Do animals have a soul, where do they go when they die?

One of the people who wonder about the concept of soul is “Do animals have souls?” is the question. In ancient teachings it is generally believed that people have souls; However, whether or not animals have souls is a controversial issue. And here it is, the lively article…

Science has provided no evidence that animals have souls.

“Do animals have souls? When we approach the subject scientifically; We see that science offers no proof that humans and other animals have souls. The mind has no validity from the scientific perspective. The concept of the soul, which is one of the supernatural subjects, is not even in the realm of science.

However, questions such as whether animals have souls and where they go when they die have been discussed in ancient teachings, philosophical traditions and, of course, religions.

“Do religions and animals have souls? Their answers to the question:


Islam says: “There is no animal that walks on the earth and no bird that flies with its two wings, except that they are not a nation like you. We left nothing missing in the book. Then (they) will be gathered before their Lord”.

As can be understood, there is a belief in Islam that animals have souls as some religious people have said, but it has been said that human souls and animal souls are very different.

According to Islamic belief, people go to heaven or hell after they die. So where do the animals go? According to Islam, animals do not go to heaven or hell after they die. There is no punishment or reward for them. There is a kind of state of being in limbo.

However, even if this is the case, Islamic belief says that after the animals die, they “will also take heed”. In other words, if an animal has been mistreated by a human, he will call the person in question to account “before Allah”.

The reporting person will punish or reward the animal based on its behavior.

Let’s end the section on Islam with a parable.

Prophet of Islam It is said that Muhammad was very fond of cats. One day a cat Hz. He sat on Mohammed’s lap and fell asleep there. Hz. Mohammed waited for the cat to wake up, but the cat did not wake up for a long time. Hz. As Muhammad had to get up and did not want to hurt the cat, he cut the clothes on which the cat was sleeping.

This parable, in Islamic belief, Hz. It is widely cited as an example of Muhammad’s love for animals.


In shamanism, the universe, the earth, the human, animal and vegetable kingdoms were considered as a whole and it is believed that there are spirits that accompany people on their journey of life until their death. These spirits are called power animals.

It is believed that every human being has a power animal and must discover it. Therefore, in shamanism, animals are believed to have spirits, as well as these spirits guide people and are sacred.

Shamans, who believe that nature also has a spirit, consider their worship and rituals sacred because they do so in nature, so animals and nature should never be harmed.

According to shamanism, each soul is embodied according to a predetermined agreement, and the direction of these souls by power animals is also determined.


In Christianity there is no scripture/teaching that animals have souls.

The Bible simply says, “God said, ‘Let the waters overflow with living creatures and let the birds fly in the sky above the earth. God has ordained the earth for all kinds of living, domestic and wild animals and reptiles to reproduce” and he added that animals and humans have the breath of life.

In Christianity, the answer to whether animals have souls is left to one’s own belief.

In most religions, animals are believed to have souls.


Buddhism recommends treating animals with non-violence, kindness, compassion and love.

Animals should not be harmed, even accidentally, and extreme caution should be exercised.

The underlying reason for this is the belief that animals can be reincarnated reincarnations of our dead parents or other people.

In other words, animals carry the souls of others. Accordingly, it would not be wrong to say that in Buddhism, animals are supposed to have a soul.


Most people are familiar with the place of cows in Hinduism. For Hindus, cows are considered an animal that carries power, brings good luck and fulfills their wishes.

Killing a cow is considered a great sin. There are not only cows, but also many animals considered sacred, such as cows. At the same time, just like in Buddhism, Hinduism also believes in reincarnation.

“Atman” means the soul is immortal. The soul was not created and is indestructible. They believe that when a soul is mature enough, it escapes the cycle of reincarnation and becomes one with Brahman. That is to say, what is actually desired is to get rid of the cycle of reincarnation and to integrate with Brahman.

Based on this, it would not be wrong to say that the question of whether animals have a soul exists in Hinduism, which is considered sacred to all life and all living beings.


Paganism is similar to shamanism in this respect. There is also a power animal/spirit animal in paganism. He helps people on their journey. However, like other spiritual beings, there is no rule or guideline that says you should have one.

In paganism, it is believed that everything, including animals, has a spirit and each of these spirits is sacred.

Pagans, who believe that nature has a soul, consider their worship and rituals sacred because they do so in nature, so animals and nature should never be harmed.

So much so that when a branch, flower, etc. is taken from nature, we ask permission, if possible, we leave something else in place of the thing taken and we give thanks.


Although the Pythagoreans are known for their teachings and contributions in mathematics, there are other aspects that are not widely known. Because Pythagoras was also religious and superstitious. He believed in reincarnation and the passage of souls.

The Pythagoreans, on the other hand, believe that man must be saved from the slavery of migration of body and soul.

They believe that the more wicked and sinful a man is, the more likely his soul will enter the body of a humiliating animal after his death.

In other words, both the belief in reincarnation is questioned and the answers to whether animals have souls are yes. According to Pythagoras, the purpose of life was to escape the cycle of reincarnation.


Animism is a vision that accepts that nature as a whole and each being has a soul beyond its material existence. It is based on the adoration of natural events, animals or other objects of nature by attributing a spirit to them.

He also admits that there are spirits in nature that are more or less similar to the human spirit.

Animists attribute both life-related and psychological events to a single cause, a thinking or “intelligent” mind.

After death, spirits can see the living as well as enter stones, soil, rain, and all manner of beings. On this basis, in animism, everything turns into another existence after death.


Pantheism is the idea that the universe/nature is identical to God. Everything is considered part of god, god is everything, everything is god. The belief that God lives in nature, objects and people is dominant.

The universe cannot be separated from God and nature. It has similar characteristics with shamanism, they also have a belief in reincarnation.

Even if a person dies, he is later born as another creature, that is, his soul can reincarnate into trees, plants and animals. Like shamans, they believe that spirits are divided into good or bad.

There are also pantheists who believe that people with an evil spirit will return to the world in the form of an insect or similar creature.

It can be said that the Indians and Aborigines also have this point of view. The Indians, who defend that not only living beings but also non-living things have a soul, are considered the ancestors of naturalistic pantheism.


The Indians believe that every human, animal and living form is part of mother earth. According to them, all living beings and objects are equal to each other.

Indians also believe in reincarnation. According to them, life is a circle without end or beginning. Everything is becoming a circle. Stars, planets, moon, sun, earth and all living beings are included in this circle.

It would not be difficult to say that Indians believe in spirits because there are people who can communicate with holy spirit or divine power, also called shamans or healers.

They also considered animals such as owls, bears, spiders, turtles, hedgehogs, possums, deer, and wild cattle to be sacred in their mythology.

Just as science says there is no soul, we see that almost all beliefs say that souls exist, even if reincarnated.

Although there is no scientific proof, the belief in the existence of souls, whether animals have souls or where their souls go after death is up to individuals.

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