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Insecticide services have become an indispensable need both in homes and workplaces of city life as well as in villas, estates, detached houses or factories in natural areas., which has been providing insect spraying services in Istanbul with Ministry of Health license, TSE and ISO certificates for about 25 years, produces pest control solutions with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We have the nearest spray service to you every day in every district of Istanbul. We can schedule your spray appointments for any time slot you wish, without interrupting your plans between your busy daily schedules.

When insects begin to multiply in your home, it’s not easy to notice them all. However, dozens of insects can scatter around your home during the spawning process. Insects are dangerous for babies and pets and do not help maintain a hygienic environment at home.

Why is the insecticide made?

Insects living in the house wander through dirty areas and enter clean areas and dirty the house. Biting insect species can cause skin diseases such as allergies and itching when they bite babies, pets or adults. At the same time, as insects can carry disease, they can cause bacteria in your pets.

Due to these factors, many people who do not want to live with insects resort to professional pesticides. In individual sprays, you can only spray the insects you see and kill them. However, insects that settle in the house can have nests in different places.

pest control companies use different spraying techniques that will ensure the destruction of all insects. Intervention with professional solutions to creatures such as cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas and mice, which we encounter a lot, especially in homes, will be a much more precise and effective means for your health, your management time and your financial possibilities.

How is the insecticide made?

Before you start applying pesticides, it is necessary to first analyze at home. It is not possible to have an effect when an appropriate spray is not applied to the insect species living in the house. As a result of the analysis, this will be the most appropriate for the species of insect. pest control technique is decided. For effective spraying, particular attention is paid to the following points;

  • The most appropriate drug for the species of insect is decided.
  • The areas where they nest are determined, and spraying is carried out to the most remote corners.
  • For the spray to be effective, it is necessary to intervene before the pests have a complete infestation. But the other issue you don’t need to worry about is, which gives you 100% satisfaction guarantee at all levels of pest control.

Types of insecticides

pest control There are different methods used for In order to make an effective spray, the method is decided according to the analyzes done in the house. The methods used vary according to the species of insects and their density.

Gel Spray: Cockroaches are one of the most difficult types of insects to clean out of the home. Cockroaches breed a lot, because it is hardy. Over time, it spreads throughout the house and it becomes more difficult to clean the house of these insects. For this reason, there is a special gel spray technique used for cockroaches.

Gel spraying is done by using a gel that is applied to the living areas of the insects. The gel is applied to any area where the insect is likely to travel. Cockroaches come to the smell of this gel and become ineffective as they eat the gel. All insects living in the house can be cleaned in this way.

Perfumed liquid spray: When more than one species of insect lives in the home, the preferred method is usually the scented liquid spray technique. Small and hard to see insects are neutralized with this method and all pests in the house are cleaned out.

In the smelly liquid spray technique, the smell of the liquid that comes in contact with the surfaces will spread throughout the house after some time. The smell of medicine makes insects ineffective. Employees use private masks when using this method. Since the smell can harm people, it should not be left at home until the effect has worn off.

It is generally used for pests such as fleas and bed bugs.

Odorless liquid spray: It is as effective as the scent spray technique. It neutralizes many parasites such as cockroaches, flies and scorpions. Thanks to the liquid in contact with the surface, the insects are cleaned. In this method, there is no harm in staying at home, because there is no smell in the air.

Bed bug disinfection

Bed bugs are the most difficult type of pest to control in homes and businesses. Bed bugs are blood sucking creatures. Generally, they can be found in many areas such as sofas, beds, duvets, cracks in the environment in which they live. The most important thing that makes it difficult to control this pest is that it is difficult to determine where they hide, and their hiding places are difficult to reach. For example, they can be grouped together in very difficult areas such as bearing grooves and inner springs.

Bed bug spraying service should be obtained from professional, experienced and knowledgeable spraying crews. As İ, we have been providing bed bug spray solutions under MoH, TSE and ISO license for 25 years. Our bed bug spray services are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Bedbugs tend to appear when the lights are off, usually in the evening, and bite while you sleep. Bites are most common on the arms and feet. Bites can cause severe itching and scarring.

Another issue that we recommend to our valued customers when dealing with bed bugs is that this pest is not resistant to temperatures of 50 degrees and above. In this context, it would be an ok process to try to wash all items at 50+ degrees during this process.


Is the spray effective on all pests?

Depending on the types of pests, the choice of pesticide and spraying method is made.

Can I stay home while the medication is being administered?

You can stay home while the odorless spray is done, but you don’t have to stay in the scented spray.

How long does the effect of the spray last?

There are no pests for a long time in the sprayed area. According to our experience, if the source of the pest is not another apartment or another area, we do not receive any complaints from our customers for a very long time. If there is an external source of pest infestation, we strongly recommend spraying these areas. Despite this, we prevent you from encountering pest problems between 6 months and 1 year.

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