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He came to the team with high hopes as a marquee coach in the Premier League, which has many championships in his career. We thought it would lift the team, which had a mental breakdown, and they would get good results. We didn’t even think about falling and we thought the team would play the Play-Offs.


He started his duty with the support of the city, or rather the support of the fans. We considered the defeat in the first game as an accident. Afterwards, we saw some recovery in the game, the results were not bad either. There was an undefeated streak that lasted 5 weeks. Of course, there was also the contribution of the players who were recruited in the interim. In the last two vital games, we observed very serious managerial errors. He made a strategic mistake in the Denizlispor game. In the Bursaspor match, the team choice was a complete disaster. Yes, I wrote yesterday that Omolo had a remarkable performance during training for the week. I have heard this from others too. But the training is different, the game is different my brother.


For God’s sake, it’s a good idea to put a name that hasn’t been in the squad in 7 of the last 9 games, and is way off the pace of the game, on the pitch at 11 in the most critical game. Did Mehmet Hoca expect Omolo to pull a rabbit out of the hat? There is not much difference between Keremcan and Atila. The choice to be made between the two does not cause much concern, does not cause cringe. In the Denizlispor game, Keremcan was really bad, it was natural to be interrupted. Even though Atila missed a game, he didn’t look so bad in Bursaspor game. Let’s go to the right of the defense. There is a very important difference between Mehmet and Semih. If Mehmet is uninjured, Semih cannot receive a jersey. That is, during Mehmet’s illness, Semih did his best, we don’t tell him anything. However, if Mehmet has recovered and is ready, he will play one hundred percent.


Leaving Mehmet in Izmit and entrusting the right of defense to Semih in the most critical game was no job. Maybe Semih changed the fate of the game. What is it, for the love of God, to send back to the tribune the water thrown on the field? This is extremely ignorant behavior that should not be done in the amateur group. But I think we should be mad at those who played him in that game before Semih. After the 5-1 loss, of course there will be a change in the squad, but there has to be some measure in that. Mehmet Hodja has officially wiped out half the staff. See previous matches. The next game which was 11 a week is not in the squad, you can see you can’t hit 18 for weeks. The fundamental truth of football is stability, continuity. If you embark on such a grand operation when there is such truth, you will be taking a serious risk. Moreover, the technical man should not be so sharp, radical, ruthless.


The Bursaspor game was not a game to risk. If the match had been won, we would have written the victory to Mehmet Hoca, because his shots worked. It’s to take the bill to himself, which should be because he was lost. So, I consider Mehmet Hodja seriously responsible for the defeat of the last two matches. He could not manage the crisis period; He couldn’t contribute much in terms of gameplay. Rotations on the roster didn’t make sense. This is what management could not accept. The management, who did not part with Mustafa Reşit Akçay in time and whose mouth was burning with milk one way, ate the yoghurt by blowing it this time and acted just in time. After getting to this point, it was best to part ways. This news, which we weren’t expecting but thought it had to be, came around 11:30 a.m. Mehmet Hodja accepted the offer to separate from the administration. In other words, the contract was terminated by mutual consent. I think this decision is good for the team.

Let’s face it, Mehmet was not a teacher, he didn’t understand, he didn’t find a solution. While the team still had a great chance to stay in the league, it was the right decision to end this union. We have to thank Mehmet Hoca for not causing difficulties in the management’s proposal. He would not accept it if he wanted to, he would have received the full salary of a year and a half with his unilateral dismissal. In fact, we dreamed of staying together in the league this season and winning the championship next year. Was not fortune. Let’s say the parties didn’t meet at the right time. I would like to thank Dear Mehmet Hoca for his services and wish him success in his future career, health and happiness in his life.

Not expensive Vural

The news fell at midnight the day before. Football Branch Director Vural Yıldız has announced his decision to resign from his social media account. At such a critical and difficult time, an individual resignation from management is not the right decision. I absolutely disagree. Dear Vural can say that he made this decision in order not to be indifferent to calls for the resignation of the community.

It is important to listen to the voice of the community, but leave the ethics collectively. We had to act together in this process. As the administration continued, a single person’s resignation did not stand out. I know Vural has been in trouble for a long time. He left before and came back. I would have liked him to support his resignation at that time. I’m sorry, I couldn’t suit him.

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