Stay away from the pine caterpillar, which is common during these months

There is a species of insect that emerges during these months which is harmful to humans, animals and plants. We are talking about pine bursa caterpillars that travel in convoys. These pesky creatures can be very deadly, especially to our dogs.

Have you ever encountered an army of caterpillars while walking down the road or in the park? Like that these caterpillars, moving in a long line, They seem to be extremely united and together. This species, called the pine purse caterpillar, causes very serious damage to many living beings, from trees to animals and humans. This species of caterpillar, which can cause a very serious allergic reaction in us humans, causes fatal cases, especially in dogs.

Many of us don’t care because we don’t know the effects of pine caterpillar on our dog. Because these caterpillars are everywhere. After all, how dangerous can that be, right? This way of thinking about caterpillars is terribly wrong. Because the damage they cause to living beings, especially dogs, is extremely frightening. You must protect your dog from contact with these pests. Also, if you see street dogs coming into contact with the pine purse caterpillar, sending our friends to the nearest veterinary health facility can save your life.

Description of the owner of the dog who had to consult a doctor because of the pine purse caterpillar

Especially in the period in which we are, it is frequently encountered. pine purse caterpillar, The Instagram phenomenon also came into contact with Berraque’s dog “Frida”. Berraque explains how he noticed the incident in the post he shared after his dog Frida came into contact with the pine bagworm:

“How did I find out? Frida wandered around the garden for 10 minutes. She came right back and started rubbing her mouth vigorously with her paws. Her saliva ran out and she started scratching her mouth with extreme itching and restlessness She vomited a little and started shaking All this happened in 5 minutes.

What are the symptoms seen in dogs licking the pine purse caterpillar?

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Pine purse caterpillar, in contact with dogs May cause hypersensitivity reaction on skin and mucous membranes. There are a lot of white and light yellowish-brown hairs on the feet, which are located on the lower part of the abdomen of the caterpillars. These hairs cause dermatitis in living beings that come into contact with them. Some of the findings that can occur if your dog comes into contact with this nuisance creature include:

  • respiratory distress
  • Tachypnea (rapid and shallow breathing)
  • Hypothermia (loss of body heat)
  • Cyanosis (dark bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes as a result of decreased oxygen in the blood)
  • tongue edema
  • Libial angioedema (edema of the skin and internal organs)
  • Pityalism (excessive saliva secretion)
  • Conjunctivitis (inflammation of the clear tissues surrounding the white of the eye and eyelids)
  • severe necrosis of the tongue

Why is the pine purse caterpillar so dangerous for dogs?

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This little creature is actually dangerous not only for dogs, but also for cats and other animals. (Only cats don’t get very close to these caterpillars, and they can dodge with softer effects even as they get closer.) However, the dogs we take out and walk around corners of trees such as pine trees can come into contact with these caterpillars. Pine bursa caterpillars reaching 3 to 5 cm in lengthThey descend from trees in April-May and go in search of food in colonies. It also attracts your dog’s attention when it lands in these seasons.

Dogs wondering about the larvae that will later become a butterfly, touch poisonous creatures with their paws or mouth. Even if your dog touches the caterpillar with his paw, the acidic poison (thaumetopoein) released by the larva hurts him and starts licking his paw to relieve the pain. When he does this, the poison now reaches his mouth.

If left unattended, it can lead to death.


At this point, which is an extremely painful process for our friends, the dog gets angry and begins to swallow. Within minutes, swelling of the tongue begins to appear. This process can sometimes be more difficult than usual. In such cases Dogs cannot close their mouths due to laryngeal edema and begin to have difficulty breathing.

If the dog has swallowed the caterpillar during this time, he may begin to vomit. After a short time, part or all of the tongue becomes Zionized due to difficulty in venous blood flow. If the event is not noticed and treatment is not started immediately, situations that will lead to the death of the dog may arise. In cases where precautions are not taken, blood clotting may occur. Additionally, tongue necrosis can occur 2-5 days after contact and can cause tongue fragmentation.

What are the treatment methods if the dog comes into contact with the pine purse caterpillar?



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If your dog comes into contact with a pine purse caterpillar, he should be taken to the vet quickly. Although immediate intubation is necessary in dogs with severe respiratory distressBy using antihistamines and corticosteroids, your dog’s life-threatening situation is avoided. When your dog’s tongue is swollen Washing your tongue with warm water can help. Another alternative to hot water, which deactivates the caterpillar toxin, is to use vinegar. Before all these treatment methods, remember that your first goal is to reach a competent veterinarian.

How to keep your dog away from the pine purse caterpillar?

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Especially between April and May when you walk your dog. wander where there are no pines, You should also try to be careful where it smells bad. If you see caterpillar nests in the pines, you can notify the municipal teams and save not only the dogs, but also the trees and other animals.


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Today, you are seen very often, especially in April and May, to find food. pine purse caterpillars descending in convoys We talked about a contact situation it causes that can be deadly to dogs and harmful to humans. So, do you have any memories with the pine purse caterpillars? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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