What is this Nobel love in us

Yusuf Alabarda, who gave a statement to Esra Elönü regarding the Nobel Prize to be awarded to President Erdoğan, said: “We will not object if it is awarded, but what is this Nobel love in us?”

After the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s stable policy has attracted attention.

It has been expressed by politicians that President Erdogan deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for Turkey’s mediating role in the war.

These statements were also shared with the audience of Esra Elönü, who presented the program “Questions from purgatory” on 24 television screens.

“What is this Nobel love in us?

24 TV security analyst Yusuf Alabarda, who was Esra Elönü’s guest, explained his ideas regarding the Nobel Prize talks with the following words:

“We definitely need to find people who will weave our own historians and our own understandings. Issues related to the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Turkey and the President due to the Ukraine crisis are constantly on the agenda. If c is given, of course, we will not object. But what is this Nobel love in us? How great is the prayer of an orphan who says “may Allah be pleased with you”, because that he was saved in Aleppo with his dry lips, or the prayers of ‘My God, protect Muslims and Turks’ in the Kaaba as chariots passed over this nation on July 15, Indonesia The prayers offered in Turkey, Pakistan, Bosnia and Azerbaijan can they be compared to Nobel? Therefore, I believe that lions should write their own stories.”

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“I am responsible for my own life”

The following statements were included in Yusuf Alabarda’s suite of statements:

“February 28 is the incubator of July 15. What happened in the process of February 28 provided some very good examples of how FETO and the betrayal networks that formed around it should behave They made suggestions in many speeches such as: I have nothing to do with what anyone eats and drinks, I am responsible for my own life.

Reply to those who said ‘FETO was able to cover everything thanks to the AK party’

But under these conditions, FETO occupied many places in the armed forces. We talk a lot about this subject: ‘Thanks to the AK Party, FETO was able to cover all this place, it showed.’ If we ask when it ended, we will say this about this topic;

There are generals who were arrested that night and lined up on the stairs, aren’t there? All these generals have 40 years of experience in the TAF, including their student life. They said, “We warned the president a lot about these issues. Some people appear on screen, their faces appearing from the audience, and they sing. As these men who were detained and aligned on this ladder were promoted to generals in the military high council, they became Prime Minister Erdogan and Minister of National Defense under the right. The promotion of Semih Terzi to the rank of brigadier general bears the signature of 14 generals. No one comes out and warns. Won’t a sentence come out of your mouth about these 14 generals? How did Recep Tayyip Erdogan know Semih Terzi? He doesn’t know about the person next to him, unfortunately he can’t know about his assistant. That’s why the sentence we warned the president doesn’t make much sense. Among those arrested and imprisoned are the secretaries-general and chiefs of staff of those who made these remarks. It was you who commissioned these men. Those who say these words never address these issues. Because they take advantage of information asymmetry.

In fact, we didn’t pay the first price on February 28. If we look at the Republican period, this process started in the 1960s. Our biggest problem in the Republican period is the coup process. Unless this coup process was well studied, it was not possible for the Republic of Turkey to get out of the skids before July 15th. The 1960 coup also dealt a blow to the understanding of our politicians.

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horse love

I like horseriding. I am not a professional rider, but I am a good teat rider. When we talk about horses, we think of galloping horses. But they went with the rahvan, including the Ottoman Empire, and did not gallop. The feature of the Rahvan is the horse running on it in such a way that you can drink coffee without shaking in the coffee cup. Anyone can ride a walking horse much more easily. Problems with horse riding have been replaced by Turkish children playing horse racing. The son of a Turk does not play horse racing. He goes personally and rides a horse.

Leave the army before the coup

After the February 28 process, there were big problems going to Friday prayers. Earlier, in the early 90s, Friday prayers were held in the armed forces. There were a number of criteria that they looked at. He had criteria like whether he would come to dinner in the military camps, whether his wife-mother’s head was covered, whether there were radical changes in his ideas. I did not encounter any problems because of these aspects. I left the Armed Forces 9 months before July 15th. All my friends around me, including the petition I wrote when I left, know that this work has passed the point of no return and that I have no place in it. I think armies involved in politics cannot fight. All citizens of Turkey have the right to be in the armed forces, it is the home of a prophet. No matter from what point of view or what philosophy it comes from, the interior of the TAF should be purified of this and politics.

“Today’s young people are very lucky”

When I was in the 2nd year of secondary school, my Turkish teacher asked me questions about the book I was reading and what I had understood from it. I was reading İnce Memed. I told my teacher what I had understood from this book. He was also my uncle, he was a teacher. One day I found my father and I said to him: ‘Why do you never come to school?’ he asks. ‘If your goat doesn’t come back from the street for 2 days, you immediately wonder about it, but how many years has your child been studying here, the lessons are very good, you haven’t even come to drink our tea once, you didn’t tell us about your child’s situation. Even now, my father expresses that he has never forgotten his embarrassment.

I used to go to Balıkesir to read a book. I worked hard to raise funds. One of the few places where you can buy books in Balıkesir was Hürriyet Bookstore. Young people today are very lucky to be able to reach them easily.

“I know tens of thousands of these lives in Anatolia”

Years passed, I came to Balıkesir Army Equipment School. One of the few places where he could buy books was the Ministry of National Education’s book sales point. There was also Uncle Hasan Basri’s Oku bookstore, which I really liked. We didn’t pay for the books we bought there with a credit card. Because if the books that we bought there were detected, if there was an unsuitable newspaper within the Armed Forces that bought books there, they would separate you.

‘The story of a pair of braided hair’ is very important. In fact, I know that there are thousands, even tens of thousands of such lives in Anatolia. But it makes sense if it’s being shot in Hollywood.”

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