous interpretations for a subject. Those who deliberately misrepresent the Khashoggi case and those who claim that Turkey sells justice for pennies are out of favor. Those who write and draw that Turkey can go to a moratorium are out of favor. Those who complain about price hikes and then come back and increase their public transport vehicles in Istanbul by 40% are out of favor.

Those who call the court decisions of terrorists Demirtaş and Sorosçu Kavala “shady” are out of favor. Encouraging debates over the identity of the presidential candidate, the search for “whether this or that, or should we expose a bunny candidate and keep the original candidate behind” is a shameful scenario. Their agencies have not yet authorized them. His world masters have not yet pointed a candidate. I say to those who undermine themselves and spend time with candidate inflation, our candidate, the People’s Alliance candidate, is clear, but when will your rotten candidate appear? What are you waiting for? Looking for the path to the encryption instructions? Come on, show your candidate?

Is it possible to speak of an alliance incapable and deprived of designating a candidate for the presidency, of governing Turkey, of giving direction to Turkey, and the will to carry it towards the future? Since the Zillet alliance will only be for show, what’s the point of so much teasing, so much hype, so much controversy when you know that the future prime minister is also waiting? Don’t be afraid, don’t run, don’t struggle, don’t put flour on the rope, don’t be tempted by acrobatics, don’t act eclectic and hesitant, declare your candidate and we will see the size of your candidate.

Kılıçdaroğlu, who was at the doorstep of state institutions and eventually haunted the Meat and Dairy Institution, is bullshit, bully and disgrace, step by step testing the patience of the Republic of Turkey and repeating a planned invasion. Turkey will not be humiliated, the nation will break the back of humiliation at the ballot box. Insurance is the People’s Alliance. Our source of hope is the national will.”

“Whoever says (I’m an idealist, I’m a nationalist) is the MHP”

Bahçeli said that Turkey and the Turkish nation are facing one of the most critical periods in their history regarding the pursuit of their national survival.

Stating that every step taken without seeing this is doomed to fall into the void, Bahçeli said that “here is the error of the covenant of disgrace”.

Claiming that those who aim to bend national unity, national values ​​and morals to breaking point are “political freaks” who cannot properly read the risks and threats, cannot shake off the position , and do not hesitate to mingle with anti-Turkish circles for their interests, Bahçeli said, “Turkey besieged, the nation on trial, the nation shaken. The state, history questioned, morality degenerated , shattered unity, stabbed homeland, lost generations, decaying values ​​and disintegrating fabric are sadly the common goal of everyone from the CHP to the IP, from the HDP to other fringe players, he said.

“A difficult period is coming for the MHP and the Popular Alliance. Bahceli said:

“For this reason; looking at events from the outside with little ideological support, dealing with the present without analyzing the future seeing the memories enough, believing everything that is said and criticizing without making any contribution, seeking the adventure far from common sense with support consisting only of excitement, age and life. Living and interpreting daily without looking will not help anyone or our Turkey. We cannot remain a country with big goals and small ambitions.

Seeing our nation at the top of the struggle of nations, making our state the leading country will be possible by achieving our political goals.

In 2023, no political outcome other than the decisive victory of the People’s Alliance will quench our thirst. The distance and the progress made point towards this blessed goal, and our struggle as a party is more than worthy of it.

Of course, nationalism and love of nation are not our monopoly. Anyone can be, and should be, a nationalist. Nationalists can and must be present in all institutions. We respect them all. However, the only party that embraces nationalism as a viable political management project in all walks of life is the MHP. The one who says, “I am an idealist, I am a nationalist”, is the MHP.

“Barons of the war against the silence of the guns”

Stating that the existence of circles which watch and want the Russian-Ukrainian war to continue, the blood of the Ukrainian people to be shed and Russia to lose its energy and power, and who are active for this, Devlet Bahçeli noted that the struggle for world domination continues at the expense of the oppressed.

Emphasizing that “war barons” are against silencing guns, Bahçeli said “Turkey’s involvement and mediation in an active and multidimensional foreign policy particularly bothers the United States and countries aligned with it.” . mentioned.

Stating that the positive but general and inaccurate statements of the United States on the F-16 fighter jets are significant in terms of timing and aim to deceive, Bahçeli said that Turkey is clear on peace and does not adopt an attitude ambivalent like the others.

Bahçeli said: “No matter what is said, the caravan that left will reach its destination, I hope. Peace and common sense will prevail. We are sure that common sense will prevail between Russia and Russia. Ukraine and that Turkey will honestly contribute to Even if endless new scenarios of world games are circulating, human values ​​will eventually emerge from the vortex in which they have been dragged, made his appreciation.

Stating that the current situation of Pakistan, which has developed a warm dialogue with Turkey, supported Azerbaijan in Karabakh and approached decisions on sanctions against Russia, is also regrettable, Bahçeli said that the vote of confidence of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan with false tactics He noted that its forced repetition and repression by undemocratic means is a dangerous blow to the stability of the region as well as that of this country.

Bahçeli said: “The example of Pakistan has once again revealed how the presidential system of government, manifested by the will of our beloved nation, is a historic decision and achievement. Our wish is that Pakistan will achieve political and social stability as soon as possible. he said.

Bahçeli said they welcome the agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia on the peace talks.

At the group’s meeting, Devlet Bahçeli said, “I invite the neighborhood servants to the nationalist movement.” he finished.

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