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Mia Invest, which started with the motto “Building a Quality Life”, continues to produce valued projects with İsmail Özer and his partner Mehmet Yağız. Making special statements about New Alanya, Özer explained the details of his plans, the secret of their success and the new surprises that await Alanya. Mia Invest, which is also the main sponsor of Mahmutlarspor, attracts attention with the PET’S LOVER concept developed for pets.


-Hello, thank you for agreeing to answer our questions in our busy schedule. As Mia Invest, you bring great projects to Alanya. We want to know you better. Can you tell us about yourself and the stages in the foundation of your business?

Hello, we thank you for your visit. I graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration. My area of ​​expertise is sales and marketing. I am 52 years old. I am married and have 5 children. In 1996, I worked as CEO of sales and marketing of high level companies in Istanbul. In this regard, I have developed by integrating it into the new systems of developed countries. In 2016 my wife survived cancer and we moved to Alanya on the advice of a doctor. During this period, I started in the real estate sector as a regional manager at the company Remax Art. Later, I started my own business in 2017. Our business has grown day by day due to the quality service they provide. And finally, we decided to produce useful projects which ‘Solutions’ to the problems of the construction industry and which can meet the demands.


-Tell us Mia Invest establishment Can you give information about the phase?

We started our lifespan in 2017. I am the general manager of our company. Mehmet Yağız is our business partner and also my only authorized partner in all our constructions. The architect Osman Pala carries out the architectural works of our company. The head of external relations of our company for Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine is Natalia Vasilenko. Apart from that, our company has relationships with many overseas representative offices. Our company produces and builds useful and feasible sustainable projects for people’s unfulfilled dreams and wishes.


-You are attracting attention in Alanya with your MIACASA project. How about the point you have reached in your work?

Our Miacasa project is a project consisting of 8.5 floors and 30 apartments, which we started in Demirtaş area, 568 meters from the sea. Our project has a private beach. According to our forecast, Demirtaş region will be the shining star of Alanya after 1 year. The 3 km long beach is completely sandy. Currently, the construction of 21 housing projects has started in Demirtaş region and the construction of 2 5-star hotels is about to start. While planning our MİACASA project, we first considered people’s demands. This is why we have developed the PET’S LOVER concept. In our project, we have provided for the first time in Alanya pet houses and playgrounds. Again, following requests from our customers, for the first time in Alanya, we have carried out a landscape study entirely composed of fruit trees. We placed a waterfall 7×7 meters long and 3 meters high in this landscape work. We have created natural spaces to rest and read books. Of course, our project was planned in full swing. As an indoor social space, we have set up an indoor swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, billiards and tennis room, massage room, children’s playground and lobby. We thought to save time with 2 elevators for 30 apartments. At the same time, there are shower cabins, dressing cabins and toilets in the closed social area. In the open area there is a swimming pool with water park and jacuzzi, children’s pool, changing and shower cabins, toilets, children’s playground, barbecue area, lounge and playground for pets, a large waterfall and rest areas and parking for 15 cars. We have created a natural living space with 120 outdoor fruit trees and we wanted to give them the comfort of natural living by assigning 2 fruit trees to each apartment owner. Our MİACASA project is completely built with first-class materials and materials. Even the individual brand of all materials to be used is included in our contract. MİACASA is the only project in Alanya that hosts many premieres.


-In the future, under the umbrella of your brand Alanya What surprises await you?

We chose our housing production brand as MIACASA. We are about to start the construction of our MIACASA 1 project now. We also have MIACASA 2, 3 and 4 projects which were subsequently signed but not announced to the sector. We attach importance to feedback in our projects and we collect it in particular from our prospective buyers. For example, in our MIACASA 1 project, we first developed a PET’S LOVER concept in Alanya. Thus, there are playgrounds, walking areas and living areas for pets in our project. For 2,3,4 we will have special surprises for the people of Alanya.


-As you know, with the war between Russia and Ukraine, a large amount of immigration took place in Alanya. Lack of housing in Alanya and rising rental prices were on the agenda. This problem in regards to What would you like to say?

Of course, Alanya’s housing infrastructure is insufficient in the face of such unexpected migration flows. Rising rental prices are also an indication of this. It all depends on the market and the costs. After the depreciation of the Turkish lira, the increase in the purchase chances of foreign citizens has increased the increase in housing for foreigners. It has nothing to do with us or any other company. Recently, the increase of concrete and iron is more than 200%. This price situation has unfortunately reduced the chances of Turkish citizens to buy housing. For this reason, all those interested in our projects are currently foreigners.


-With your brand same You are also the main sponsor of Mahmutlarspor. What would you like to say about teamwork and full stop?

There are problems with that. I don’t know why Antalya referees keep making unfair decisions against Alanya teams. Our President, Yılmaz Bağışlar, who devotedly supports sport and pays the price alone, is going through a difficult period. Our commune, the prefects of police and the commanders of the gendarmerie do not support these amateur teams. The president is alone and we continue to support our president. Hopefully our public institutions will give more support to Mahmutlarspor, Mahmutlar’s team, where 70,000 people live. Of course, our support will continue after this process. We will always support sport as a business. Actually, we are not from Alanya or Mahmutlar. However, we owe a moral debt to the neighborhood where we live and do business. For this reason, we will continue to pay this moral debt to our neighborhood.


– Finally add you want Something, is there a message that you would like to convey through us?

As a company, we develop our vision with a different concept. We are trying to add usable data to our project, rather than just constructing buildings, apartments, adding pools, saunas and housing production. Therefore, our difference with other companies is that we can meet housing production needs. (Gulsah ANAK)

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