The Rahvan horse races were held under the sponsorship of Has Chicken

– Rahvan horse racing was sponsored by Has Chicken

BALIKESIR- BalikesirThe Rahvan horse races, which took place for the 40th time this year in Karapürçek district of Susurluk district in Turkey, were organized under the sponsorship of Patient Voucher, one of the leading companies in the sector. Patient General Manager Şahin Aydemir said he will continue to support these activities as part of the social responsibility project.

The Rahvan horse races, which have been held in the Karapürçek district of Susurluk for 40 years, also took place this year. In the race, which is described as the Kırkpınar of Rahvan horse racing, 220 horses raced on the 1,200 meter track. The Hatavuk society sponsored the Karapürçek Rahvan horse races, which took place for the 40th time this year.

At the 40th Karapürçek Rahvan Horse Race, which began with a prayer and a moment of silence, and the national anthem, there was a horseback archery and martial arts performance. After the performances, the races in which 220 horses participated were held in groups.

Mayor of Susurluk, Nurettin Güney: “Kırkpınar of horse racing”

Susurluk Mayor Nurettin Güney said in a statement about the races: “This place is known as the Kırkpınar of the ancient sport of horse riding. Keeping historical traditions alive should be the greatest goal of a local administrator. National facts, one of the elements that provide national unity and solidarity in the Republic of Turkey, keep these traditions alive.It is extremely important to present it in your favor.Activities such as wrestling, horse riding, archery are extremely important. These activities were also canceled in us. We have also reactivated them from 2019. Currently, the Turkish Championship of the place in Karapürçek, the European Championship, with the negotiations on the Equestrian Federation We will explain that this is the place where the championships should take place, we will carry out activities related to this,” he said.

Balikesir Deputy Mustafa Canbey: “We support our ancestral sports as much as possible”

Karapürçek Rahvan’s 40th Horse Race Guest, AK Balıkesir Party Deputy, Dr. by Mustafa Canbey

Traditional sport the development of games in Turkey is important. Horseback riding is our ancestral sport. We are a nation that came here on horseback from Central Asia. This is why our nation attaches great importance to these traditional gait races with these horses. Today we see that we have guests from all over Susurluk and Balıkesir in Karapürçek. All these friends came here to watch the horse races. We just greet them. Karapürçek Rahvan Horse Racing is one of the most important horse racing in Balıkesir. Last week, we watched the horse races in the Bigadiç district, and the interest there was very good. This situation shows us that; We need to keep our traditional sports alive. Horse racing, wrestling and archery like this are important sports for us. Over the past few years, we find that our nation has attracted a lot of attention. We must continue to support this competition and other similar competitions. I hope that we as politicians will support them as much as possible. I know that our President also attaches great importance to traditional sports. Especially within the framework of Ethnospor, such events are organized under the leadership of Mr. Bilal Erdoğan. As the deputy of Balıkesir, we would like to thank both the mayor of Susurluk and the metropolitan mayor for these activities. I hope such events will continue to be adopted and further developed in the coming period,” he said.

Has Chicken General Manager Şahin Aydemir: “It is an honor for us to continue our traditions”

Şahin Aydemir, General Manager of Hastavuk Company, sponsor of the 40th Karapürçek Rahvan Horse Races, said that private companies should protect the traditions of society and said: “Companies are part of the society in which they live. Therefore , we are in a time when we all need to be more attentive to the traditions, culture and values ​​of society, in this sense, to be the sponsor of the Rahvan Horse Races, which reflect our traditions, and contribute to the development of this sport ancestral is another occasion of honor for us and for the patient. We take this opportunity to thank all our friends, the president of the association, our dear governor, and our mayor. I hope successful, it will be a beautiful race. From now on, we will continue to keep our traditional characteristics and this culture alive,” he said.

The horses were running

After the opening ceremony of the traditional Rahvan horse races, demonstrations of mounted archery and martial arts were held. Horse archers successfully performed “pumpkin shooting” and “plateau shooting” during the demonstrations, which aroused great interest from citizens, while acrobatic movements on horses received great applause. After the performances, the races with 220 horses began. In Rahvan horse racing, where there are unique rules, horse owners competed in groups and were entitled to receive trophies and gifts.

About Rahvan Races:

Rahvan is the name given to the one-legged running style of the horse. It is a form of running between walking and running, in which the horse’s feet on the same side move together and do not shake the rider. Modest walking is also called decent walking. Gait horse racing is a type of racing based on the principle that the horse completes a certain distance in the shortest time and without error with a gait. The source of these races is the culture of the riding horse, which has a deep-rooted history.

The Rahvan horse races were held under the sponsorship of Has Chicken

The Rahvan horse races were held under the sponsorship of Has Chicken

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