A hallucination on the declaration of the state of emergency

Inflation starts to fall at the end of April Our far-sighted Minister of Finance, Mr. Vegetal delayed this landing until December. We are faced with the joke of Nasreddin Hodja, who promised to pay his debt by collecting and selling wool from the sheep to be caught on the fence. I don’t know if it will drop, for example, when TÜİK drops it to 50% or 40%, Mr. Nebati will explode fireworks.

Even in the first half of next year, it is not considered possible to bring this inflation and high costs, which have destroyed the country and the nation, down to a tolerable level.

In my article yesterday, I asked how many ways there are to pull a rabbit out of a hat in front of the Palace until the election. Recently, for example, news of pumping gas from the Black Sea to land has become more frequent in the newspapers, and ministers including Mr Nabati have started riding in TOGG cars for test drives. Nobody believes that these will have a positive effect on costs and inflation.

If the president doesn’t show the skill to blow wages and salaries at least three to five points ahead of inflation and high prices.Faced with the growing risk of losing the elections, the only option left to him is to postpone the elections using the article written in the constitution…

I don’t want it, there is no doubt that it will be a decision that will have consequences that will derail this country even if it is discussed or even carried out in some way.

But it is written in the constitution.. Today I will remind you of these articles, to keep it aside…


Section 78: “If it is not possible to hold new elections due to the war, the Turkish Grand National Assembly may decide to postpone the elections for a year. If the reason for the postponement has not disappeared, this process can be repeated according to the procedure set out in the postponement decision.

That’s all the parliament has the power to report separately from the president.

However, the power to postpone the elections rests with the president.


Section 119: “President; war, the emergence of a situation requiring war, mobilization, uprising, a vigorous and active uprising against the fatherland or the Republic, the spread of acts of violence endangering the indivisibility of the country and the nation internally or externally, the emergence of acts of violence aimed at destroying the constitutional order or fundamental rights and freedoms serious disturbances of public order due to acts of violence, natural disaster or dangerous epidemic or severe economic depression may declare a state of emergency, the duration of which may not exceed six months, in all or in a region of the country.

Without waiting, he publishes his decision in the Official Gazette at the same time and submits it to the Turkish Grand National Assembly for approval on the same day. Advice, “shorten, prolong or lift the state of emergency”.

Let’s say he declared a state of emergency for six months and postponed the elections. Parliament, in which he has a majority, “At the request of the President, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey can extend the deadline for up to four months each time. In the event of war, this period of four months is not requested.

In other words, the president carries the economic emergency declaration in his pocket. It can continue in the form of extensions of six months +4+4+4 months.


It is useless to say that it is Turkey, my brother, and that he cannot use the right of postponement granted to him by the constitution, even when the provisions in force of the constitution, that he does not like, is not enforced.

“Okay, now we have called off the massive attack launched by internal and external hostile forces against our state, our government, to collapse our economy and impoverish our people… We can do the elections… “ until he utters his sentence.

Undoubtedly, if the AKP government delays, how long they can stay there, whether they can stay is a separate discussion.

Undoubtedly, the answer “no” to the question of whether they will delay can be given easily.

Instead of postponing, do they rely on the change in the selection of judges induced in the formation of the provincial and district councils, making the elections completely dangerous? “seems legit” the initiative (YSK is also under its control!) is gaining importance.

I do not know. Of course, you can say that the AKP is a loyal party and government that adheres to democratic law and order, and it does not give them one iota. It would be good !

JUST a hallucination

Let me also point out: This possibility has also been expressed by various writers and legal professionals.

As if they were doing everything in their power to crash the economy, making that possibility more likely.

Of course, it’s a hallucination I mentioned, the one that made me dream the night before and wake up sweating.

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