The Steps After Bringing Stray Animals To Shelters Explained

Organized by Nature and Animal Rights Working Group of Mersin City Council; Animal lovers also attended the presentation of the animal shelter, which was made by specialist veterinarian Mustafa Ersen BEBEK from Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural and Veterinary Services Department, Pets and Stray Animals Department. In the presentation that took place in the meeting room of the city council; The steps after the arrival of stray animals in the shelters were explained with the details of sterilization, marking, vaccination and adoption.




The surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus in women and the testicles in men is called sterilization.

Temporary Hospice: Facilities where animals are rehabilitated until they are adopted or returned to the environment where they were taken and are temporarily cared for during that time are called temporary hospices. The age, sex, breed and behavior of animals brought into the temporary care home are recorded in the registry.

Cats and dogs, whose registration information is obtained and whose records are regularly kept on the computer, are subjected to necessary examinations and medication for internal and external parasites. Animals whose pregnancies are detected during the preliminary examination are registered without sterilization and placed in separate sections.


Dogs that have completed the above procedures are taken to pre-admission (observation). Dogs that are kept under observation for 10 days at pre-entry are sterilized at the end of observation and eartags are attached to their ears.


Once the dogs are neutered, rabies vaccines are administered. An important task is undertaken in the field of public health by preventing the risk of transmission of rabies, which is a risk of transmission from animals left in the environment where they are taken because they cannot be adopted.


Implementing Regulations on Animal Protection, prepared on the basis of Animal Protection Law No. 5199

Article 21-c) …. Announcements are made by the municipality on municipal bulletin boards, the internet and all other media outlets of the municipality for the adoption of all animals from the temporary foster home, and adoption is encouraged.

ç) Once the stray animals have been sterilized and the necessary medical interventions have been carried out, they are handed over to those who request adoption and meet the conditions stipulated in Law No. 5199 and this Regulation, and are registered by the Municipality. Municipalities do not charge certain fees for this service they provide.

d) Animals that cannot be adopted from temporary nursing homes for a period of 10 days, despite necessary announcements, are registered at least 7 days after being sterilized with checks, vaccinations and medical interventions and their Operative wounds are closed, and they are removed with the agreement of the veterinarian, with the signs indicating that they have been treated, released into the environment. In these environments, municipalities establish feeding centers in cooperation with voluntary organizations and help feed the animals. Under no circumstances may the animals be released into an environment, wooded area or other wildlife habitat outside the municipal limits concerned.

Anyone with a residence certificate (except those under 16) may adopt the cats and dogs of their choice during their visits to the nursing home between 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1 p.m.-3 p.m.: 00, every day except tuesday. Photos and information about animals available for adoption at temporary animal shelters operating in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality can be viewed at, with the aim of adopting more stray animals and help find a loving home.

The application of the microchip is also made to animals adopted in certain temporary retirement homes.

Microchip: Outstanding and unique according to international standards, manufactured according to ISO 11784-11785 or ISO FDX-B, applicable to cats, dogs, birds, laboratory and zoo animals, with a frequency of 125, 128 or 134.2 kHz, readable by readers or scanners These are electronic devices applied by the veterinarian containing a 15-digit number on them.

From 2021, dogs adopted in nursing homes will be chipped. The person who adopts must apply to the Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry of the district where he resides within 60 days from the date of adoption and ensure that his dog is registered in the registration system. pets. If he gives his dog to someone else, loses it or if the dog dies, he must notify the Departmental Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry.

The application for cats has been launched since 2022.

It is very important that animals brought into temporary nursing homes for rehabilitation and which cannot be adopted after rehabilitation are left in the environment in which they were taken. For this reason, all incoming animals are registered taking into account the address to which they were taken and they are returned to the environment where they were taken.

Feeding centers are established for animals that are left to their own environment and they are fed in collaboration with local animal protection officers.


Within the framework of the law 5199 on the protection of animals;

It is the process of releasing healthy animals that cannot be adopted, whose pre-examination, registration, sterilization, marking and vaccination processes are carried out, in the environments where they are taken under veterinary control. .


As Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Kaşlı Temporary Old People’s Home and Rehabilitation Center with capacity of 2,000 dogs and 1,000 cats to serve Mediterranean, Toroslar, Yenişehir, Mezitli and Erdemli Districts, and Bozyazı temporary and rehabilitation retreat with a capacity of 250 dogs and 250 cats to serve the districts of Anamur, Bozyazı and Aydıncık The center is operating. The construction of the Silifke Retirement Home with a capacity of 500 dogs and 50 cats to serve the counties of Silifke, Mut and Gülnar has been completed and started operating.

Accidented, injured and sick animals are collected by collection teams with respect for animal rights and animal welfare and brought to the nearest retirement home for complaints. Once the information is correctly recorded in the report, it is checked whether the animals have already been sterilized. The sterilized animals are taken to the paddocks to be adopted after being vaccinated after their health examinations. Animals taken to the pens for sterilization are kept in the post-operative section until they recover from being sterilized. Animals that cannot be adopted are returned to the environment from which they were taken.

The Temporary Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which was established on 230 decares of land, is the largest shelter in Turkey. There are 4 operating theatres, 4 practice rooms, 1 laboratory unit, 1 physiotherapy unit, 1 X-ray unit, 1 shaving department and 3 rehabilitation units in the animal shelter.

As a result of the initiative taken by our Department to receive 40% of the project cost as a grant from the Ministry of Forests and Waters in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 5199, 1,037,000 TL was received in the form of grant.


Kaşlı Temporary Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center, hosted by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, took in the stray friends as part of joint efforts with schools to inculcate awareness of animal love at a young age by due to World Animal Protection Day on October 4, organized by small students and young people, students who brought food for their paw buddies, animals… The rest home veterinarians were informed of everything what they were asking. About 300 students and 11 schools visited the cat and dog enclosures and received information from veterinarians working in the retirement home on animal rights, pet feeding and stray animal care.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality held a myrtle paw festival for the second time on October 10, 2021, after 2019, for our paw friends living in the city. Between 09:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., animal lovers, non-governmental organizations, local animal protection officers and nursing home staff cleaned up the cat and dog enclosures of the temporary animal shelter and rehabilitation center in Kaşlı , and the animals were fed.

The cost of the retirement home project, the construction of which is planned to serve the districts of Anamur, Aydıncık and Bozyazı, was tendered on 09/27/2016 at 1,500,000 TL. Bozyazı Temporary Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center established in Tekmen is located on about 16 decares of forest land. It has an operating room, an examination room, an anesthesia room, a veterinary room, a post-operative care room, an x-ray room, a a cold room, a medicine room, a food storage and preparation kitchen, as well as paddocks with a capacity of 400 animals for cats and dogs.

Our teams affiliated with the Department of Agricultural and Veterinary Services of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality rushed to the aid of our dear friends during the wildfires that broke out in Aydıncık, Bozyazı and Silifke. From the moment of the fire, teams were on alert in the area 24/7 for animals, and for animals in district centers, surveys were done for injured wild and stray animals in various regions, and animal feed was placed in the regions for these animals to be fed.

In accordance with the decision of the provincial animal protection committee, training was provided to local animal protection officers by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, the provincial directorate of agriculture and forestry and the nature conservation office and Mersin National Parks.

On April 7, 2021 in the Silifke district,

On April 8, 2021, in the Mut district,

On April 9, 2021, in Bozyazı district,

On April 14, 2021, at the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Convention Center,

During the trainings organized, a total of 255 citizens were trained on animal behavior, sterilization, marking and adoption, and the feeding of cats and dogs.


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