Is the new season starting in horse racing? When is the Gazi Run?

With the month of April, the Spring – Summer season starts at 9 racetracks. In addition to grass races in Izmir and Adana, thoroughbreds take to the tracks in Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa.

The new horse racing season starts on Monday. All eyes are on the Gazi Race contestants. The giant race will take place on Sunday June 26 at the Veliefendi racecourse.

Here is the race schedule for the new season, according to TJK’s press release:

ISTANBUL (April 13 – November 13)

The spring-summer racing season in Istanbul will start on Wednesday, April 13. At the start of the season, the 3-year-old British colts will compete in the 1400m grass track race (KV-18) organized for handicapper Orhan Meker and the Ergin Talay Race (KV-8) on the 1400m grass track. meters.

The thoroughbreds will take first place in the spring-summer racing season at the Istanbul Veliefendi racecourse in 93 days of racing, out of a total of 760 races, including 468 on grass and 292 on synthetic. Purebred English horses will start in 435 of these races, and thoroughbred Arabian horses in 325.

Races in Istanbul spring-summer racing season; It will be held 3 days a week on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November.


Gazi Race, the derby of our races which will be held for the 96th time, will be held on Sunday, June 26. Other important races to be held at Veliefendi Racecourse are as follows;

• (G1) Trial races for male and female foals, Sunday May 15,

• (G1) Mare Run and (G2) Sait Axon Run Sunday 5 June,

• (G1) Independence War Run, Friday June 24,

• (G1) Nicobolu Race Sunday July 24,

• (G1) Çanakkale Victory Run Sunday 31 July

• (G1) Veliefendi Race 18 September Sunday

• (G1) Çaldıran Race Sunday 23 October

• (G2) International FG/FRBC Anatolian Run Saturday 3 September

• (G3) Istanbul International Race 3 September Saturday

• (KV-9) IFAHR International Race September 3 Saturday

• (G3) International Race of Thrace 4 September Sunday

• (G3) Topkapi International Race Sunday 4 September

• (G2) International Bosphorus Race Sunday 4 September

• (G3) International Manzikert Race 4 September Sunday

A total of 22 G1, 26 G2, 26 G3, 9 A3, 3 A2 races will take place in Istanbul throughout the season.

ANKARA (April 14 – November 12)

The season in Ankara opens on Thursday, April 14. During the 84 days of racing scheduled at the 75th Anniversary Racecourse, a total of 688 races will be conducted, including 404 on grass and 284 on sand. In 384 of these races, English Thoroughbreds and 304 Arabian Thoroughbreds will be on the track for first place. Races in Ankara during the spring-summer season; It will be held 2 days a week on Thursdays and Saturdays in April – October – November, and 3 days a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in May – September.

On the opening day of the season, the Cevdet Karataş (KV-18/DHÖW) race for 4-year-old Arabian horses will be held on a grass track at a distance of 1400 meters. In addition, the Police Day Run (KV-7) included in the program of the race will be held between English horses aged 4 and over on the sand track and at a distance of 2000 meters.

The dates of some important races of the season are as follows;

• (G1) Parliamentary Race Saturday 7 May

• (G1) Race of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, May 28, Saturday

• (G2) Mehmet Akif Ersoy Race Saturday 4 June

• (G1) Ankara Run Saturday 24 September

• (G1) Hatay Race Saturday October 1st

• (G2) Queen Elizabeth Race Saturday 8 October

• (G1) Republican and presidential races Saturday 29 October

A total of 14 G1 races, 9 G2 races, 3 G3 races, as well as 11 A3 races and 3 A2 races will take place throughout the season in Ankara.

SCHOLARSHIP (April 11 – November 11)

The new season in Bursa opens on Monday, April 11. During the spring-summer season, a total of 501 tracks, 292 on grass and 209 on sand, will be held over 62 racing days. Bursa racing fans will witness the struggle of British horses in 283 of these races and Arabian horses in 218 of these races.

Racing at Osmangazi Racecourse will be held 2 days a week, Mondays and Fridays.

The first turf races of the Bursa racing season will take place on Friday April 15, the Bursa Police Department Race (KV-6), which will be held at 1500 meters for the 3-year-old British Thoroughbreds, Selami Kavçın Race (KV-6/ DHÖW), where 4-year-old Arabian horses will start at 1700m, and 2 will start with 800m Dehere Runs (Conditional 1) for older English colts.

The dates of some important races of the season are as follows;

• (G3) Orhangazi Run Friday 20 May

• (G2) Osmangazi Run, Friday July 15

• (G3) Governor’s Race on Friday August 12

• (G3) Ertuğrul Gazi Race 26 August Friday

• (A2) Kayı Race 3 October Monday

• (A2) Green Bursa Race 11 November Friday

A total of 1 G2 race, 5 G3 races and 11 A3 races and 2 A2 races will be held throughout the season in Bursa.

IZMIR (April 14 – November 12)

Thoroughbreds will meet racing fans on April 14 in Izmir. During the summer season, which includes 62 days of racing and will last until November 12, a total of 486 races will take place, including 291 on grass and 195 on sand. These races, of which 269 will be contested exclusively for British Thoroughbreds and 217 for Arabian Thoroughbreds, will be held at Şirinyer Racecourse during the summer season. Izmir Summer Race Schedule; It is planned to run on Thursdays and Saturdays between April – June and September – November, and on Saturdays and Sundays in July – August.

The Ethem Menderes race (G3/DHÖW), which will be held at Şirinyer racecourse on Saturday August 27, with a bonus of 199,000 TL and reserved for 4-year-old Arabian thoroughbreds, stands out as the most important spring-summer in Izmir. schedule.

ADANA (April 12 – June 26 / September 4 – November 13)

The season, consisting of 31 racing days, will start on April 12 in Adana. Of a total of 247 races, including 162 in grass and 85 in sand, 137 will be the scene of the English and 110 of the Arabs.

The most important fight of the season will take place on Sunday, June 12. The bonus for the race, where British horses aged 4 and over will sweat on the 2000 meter sand track (A3), will be 187,500 TL.

ELAZIG (April 13 – November 13)

The summer season in Elazig, which will begin on Wednesday April 13, will end on Sunday November 13. Of the 341 races that will be held throughout the season, 170 will be British and 171 will be Purebred Arabian. During the scheduled 50 race days, races will be held on Wednesdays only in April – June, Mondays and Wednesdays in July – August, Sundays and Mondays in September, and Wednesdays and Sundays in October – November.

The most important races of the spring-summer period at the Elazig Hippodrome; The Governor’s Race (A3/DHÖW), which will be run for Purebred Arabian horses aged 4 and over, on Wednesday July 13, on the 2000 meter sand track, and the Elazig Mayor’s Race ( A3), where 3+ British horses will compete on the 1900m sand track on Monday 29th August.

SANLIURFA (April 11 – July 16)

The spring-summer season will take place in Şanlıurfa between April 11 and July 16. Of the 90 races in total, 46 will be organized for English Thoroughbreds and 44 for Arabian Thoroughbreds.

In the 13-day racing schedule at Şanlıurfa Racecourse, races are scheduled on Mondays from April to June and Sundays from July.

DIYARBAKIR (April 17 – November 8)

The summer season in Diyarbakır, which will start on Sunday, April 17, will end on Tuesday, November 8. Of the 184 races that will be held throughout the season, 102 will be British and 82 will be Purebred Arabian. Of the 29 race days scheduled, racing will only take place on Sunday April – August, Wednesday September and Tuesday October – November.

The most important races of the spring-summer period at the Diyarbakır Hippodrome; The International Diyarbakir Watermelon Festival Run (A3), which will be run for purebred English horses aged 3 and over, on Wednesday September 21, on the 2000 meter sand track, and the Governor’s Run (A3/DHÖW ), where 4-year-old and up Purebred Arabian horses will compete on the 1900 meter sand track on Tuesday, October 18. .

KOCAELİ (April 12 – November 7)

The summer season in Kocaeli, which will begin on Tuesday April 12, will end on Monday November 7. Of the 297 races that will take place throughout the season, 164 will be British and 133 will be Purebred Arabian. During the 39 days of racing scheduled, races will only take place on Tuesdays from April to June, Tuesdays and Thursdays from July to August, Tuesdays from September and Mondays from October to November.

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