Dear readers,

Finally, despite all the doubts and question marks it left behind, the election ended in the aviation branch of Anadolu, after the European aviation branch. We see that no matter their color and rank, they are chosen somehow by taking each color with the power of the mighty. It only remains for us to say good luck to you.

Now is the time for today’s elected officials to find solutions and take responsibility instead of looking for excuses to hide behind them as in the past. I receive dozens of emails and complaints every day. If you try to get your hands on all of them, 4 years won’t be enough. Everyone is still crying over issues like parking lots, cafeterias and transportation. Locations of working hours due to irregular working hours (episode) It upsets the difference between the employees, especially the whole motivation of the employees of Sabiha Gökçen. I’m not even talking about the desperation of tech support and unauthorized technicians…I’m speechless from writing or speaking.

When we compare the collective agreement to a game, we realize that the end of the game is almost here. There is an anecdote that comes up often and that I use from time to time. For those who don’t know, let me first explain what this anecdote means. A man went to the hairdresser and asked the hairdresser even before he shaved, is my hair white or black? The barber also said that you will soon see my black and white flowing in front of you. Here is the current situation…

. Let’s see if you can show your ambition to be elected with your brothers and sisters at the collective bargaining tables with the support you get to fill those seats. The minimum wage went from $430 to $210. should be done ‘extraordinary extraordinary improvement’ It is expected that it will not reach 300-350 dollars even with In other words, the current economic conditions in the country are worsening day by day and the burden on the shoulders of the employee is increasing. When you sit at the CIS table, the current price of a box of eggs, which is 26 TL, is around 45-50 TL. There is a mass that is getting poorer with the increase in the exchange rate, and the hole in its wallet and the fire in its pot are growing.

Faced with this table, do not try to buy and sell it with an increase in the level of the minimum wage and adding a few points that you have lost… Even with your reduced fees with the protocol, you’re still under 8.5%. Faced with this strong inflation which has accelerated over the past 6 months, you are passing the course because we are still in the process of updating the offer. You should be aware that your past receivables are increasing day by day.

Dear Özçelik Business Management;

Go out on the private square, what was your offer, what was the offer that your interlocutors made to you, above all tell us. Let us know what is the strategy, what is the false struggle, what is the blind and deaf expectation. Supposedly, a mediator was appointed, but the wage issue, which is the employee’s most important issue, was not even addressed… For some reason he hasn’t even come this far in 6 months.

Dear Union; Is there a disputed raise rate on unsuccessful proposals? Even if you explain… The mediator will ask: “What do you want, dear union, and what do you give, dear employer? Is there an answer? We would have heard somehow… Do you have a plan B if you come across a number that is not what you wanted?

You have no information about the possibilities I wrote above. It’s almost like you’re kidding our minds, and then wondering why so much criticism, why people are so reactive and angry.

Most of all, I don’t care about those who write similar comments with different names, but always with the same IP addresses. My brother has been in this industry for 46 years. I spent 20 years of this process as an association. If it’s obvious what we can and can’t do, I say to those who haven’t yet completed 40 months in the business, but shout and call like they’ve been in this business for 40 years. “Is your hair white or black, you will see it fall before you” Together we will follow and see the ingenuity of the people you choose and support. In our time, we have struggled for years passing these roads, without any expectation, without earning a penny of profit. We did not receive additional salaries or take private vehicles.

At the presidency of an association, we stood up to the late prime minister at the time, TURGUT ÖZAL, by intercepting him on the plane. Explaining our worries to him one by one and convincing him, in addition to the collective agreement signed 3-4 months ago, the employment remuneration of technicians like 148% has not been seen in the history of THY and I don’t think that will be the case, in addition we got a raise. In this way, other employees received an additional 25% raise. We opened courts for unfair payroll taxes and lost our jobs because of the lawsuits we won. We didn’t look back even for a day. We have not avoided any struggle or paid the price for the truths in which we believe.

For years, I have been talking to you about your problems and the grievances you have experienced on all platforms. THY for you. I attend AO general meetings, represent you with a small share, explain your problems and note in the company and state archives. We make your voice heard and implore your name where appropriate, so that you are not exposed to discrimination by making your voice heard on all matters such as dividends and signing money. Briefly; We strive for you to fight honorably in unity. We question the value of our profession in the sector and in the world.

Dear readers;

While any person or institution that has a stake in the THY General Assembly can attend, why are union and association representatives fooling around with a lot of shares in their hands? I call the general assemblies of the private places. Of course, you can criticize or defend THY’s management in this ER square. You can access the text of my speeches during your general meetings. (I posted a few) If you examine my speech, you can see that the topics I talked about were only about employee issues and the management of THY. I mean, I just don’t like attacking with my pen in my hand, talking behind my back or on my news site.. Therefore, in square ER, (at THY General Meetings) You know that I express the wrongs done in my opinion. The writings or opinions of those who, like some, hit him or blame him with my writings and then take a tiny part of it and are afraid to put their errors in the face, are for me of no value. (If there is a friend who says he will attend the general meeting and express his opinion, I can pay out of my own pocket for the share he has to buy and give it to him.) Corruptions have been committed in the company, tax evasion has been avoided, illegal business has been attempted… These are general meeting questions… Do not hide behind a keyboard. Speak while looking at their faces so that it can be recorded and investigated if necessary.

Besides; We’re looking at the system so you don’t become a victim of the unions you own by paying dues.

The fact that we constantly warn you so that you don’t become an instrument of someone’s dirty politics and put these issues on the agenda, not you, but game creators and game types rentals that are extras for these games are bothered. I also want you to know that with years of experience, I never write a pen without researching and collecting information on each subject in a versatile and thorough manner.. Believe me, if we tell everything we know and hear, some of them won’t have to go down to the hangars. Now I understand the discomfort of those whose tails are in a hurry for what I wrote in this column. It is not the problem of those who seek their rights and the work of those who fight for their work. They understand us very well…

When we look at the young people of today, despite all the support given to them, my hope for the future diminishes and my worries increase. I hope one day you will deceive us all… We will give you a standing ovation…

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